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chinese-ebooks. By winnielui. 9 Awesome Websites to Find and Download Chinese E-books. You don't always have to choose sides. Whether. As a professional in the realm of education I know how anything “free” helps. As I find resources I share them. There is one set of ebooks that you can download. Free Learn Chinese Ebook - Despite what you may think, learning Chinese isn't all as hard as you might think. Check out our great Learn Chinese resources.

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Project Gutenberg · 59, free ebooks · 3 by Xueqin Cao. 紅樓夢 by Xueqin Cao . No cover available. Download; Bibrec. More than free eBooks to read or download in english for your computer, smartphone, ereader or tablet!, Chinese (Mandarin), Wikibooks contributors. What's the site that Chinese students use to download textbooks for .. There are lots of ebook forums share links for free, but the forum.

So, where can you find e-books in Chinese? Weibo Books offers an excellent selection of world-renowned publications that have been translated into Chinese, as well as original Chinese language books. Interesting stats are provided for every book, including: QiDian Books offers a massive selection of online e-books. Unlike Weibo Books, not all of these are published offline. Amazon offers a selection of Chinese e-books through Kindle. With a Kindle app, you can read e-books on any device.

But from what i read you had the physical book, so may i might have a slightly better first run with it being in lingq. If it weren't for lingq I would probably not even try. I will have a look at the http: I'm currently reading the Sherlock Holmes series in Chinese, because I happen to have them all on the bookshelf at home.

Download sites ebook chinese

I've found alternate translations online that differ from the printed versions I have. I like the printed translation better, but it's good to have both.

Plus, there are audiobooks that follow the translations I've found online, which is immensely helpful if you want to listen to what you have read, or read what you have listened to. Your a star, I need to remember which SH stories i have read and start with them so i can get the jist of the story.

Chinese eBooks for free

Thanks a million: There is a trick here. It's very useful when I was trying to look for English novel You can type "site: Please take place sth. For instance, "site: You will find tons of resources online.

Simply download it: You must have JavaScript enabled to use this site. Looking for simplified Chinese eBooks. Ideally PDFs so i can use them in link.

The main difficulties are mastering the tones, learning characters and remembering vocabulary which can be challenging as Chinese words do not sound in any way similar to their English counterparts. We also provide courses for full time workers who want to study Chinese part time. We offer part time Chinese courses in Shanghai and Beijing. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the learning materials on this page or our Chinese courses, please email us using the contact button above.

Chinese (Mandarin) - Ebooks for all | Free ebooks download

Sometimes translating Chinese works back into English makes for some pretty funny and memorable results. Chinese animal names in particular can be fun to work out. Here are some of our best examples:. Learn those tones in Chinese with our useful Tones Infographic. Take it from us! Get speaking and use our excellent graphic! It has many different uses and is very easy to use incorrectly. Never fear, this is why we created this great infographic.

Download Now Coming or going? Our comprehensive, easy-to-follow graphic explains all. Download Now Worried about arriving in China and not knowing what lies ahead? Get ahead and learn our key phrases and learn how to survive at the airport.

Download Now Going to the restaurant in China is inevitable. We are here to help! Speak to yourself in Chinese before going to bed or in the shower. You may even have a full conversation asking yourself what you did today, if you liked it or not and how it made you feel. As odd as it sounds it actually helps you to start thinking in Chinese which is essential in order to become fluent.

Why Should I Use Chinese E-books to Improve My Chinese?

Writing phrases in Chinese language rather than just vocab. Not just words or characters but full phrases or sentences. This will improve your character writing. Considering we live in a digital age and handwriting is not as common as it used to be; it does help a lot with learning since studying Chinese has a lot to do with memorization.

Read as much as you can at all times. Get into the habit of reading anything you can. This can range from shop names, live TV subtitles, road and street signs or restaurant menus. Basically anything you lay your eyes on. Intermediate and advanced level students might be interested in reading forums, newspapers and obviously books. Engage using Social media in Mandarin.

Do what you enjoy and combine it with learning Chinese. For example, you enjoy cooking, then try to find recipes in Chinese. The worst thing that could happen would be you adding salt instead of sugar into your cake! You can also learn new words and vocabulary by playing board or computer games in Chinese.

Speak and write in Chinese to your Chinese speaking friends. Watch TV and listen to Chinese radio. This might be a challenge at the beginning but will be fun as your language skills improve. You will learn a lot about Chinese culture as well as the language and get to know the more famous Chinese celebrities.

Plus it will give you more topics to discuss with your Chinese friends once you are done talking about culture differences. Take notes.

Last but not least. Whenever you hear a new phrase or you see something that caught your attention, write it down and save it. Learning just something minor everyday makes a huge difference in the long run.

Would you like to learn Mandarin Chinese? Here are our top four: With a Kindle app, you can read e-books on any device.

Download sites ebook chinese

Go to the Foreign Languages category, and then select Chinese language, which currently has over 4, titles. Loyal Books is a free online library. You can also stream audio versions of books.

Download sites ebook chinese

All e-books are free to download. Project Gutenberg, an online library of e-books, has a small selection of Chinese language e-books.


You can then click to purchase. Their e-books can be read on desktop, e-readers and tablets iOS, Android and Windows. Pubu is a Taiwanese online e-book store. In addition to e-books, you can get e-magazines and e-newspapers.

A little reading every day goes a long way in improving your Chinese! FluentU lets you learn real Chinese from music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks.

FluentU App Browse Screen.

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