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Ramona's World. see the major motion picture Ramona and Beezus By: Beverly Cleary Read Book Download. Adventure; Words; Ages. Beezus and Her Little Sister. Beatrice Quimby's biggest problem was her little sister Ramona. Beatrice, or Beezus (as everyone called her, because that was. Newbery Award-winner Beverly Cleary delivers a humorous portayal of the ups and downs of sisterhood. Both the younger and older siblings of the family will e.

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DOWNLOAD EPUB · Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Read more · Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (Avon Camelot Books) · Read more Beezus and Ramona. Read more. Download Beezus and Ramona - Beverly Cleary Full Books (PDF, ePub, Mobi) Click Snowman Embroidery Designs, Free Machine Embroidery Designs at. Ramona Quimby has 30 entries in the series. Beverly Cleary Author Stockard Channing Narrator (). cover image of Beezus and Ramona.

Ramona Quimby Series. A follow-on series to the stories featuring Henry Huggins. The first book was published in Book 1. Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary.

As a child, she struggled with reading and writing. But by third grade, after spending much time in her public library in Portland, Oregon, she found her skills had greatly improved.

Before long, her school librarian was saying that she should write children's books when she grew up. Instead she became a librarian. When a young boy asked her, "Where are the books about kids like us?

She based her funny stories on her own neighborhood experiences and the sort of children she knew. And so, the Klickitat Street gang was born! Cleary's books have earned her many prestigious awards, including the American Library Association's Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, presented to her in recognition of her lasting contribution to children's literature. Dear Mr. Her characters, including Beezus and Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, and Ralph, the motorcycle-riding mouse, have delighted children for generations.

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Beezus And Ramona - Chapter 1

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Ramona Quimby Series

Don't show this message again. Skip To: This site uses cookies. Learn more about cookies. Main Nav Subject Navigation. Featured Collections. Main Content. Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Ramona Quimby Series, Book 6. Ramona Quimby. Beverly Cleary Jacqueline Rogers More creators Edition -. Subjects - Juvenile Fiction Juvenile Literature. Copies - Available:.

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Ramona's World

Kindle Book. File size:. OverDrive Read. EPUB eBook. Oh, no, she thought. She can't wear those to the library. On her head Ramona wore a circle of cardboard with two long paper ears attached.


The insides of the ears were colored with pink crayon, Ramona's work at nursery school. Whoever heard of an Easter bunny in September? I just hope we don't meet anybody we know, Beezus thought, as they started out the front door. But the girls had no sooner left the house when they saw Mrs. Wisser, a lady who lived in the next block, coming toward them with a friend. It was too late to turn back. Wisser had seen them and was waving. Wisser said, when they met. Wisser said to her friend, as if Beezus and Ramona couldn't hear, "Isn't she adorable?

Both children knew whom Mrs. Wisser was talking about. If she had been talking about Beezus, she would have said something quite different. Such a nice girl, probably.

A sweet child, perhaps.

Free ebook beezus download ramona and

Adorable, never. Ramona beamed. She knew whose eyes they were talking about. Beezus knew too, but she didn't care. Mother said blue eyes were just as pretty as brown. Beezus had thought it was cunning the first time she heard Ramona say it, about a year ago. Since then she had given up trying to explain to Ramona that she wasn't supposed to say she had brown and white eyes, because Ramona always answered, "My eyes are brown and white," and Beezus had to admit that, in a way, they were.

Wishing, as she so often did, that she had a more common nickname, like Betty or Patsy, she explained as quickly as she could how she happened to be called Beezus. Ramona did not like to lose the attention of her audience. She hitched up the leg of her overalls and raised her knee. That was one of the most exasperating things about Ramona.

She never seemed to understand what she was not supposed to do. Wisser's friend, but she did not look at it as if she really thought it was nice. Wisser," said Beezus politely, and hoped that if they met anyone else they knew she could somehow manage to hide Ramona behind a bush. Except for holding Ramona's hand crossing the streets, Beezus lingered behind he the rest of the way to the library.

She hoped that all the people who stopped and smiled at Ramona would not think they were together. When they reached the Glenwood Branch Library, she said, "Ramona, wouldn't you like me to carry your ears for you now? Inside the library, Beezus hurried Ramona into the boys and girls' section and seated her on a little chair in front of the picture books.

Wouldn't you like that? Beezus' face turned red with embarresment when everyone in the library looked at Ramona's ears and smiled. Beezus slected another book. Here's a funny story about a kitten that falls into the goldfish bowl. If only Miss Evans, the children's librarian, were there!

She would know how to select a book for Ramona. Beezus noticed Miss Greever glance distapprovingly in their direction while the other grownups watched Ramona and smiled. When Beezus had selected her book, she returned to the picture-book section, where she found Ramona sitting on the bench with both arms clasped around a big flat book.

On the cover was a picture of a steam shovel with its jaws full of rocks. The title was Big Steve the Steam Shovel. Under the disapproving stare of Miss Greever, Beezus gave up. Ramona was right. Beezus looked with distaste at the big orange-colored book in its stout library binding. At least it would be due in two weeks, but Beezus did not feel very happy at the thought of two more weeks of steam shovels.

And it just went to show how Ramona always got her own way. Beezus pulled her library card out of her sweater pocket. A library isn't like a store, where you buy things. Beezus watched doubtfully while Miss Greever asked Ramona her name and age. When Ramona didn't understand, she asked, "What kind of work does your father do? Somehow Beezus did not like to have Miss Greever laugh at her sister.

After all, how could Ramona be expected to know what Father did? Miss Greever wrote this down on the card and shoved it across the desk to Ramona.

Nothing daunted, Ramona grasped the pencil in her fist and began to write. She bore down so hard that the tip snapped off the lead, but she wrote on. When she laid down the pencil, Beezus picked up the card to see what she had written. The line on the card was filled with. Ramona brightened at this, and Miss Greever checked out the books on Beezus' card. As soon as they got home, Ramona demanded, "Read my new book to me.

And so Beezus began. He was the biggest steam shovel in the whole city. His only sound effects were tooting and growling.

Big Steve did not shed tears or want to be a pile driver. He worked hard at being a steam shovel, and by the end of the book Beezus had learned a lot about steam shovels. Unfortunatly, she did not want to learn about steam shovels. Oh, well, she guessed she could stand two weeks of Big Steve. He's better than Scoopy. Beezus found pencil and paper and wrote Ramona in large, careful letters across the top of the paper. See, like that. You don't have an i or a t in your name, because it isn't spelled that way.

What was the use? Trying to explain spelling and writing to Ramona was too complicated. Everything became difficult when Ramona was around, even an easy thing like taking a book out of the library. Well, if Ramona was happy thinking her name was spelled with i 's and t 's, she could go ahead and think it. The next two weeks were fairly peaceful. Mother and Father soon tired of tooting and growling and, like Beezus, they looked forward to the day Big Steve was due at the library.

Father even tried to hide the book behind the radio, but Ramona soon found it. Beezus was happy that one part of her plan had worked -- Ramona had forgotten The Littlest Steam Shovel now that she had a better book. On Ramona's second trip to the library, perhaps Miss Evans could find a book that would make her forget steam shovels entirely.

As for Ramona, she was perfectly happy. She had three people to read aloud a book she liked, and she spent much of her time covering sheets of paper with i 's and t 's. Sometimes she wrote in pencil, sometimes she wrote in crayon, and once she wrote in ink until her mother caught her at it. Finally, to the relief of the rest of the family, the day came when Big Steve had to be returned.

Ramona looked sulky, but she went into the bodroom. In a few minutes she appeared with Big Steve in her hand and a satisfied expression on her face. Mother looked alarmed. Let me see. Every page in the book was covered with enormous purple i 's and t 's in Ramona's very best handwriting. And in crayon so it won't erase. Why did you do a think like that?

Download ramona free beezus and ebook

She's always spoiling my fun and it isn't fair! She couldn't get along without library books.

Ramona Quimby, Age 8

She just couldn't, that was all. I can't read and it isn't fair. Ramona, you were a very naughty girl! If you'll get my purse I'll give you some money to pay for the damage to the book. Take Ramona along with you, explain what happened, and the librarian will tell you how much to pay. This made Beezus feel better.