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MOne hochhe Hangor hroder bhivishikar page tay akta youtube link dicchi add kore nao. Indrajal comics er kichu pawa jabena??? Flash Gordon.. If anyone is a lover of books and need to read books online then there are so many good books on Aazae online books store. Jadu hrader doitya 1.

Even the Land of Soviets and Congo ones. I love a number of them though not all.

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So there might be some truth to this observation, and yet I can only put up a couple of conjectures. There are two possibilities.

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There were lots of Bengali expats in Europe in the 60s and 70s, and a lot of them came back to Calcutta unlike expats from many other parts of India. My Dad was one of them. They brought back a lot of European pastimes and cultural practices to Calcutta.

Bengali tintin free download ebook

Tintin was definitely one of them. So perhaps it was easy for Tintin to find popularity in Bengal. Ananda Publishers started publishing Tintin in Bengali quite a while back - definitely by the early 80s, making it accessible, and at lower prices, to the Bengali reader.

Hindi versions of Tintin probably came much later. I suspect though that you might find Tintin aficionados down south just like you do in West Bengal.

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First of all, the visuals in Tintin are amazingly detailed, action-oriented, humorous, and easy on eyes. They make each story true graphic novels which flow in a linear format, cherished by Bengali readers since Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay had given us his classics. Then came the dialogues and exchanges, vibrant with wit and warmth.

But despite all these, Tintin might have remained a favourite of posh and elite.

Download bengali tintin ebook free

But something happened in late s and it kept happening in s. Nirendranath Chakraborty, the editor who was also one of the greatest poets Bengal had ever seen, took the responsibility of translating the script into Bengali language after ABP had secured the rights to Bengali translation.

Those Bengali versions were amazing. Believe me! Later when I had the opportunity to read the English books, I often found the Bengali versions wittier and more in-sync with Bengali ethos.

As it happens, Nirendranath Chakraborty passed away today, after prolonged illness.

I hope he gets an afterlife that's as colourful and warm as a Tintin adventure. My regards to him. Being a Bengali I admit that most of us are extremely lethargic.

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If anyone is a lover of books and need to read books online then there are so many good books on Aazae online books store. Jadu hrader doitya 1. Kalo sonar deshe 12mb.

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Kanvanga murti Kankra rahasyo 12mb. Krishnadwiper rahasya Laal bombeter guptadhan Lohito sagarer hangor 73mb high quality. Mummyr avishap Neel kamal Ottokarer rajdando Paana kothay Pharaoer churut Soviet deshe tintin 6.