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Editorial Reviews. Review. The re-release of Provo author Sarah Eden's Whitney by Sarah M. Eden. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Download. Seeking Persephone [Sarah M. Eden] on *FREE* shipping on have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. When Persephone Lancaster receives a marriage proposal from the ill HER HAND BY KELLY flag See 1 question about Seeking Persephone Lists with This .

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Sarah M. Eden is the USA Today bestselling author of many well-received historical romances, including Whitney Award finalists Seeking Persephone and . When Persephone Lancaster receives a marriage proposal from the ill-tempered Duke of Kielder, she refuses — and then reconsiders. The obscene sum of. Download Seeking Persephone ebook freeType: ebook pdf, ePub Publisher: Covenant Communications bvifacts.infoed: September, Page.

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I hope Seeking Persephone helped!!. The Mathematical Miracle of the Quranthat God called quot;one of the great miracles quot; ? The fact that all three are supposedly comorbid in your case.

You will not be earning money in the shop during your training. It;s very airy and calming. Seeking Persephone: Download free Sarah M. Why not perform some impossible miracle. M i have no idea what your talking about lol i think your going crazy. Seeking Persephone bought a couple of books, and some flashcards, for my 2 year old to start learning spanish. But not the Orange Order - that;s taken. I hope Mrs. Eden won't take this the wrong way.

I met her the other night at a book signing. She's lovely. However, I am a little upset at these new LDS authors. I feel a certain level of indignation because what do they think they are they doing with their sweet, chaste romances, anyway?

I thought I was too sophisticated for such nonsense. I mean, of course I have no problem with the chaste romance part. It's just that these authors are changing my perception of the LDS literature I knew as a teen. Which is, in two words, Jack Weyland. Not that I have anything against Mr. Weyland, mind you. I just think his literature is To be fair, I suppose a teenager could have been reading worse and I did enjoy the books. Still, I came to accept a certain product from LDS authors, and I thought I was sort of over it and not going to read them any more.

The book is a Regency style romance, complete with a marriage of convenience, a hero from "the ton" which, by the way, I had to look up , and all the chasteness of an Austen novel.

I've never read a Regency romance before, and I thought Regency referred to a publisher. Had no idea that it was a subgenre of romance. But you could fill the Empire State Building all the way full to the top with the things I don't know. Especially about the romance genre in literature. I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, I loved it. And that was entirely unexpected. However, I think this kind of book by this kind of author is just what I've been looking for.

The hero, one Duke of Kiedler, was such a reluctant groom. He married for his own self ish reasons, and his wife, Persephone, for her own self less reasons. But as it turns out, they fall in love anyway. I hope that wasn't a spoiler, but I highly doubt anyone reading this book wouldn't know where the story was going. Why was I looking for a story like this? Because it was good, clean fun. The hero was flawed VERY flawed and imperfect. But she falls for him anyway.

I'm sort of tired of the overly perfect, super human male lead. The Duke is most certainly NOT in danger of being labeled perfect. But the really really fun part was watching it unfold and waiting for them to figure out how they would communicate their increasing interest in each other. And of course, there is that anticipation. Now here is my philosophy about kissing.

It is the anticipation that makes a kiss great Think about it for a moment. You meet someone that you really connect with. He finally asks you on a date. You go on the date and realize you really like this guy and that, it seems, he likes you. So you go on a few more dates. The tension starts to build. You might brush up against his hand or his arm and a thrill goes through you. And when he hugs you at the door, you think maybe he'll kiss me.

But he doesn't. So you sort of have that anxiety lingering inside as you wait.

Download ebook seeking persephone

Is he into me? Does he want to kiss me?

Download seeking persephone ebook

And it is gooooood. Like knees going weak sort of good. You do, as it turns out, really like each other. Oh how many times in the course of this story did I want to yell out "Just kiss her already!!!

I like that anticipation of the developing relationship. I like watching the affection unfold with a look here and a touch there. I like waiting and waiting and waiting for him to finally just hold her hand, or taker her in his arms or something! If an author can keep me holding on like that I like it a lot.

So I say thank you Mrs. Thank you for changing my perception of LDS authors. The story, much like you, is lovely. May 22, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow I loved this book! I was engrossed in the first page and couldn't put it down. Not that it is a fast passed action packed adventurer, far from it.

This is a English romance that was a joy to read! Edan creates great complex characters and explains why they do the things they do and why it is logical to do them. In so many romance novels the heroines are very changeable and you wonder why they do the things they do but not Edan's characters. I just love a sweet, complicated love story and you Wow I loved this book! I just love a sweet, complicated love story and you get it all here.

Her books are so clean! No references to sex at all, yet they hold such passion! This is they way to write a romance novel! I just can't say enough good. And the best part The story of the friend in this book is continued in Courting Miss Lancaster and other characters in Kiss of a Stranger! Both excellent books! I think this is one of my favorite Eden regency books. I read it quickly to remember before I read Daphne's story. I just love these two and I love the way this one was written.

It is so fun to go back and read them in order. Jul 10, Kathy added it Shelves: Fun to go back and read how these two came together. I did love this one! This had a Beauty and the Beast theme going on which I thought worked really well without any magical elements to it and without it being a repeat story. This doesn't have a whole lot of exciting plots going on. It sticks with the relationship being the main focus of the story.

And that works in this case! I never found myself wishing something exciting would happen, I just got lost in the story for what it was. I loved how angry and bitter Adam was because of his disfigurement. I loved how everyone fears him because of his temper. I loved how he came to choose a wife and I loved the person she was. Normally I get a little annoyed when stories are told from both hero and heroine POVs because I don't like hearing them complain of misunderstandings when we as the reader KNOW what the misunderstanding is and know it isn't so!

But in this case I thought hearing both POVs came together perfectly! I loved every aspect of this, especially the looks they gave each other I could picture Adam perfectly! I know I love a book when only half way through I have to order the companion book to it that follows a side character from the story because I love them so much and am dying for their story as well!!!

I can't wait to start on "Courting Miss Lancaster" now! View all 11 comments. Jan 04, Shiralea Woodhouse rated it it was amazing Shelves: This update to all my goodreads friends: Just saw that the Provo library has this book now! It was re-published by Covenant and I will be getting myself a copy!

It was a wonderful romance Rochester , and a pinch Beauty and the Beast. Except this Romance begi This update to all my goodreads friends: Except this Romance begins with a marriage instead of ending with it. Wonderful characters, and you get both points of view, which can sometimes be annoying, but I enjoyed it here. I actually teared up through about a third of the book because it was so touching and sweet.

I want this book!

Seeking Persephone: A Regency Romance - Deseret Book

In fact, I had to get it on "interlibrary loan" because our library doesn't even have it. I'm going to read it again right now View all 8 comments. Apr 13, Rane rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the frist Sarah M. Eden book I've picked up and it won't be the last. I adore the wit and courage of her characters, both Adam and Persephone by time brought out something in each other, and thru that love blossom.

I really loved that.

Seeking Persephone book by Sarah M. Eden online

That both just didn't fall head over heels in love with each at frist sight, but they're love grew by getting to know each other. Just a all around wonderful book! View all 6 comments. Jun 14, Heidi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved every word of this book!!!! I just really enjoyed this regency "beauty and the beast" type clean romance and I am so excited that I have added it permenately to my home library!!

I'm anxiously waiting for more of this authors work to be published!!! Oct 28, Cik Aini rated it really liked it Shelves: An arranged marriage, nothing out of ordinary, but i love how the author delves into the characters.

Potraying them falling in love gradually. This was a nice sweet read, and I loved how the myth of Persephone was really woven into it. The best thing about this book really was the relationship between Persephone and the Duke. The tension between them was wonderfully written and I just loved everyone. Honestly, no complaints. Read this if you want to end up with a smile on your face: Mar 30, herdys rated it really liked it Shelves: When I first read the book I felt a little weird liking it since Adam was abrupt and cold at times.

After seeing him in the next books, especially Daphne's, I realized it was all a facade. Although he really is grumpy and loves to threaten people, deep inside he is just a grumpy but lovable bear. I do admit that I got fired at times of Persephone thinking that she was at fault while it was just Adam's shyness and old issues talking.

That's something Sarah M Eden does with most of her books. I un When I first read the book I felt a little weird liking it since Adam was abrupt and cold at times. I understand that missunderstandings happen in real life too, but sometimes it would be nice if her characters had more conversations instead of assumptions!

I did appreciate the Persephone symbolism, since I love greek mythology. Adam was the perfect Hades lol. She felt a little like Belle of Beauty and the Beast. Away from her family and trying to do her best even while Adam didn't make it easy. To say this book was a slow burn would be more or less correct. I actually enjoy that part of this author's way of writing. So after editing my initial review, I'm bumping it another star cause I really did enjoy the re-read I did after Daphne's book.

I also didn't realize this was the same Duke that helped Clara and Corbin in their book. He was amazing and all for a good cause!

I just love it when authors mix their characters between their different series. Nov 07, Lisa Bookworm Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: I purchased the book and several more of Sarah Eden's books because I really want to read them.

I have heard or read good things about them and couldn't wait to discover them for myself. Persephone is a lovable and vulnerable character. She lives her life for everyone else, she sacrifices her wants and desires to help the people she loves. When she receives an offer of marriage by post, offering her family a substantial financial gain to accept The Duke of Kielder as her husband, she accepts.

Her family is in dire financial straits and once again she can rescue them. She comes into a marriage to a man who is physically and emotionally scarred. He is gruff and hard to get along with.

See a Problem?

She tries to figure out why, and how can she help him. She wants to understand him so that maybe she could have the marriage that she has always wanted. She doesn't look at him with pity and loathing when she sees his scars. She sees another person who is in need of love. The Duke is so cranky that it is almost comic at times. He pushes everyone away so that he won't be hurt.

His best friend is able to get past the crusty exterior and does make tense situations funny. I really enjoy their relationship. This is a book about two lost souls who are thrown together and learn how to love and trust. Aug 01, Nina rated it it was ok Shelves: I wanted to like this book. It's got the set up of a book I would really like. But holy cow was Adam a whiny babyman. Part of the fun is watching him soften up, because we all know under the frostiness he's got a heart of gold.

But Adam was just flat out hard to like. His mom and dad split up when he was little, and he has minor scarr Blegggh. I did feel like Adam wasn't given much to redeem himself. The mother's story was empty, to me. But all-in-all, I enjoyed it. Written beautifully, the author slowly develops the relationship between a scarred, inhibited man, Adam, and his new, shy, but caring, wife, Persephone.

As slow as the shelling of a pomegranate, the story develops along a symbolic course with the tale of Hades and his Persephone. It gave new depth to the myth, and I was happy to have been so enriched. I loved this book! I bought it online based only on a good review I read. It was definitely worth the risk.

This story is incredibly romantic. The author took her time developing the romance and by the end I was as in love with the hero as Persephone was. The story has a "Beauty and the Beast" feel to it and is one I will read again and again.

If you love humor, romance, and a clean read, you'll love Seeking Persephone. Eden has made quite the splash in the LDS market with her regency romances--no, they are not LDS in the least--but they are clean romances with great characters and fabulous plots.

Seeking Persephone is Sarah's 3rd release. Both equally excellent as well. The Duke of Kielder must marry if he wants to prevent his male cousins from becoming his heir. At 27, he is known for his temper and feared by many. His only hope is to marry a lady from a poor family with many siblings. Miss Persephone Lancaster fits those requirements. I would have enjoyed a little more depth to the heroine. I would have easily given it 5 stars if it were longer and flowed a little better from scene to scene.

Courting Miss Lancaster. The Kiss of a Stranger. Friends and Foes. An Unlikely Match.