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Not in India? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Authentic characters and sweeping action' Wilbur Smith. A new emperor, Aurangzeb, sits on India's glittering Peacock Throne - the throne he seized from his father while the old emperor still lived. He has paid for it with blood: Now he must return the Moghul Empire to the true path and achieve new glory. But the exercise of great power is isolating.

Unlike other Kings , He stand by his soldiers in the battle field and sometimes even lead them deep into enemy's territory. He also respects women and hence always make sure that their protection should be done with utmost care. A Man of words he was , fulfilling the promise he'd given to his father till the last breath and even remembered the one he'd made to a mere soldier to sit on his throne as an emperor for few hours. As I'd mentioned above , authors had not just described milieu in a wonderful way but also minutely crafted each and every character.

Bairam Khan , a persian who was send by Shah of Persia as 2nd in command of his army to help Humayan for recovering his empire but surrendered his loyalty to Humayun just 'cause he'd saved his life once and world knows what a sharp military strategist he was. Next comes , Hamida who was wedded to Humayun even before her teenage but stood with him in his every high and low. She devoted her complete life for the sake of mission that her husband had initiated. Khanzada , my favourite and aunt of Humayun , who palys the role of a true mentor in Humayun's life just like his grandmother played a crucial role in advising to his father Babur.

The lady in herself is the described as an epitome of women-power. Ahmend Khan , chief of Scouts of Humayun's army , who used to plan up the procession details of his own that too by sending advance scout parties and lead his scouts in the worst-case scenarios. Jauhar , Humayun's personal attendent indirectly played a crucial role in Humayun's life serving his master at his best and most importantly sticked with him through out his journey.

Kamran , Humayun's half brother is embedded as a witty and greedy prince who thinks of being undermined by his father 'cause his name was not second by his father for the Emperor. Askari , Kamran's full brother is depicted as the the alterego of Kamran doubting the strength of Humayun and declared him unfit to rule.

Hindal , closest half brother to humayun , is shown as the only brother who from all his heart wishes to play an important role in Humayun's cause but destiny had not written same for 'em. Last but the least Gulbadan , Humayun's half sister who grown up in the fort with other brothers but supported Humayun and played herself as ambassador for Humayun on numerous occasions. So " Brothers at War " is an unputdownable book with a grand narrative style that reveals the history in gripping way.

Nov 18, Debjit Sengupta rated it really liked it. It gives an account of 2nd Mughal king- Humayun. The book is all about his initial success, reverses which bought him down from zenith to nadir and ultimate comeback. His half sister Gulbadan used to record his victories, tragedies and adventures. His attendant — Jauhar also used to write notes on his master life. This all became a major source of information on his life and events surrounding him. Humayun became king after Babur demise.

The advantage gained by Babur due to Cannons and matchlocks was lost with passage of time as other rulers too has acquired it and was part of their weapon repository. Humayun had an initial success in Gujarat where he led from the front.

Though he was considered a fine warrior but he also had a fascination for worldly charms. He had an inclination for astrology and based on planetary position, he felt that he was destined to win and rule which has been his undoing.

He then ran into extremely skillful and meticulous ruler Sher Shah, who despite being outnumbered unleashed two humiliating defeats. The fear of Sher Shah made him wander from Agra to Kabul. The entire journey was painstaking and perilous and they never could snuggle into a position where he can launch counter attack.

The experience was not transient and further impediment was caused by his half brothers, which made him drift further west to Persia. The Shah of Persia provided him necessary initial military support. This coupled with certain events in Hindustan which went his way and turned favorable to him. His hunger to re-capture his lost throne was always there and he made the best use of the opportunities and rest is history. As far Humayun is concerned, you can draw parallels with Babur life.

Both acquired throne from their father, only to lose it. Both had to wander from one place to another along with their family and some trusted soldiers. Both became king of Kabul with no or little effort. Kabul was the place where both launched their campaign for Hindustan. Both ultimately could never defeat their most feared enemy. Both were very fortunate as certain events turned favorable and cemented their position. As this being historical fiction, as expected a lot of liberty has being taken.

At the end, the author had mentioned about the degree of liberty that he had taken. Going by that notes, almost all characters introduced in this book did had an existence.

Brothers At War

He had the same section in the first book too but I missed it. The writer has travelled India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran for visiting most places that exist and figured in the book. Despite reading chronicles on Mughal empire multiple times, there have to be something inexplicable which is drawing people like me to this series.

Go for this book if you had found history book boring in the past but wish to enhance your knowledge on Mughal history. The book is highly recommended for such category of users Feb 17, Jash Ghedia rated it really liked it. Brothers at war is the second book in The moghul empire series. As much as I loved the book, it was not good compared to the first book which tells us the story of Babur, the first moghul emperor.

This book covers the story of Babur's favourite child Humayun. We see the fall and rise of Humayun, how he started his emperors life with glorious Hindustan and struggled to keep it. We see his journey to success again. The writing in the book was alright, nothing special. I did feel that the author we Brothers at war is the second book in The moghul empire series.

I did feel that the author went back a bit from the first book because the writing in the first book is really sophisticated and in this book the writing is kept simple and normal for all audience. The book mainly shows the journey of Humayun and he did have other characters along side him but we don't get to see a lot about them.

Humayun has developed immensely in this book but I don't feel that other characters have developed the same. I feel the author has mainly focused on Humayun and Hamida. I am happy that we see Hamida a lot in this book because most female characters have not appeared a lot in the book. For example we don't see Humayuns half sister Gulbana and characters like her have not been developed slot in the book. Don't get me wrong! There is character development and if you compare it to the first book, I think this books had better character development except from the protagonist.

But still if there was deeper development of character the book would be more engaging. I would like that to change because I am really looking forward to the third book about Akbar who was really famous and we know a lot about him. Everybody knows about his relationship with Jodha and if the author doesn't show females characters a lot, we will not be able to see their chemistry. The reason why I felt the second book was not as good at the first one was mainly because of the protagonist.

Brothers At War (Empire of the Moghul, #2) by Alex Rutherford

Babur as the protogomist makes the book really exciting. He seems to understand his mistakes and works towards rectifying his mistakes. Humayun was not a very impressive protagonist. Maybe it was just me who felt that but he wasn't. Mainly, I think this is because the author has not depicted his character deeply. I felt that he did not have the hunger, that Babur had. I also thought that straight in the beginning of the book he becomes addicted to opium but after a few chapters he changes and never touches opium again.

I felt that was not polished because if someone is addicted he can't just stop using drugs easily. I think the author has not shown the struggle well enough. The book is not all bad. In fact, there are many places where I loved the book. I loved to read about the actions and battle strategies in the book. They were more explained in this book than the first one.

I loved to see Humayun grow from a young boy to and emperor. I love the chemistry between Humayun and Hamida. The mercy Humayun has shown to his brother was great to see, not many people can have such a big heart even though he was quite selfish.

Overall I thought this was a great book. Great story line but I just felt that useless bits were quite stretched and the other characters were not developed enough. Don't be discouraged from the bad points be user there are many other good points but my emotions are just raw right now. Feb 19, Kishan R rated it really liked it. The book is really good and keeps you engages and the whole narration is very well. If humayun was as written in the book then he is the best mughal emperor known.

We have not heard more about humayun or he is overshadowed by more powerful emperors like his son and grandson's. From the book we can make out that their was a love and respect in humayun for all his family members and that of enemies. He never attacked his brothers even though they brought so, I much pain and anguish to him. After r The book is really good and keeps you engages and the whole narration is very well. After recapturing Delhi again he became very wise and understanding person.

If not for the sudden demise we might have remembered him for much more glory. The book was really well documented and the writer has made all effort to bring the truth wherever possible. Big fan of Alex Rurherford and loking forward to compete the other books in the series. Not even a dozen pages yet I was already flung into the treachery of Humayun's half-brothers Kamran, Askari and Hindal Just over 5 years earlier, Humayun's father, Babur had abandoned Samarkand to the Uzbeks and had led his normadic people through mountain passes from Kabul crossed the Indus and crushed the Afghan Pashtun Sultan Ibrahim Lodi at Panipat to claim Hindustan for the Moghuls circa T Not even a dozen pages yet I was already flung into the treachery of Humayun's half-brothers Kamran, Askari and Hindal The white bones of the elephants that fell were to remain there for many years to come.

Barely 2 months earlier Humayum and his half- brothers had carried their father's coffin. He had died of illness at the age of Babur had chosen Humayun as his successor not because he was the eldest, but because he bieved he was most worthy. That was the way of the Mongols since the time of Genghiz Khan.

Humayun was hesitant In time he would endure many tests and tribulations. I tend to think they were part of his learning and it paved the way for the ultimate entry of his son, Akbar. Humayun's marriage to Hamida, the one Hindal had had eyes for did not go down well with Hindal.

Sher Shah from Bengal was manacing with the help of his half-brothers. He had to flee Agra then Delhi and then Lahore and went into Persia. He spent years sorting issues of his half-brothers As a mark of respect for Hamida, not Humayun, Hindal saved baby Akbar from the evil and cowardly hands of Kamran before he rode off from sight He had not known that it was his own brother.

Humayun even gave him a bodyguard. The story goes that his ship was taken over by pirates and he died fighting them. Then there was Kamran Humayun had Kamran blinded and later, upon request, agreed to send him for haj. It is told that Kamran died in Mecca. Finally his promise to his dying father had been fulfilled.

It took Humayun 9 years to prepair himself for the retake of Hindustan It is said that his story has been very well documented Babur is dead, and despite naming Humayun successor to the wealth and the new empire he has founded, and asking him not to do anything against his half brothers, there is dissension among them. Humayun thwarts an early attempt by his brothers to grab the throne, but spares their lives and sends them away to rule far away regions.

Despite early successes, Humayun fails to hold 'Brothers at War' is the second of the 'Empire of the Moghul' series and begins in , right where the first one ended.

Despite early successes, Humayun fails to hold the empire together, and his preoccupation with stars coupled with an opium addiction ensures that he loses the hard earned empire to Sher Shah. After losing several strongholds including Delhi and Lahore, Humayun becomes an emperor without a kingdom. In addition to scheming feudal lords and other relatives, he also has to deal with the treachery of his brothers yet again. In the meantime, he marries Hamida, thus alienating Hindal, who also loved her the only half brother who had allied with him.

Humayun wanders further away from Hindustan, fueled by a belief in his destiny - to rule the empire again. He finally gets help from the Shah of Persia, to whom he gifts the Koh-i-noor, but who also extracts a bigger price.

From then begins Humayun's journey back. The books seems to be showing a pattern - starting with a prince who has just ascended the throne and ending with the heir in the same position. Humayun's failures are a tad repetitive, and are not helped by the fact that many of his journeys share similarities with Babur's experiences, but the pace is more or less maintained and there are reasonable twists to keep the reader engrossed.

Except for a few characters and events, history has been not tampered with much. Humayun comes across as a courageous, intelligent and driven man who, though lost the empire to begin with, ensured that he rectified his mistakes. If you're interested in history, this does infuse life to the characters familiar from textbooks. Nov 04, Tariq Mahmood rated it it was amazing Shelves: To have your dearest wish fulfilled isn't always easy. His reign appears as a mere footnote in the history of the great Moghuls as he was seen as he actually lost it all to the Pathan Sher Shah Suri.

The book depicts him as a self conscious, unsure and dreamy young king who seeks isolation and gazes at the stars for inspiration.

The pace is fantastic as we follow H To have your dearest wish fulfilled isn't always easy. I could almost feel the urgency as the deposed Padishah runs away from his brothers and the usurper Sher Shah. The book is written with suspense and drama, never boring of monotonous, a real page turner.

Humayun, probably because he lost Hindustan to Sher Shah, does not have a great perception among six great Moghuls. The authors have done a great service by charting his life because he was the father of the great Akbar, so must have been some influence to produce a son like him. On his final campaign to win back Hindustan, Humayun realises the value of collective confidence. For if he was to succeed he was to have troops confident in his success, for each victory would add to the tide of this confidence and deplete the strength of his opponents.

There is another positive dimension when success is attributed to a particular family like the Moghuls, for each victory is attributed to the Moghul name, further enhancing their charmed reputation. The benefit is that even if you lose, people will still choose to back you because of your families reputation. It is uncanny that the exact strategy is still employed by family based politicians in Pakistan when planning and executing their election campaigns.

The story of Humayun. Its a brilliant rendition of Humayun, thou the author has hidden the true character to build a strong protagonist. In real life like Babur, Humayun too indulged in the excess of Opium and thanks to it had come out with weird dictat to his Viziers where one had to wear certain colours on certain weekdays.

Also thanks to his star gazing and heavy opium he made each day of the week into a theme day for example on Monday - Justice, Tuesday - Finance etc and thus due to this his power over his people started to wane. His step brothers too went against him as he was selected as the next Mogul Badshah. He had to flee from India to Rajasthan to Afghanistan to Persia, where finally with a troop of 10, cavalry gifted by the king who in return is gifted the Kohinoor Diamond.

He first defeats his step brother Kamran and retains Afghanistan and step by step conquers everything that he had originally inherited from Babur. He survives just 6 months after he conquers all that he had lost. The throne Finally went to his only son Akbar Historically it may not be accurate as many characters and situations are created out of the blue.

None-the-less it makes for a fantastic read of what may have been I await the final book on Akbar. Who has finally ascended the throne thou his still very young at 14 to be taken seriously as the Badshah. Nov 27, Rakendra Thapa rated it really liked it. Second in "Empire of the Moghul" series by Alex Rutherford.

My experience after having read some book series is that usually it is a one way downhill, first one being amazing and then you just continue through the rest of the series only to finish the story. This same skepticism, perhaps that I bought this book much later, after finishing the first one. But I must admit that this book changed my perspective. The story is captivating and keeps one hooked on until the end. Alex Rutherford way of weaving the fictitious story around historical events and providing an emotional and personal touch is remarkable.

Humayun is bestowed with a rich empire and great luck. But the only challenge he has that he hasn't seen any real challenge as an emperor yet. However fate and destiny has its way of teaching him. From being an emperor to being that of the refugee in his own land, this story narrates how the emperor finally finds his true strength as a leader. He never loses the belief in himself as an emperor and finally with all his struggle he wins his empire back.

Loved this book and feel it's better than the first one. However if I have to criticize it somewhere, then I feel that the story doesn't quite hold on until the end and gets a little plain towards the end. However having said that this shouldn't be a reason to not to have this great addition to any bookshelf. Looking forward to the same enthralling experience from the "Ruler of the World".

Apr 03, Ankit Hawk rated it really liked it Shelves: The Babur had just conquered Northern India and establishing his authority, when he died of illness and just during his sickness he announced Humayun as his heir. The Journey of Humayun fascinated me. But I was surprised to know it was no easy dominance for Humayun. He was great warrior but questionably poor administrator. His reign was suffered by his over use of alcohol and drugs. His war with Sher Shah Suri and his on-court battle with his half brothers soon overwhelm him and ended his reign.

Please read the complete review at Critichawk Jul 20, Hari Shanker rated it really liked it. Humayun lacks the charisma of Babur. Babur had given 'Hindustan' on a golden platter to his favourite son Humayun. But the dreaming star gazer and opium addict does not waste much time in loosing his inheritance. He seems to be too soft hearted to be a ruler. On the battlefield he is second only to Babur and their fate seems to be intertwined.

Like his father his gains are short lived but he does not seem to have the ' never say die ' attitude. He does make a comeback but it is more luck than d Humayun lacks the charisma of Babur. He does make a comeback but it is more luck than determination. One wonders if he would have regained Hindustan had Sher Shah lived longer.

The writer seems to be a little too sympathetic towards Humayun. I wish he had given more credit to Sher Shah and his achievements. But then let's not forget that the book is also a fiction and the writer is free to dramatise events like his half brother Kamran threatening to kill Akbar on the castle walls.

He definitely succeeds in capturing the readers imagination. The tale that he weaves around historical events is as captivating as the first book. What is really striking is the similar fate both father and son were destined to meet. The book is a great read and as captivating as the first.

May 10, Simran Khurana rated it really liked it.

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Action, drama, heroism, deceit, loyalty, valor, honor, love, sex, betrayal, Alex Rutherford took the centuries old story, pickled it in a jar, and produced the finest work of adventure.

The content is racy, contemporary, and honest. The characters are fleshed out to fine detail. The story looks at the macro view namely the rule of the Mughals and the micro view the finer details like how Humayun suffered during his exile, his love for opium, e Action, drama, heroism, deceit, loyalty, valor, honor, love, sex, betrayal, The story looks at the macro view namely the rule of the Mughals and the micro view the finer details like how Humayun suffered during his exile, his love for opium, etc.

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