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May 2, You get a new subscriber, and your users get free ebook download. You may also want to see our list of 9 best PDF plugins for WordPress. These 7 best Ebook WordPress Plugins will help you to manage your from other ebook plugins as it allows a user to download whichever e-book file he wants. Whether it is software, documents, photos, ebooks, songs, graphics, or any other type of media file, Easy Payment gateways supported in the core, free plugin.

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Stylish and modern ebook seller plugin, with 3D book preview, optional preview file for Allow user to download your ebook custom file when insert an email. Ebook Store Plugin for WordPress is a tool that allows you to sell, watermark, encrypt The pro version is capable of encrypting the ebooks upon download or email delivery. . The Free version can not encrypt PDF files and put watermarks. Jan 1, They can then either click to download a WordPress eBook PDF or other format . The free Groups WordPress plugin is an easy-to-use free.

Today writers are creating their own sites to sell their hard work without sharing profit. And for all this, they are using Ebook WordPress plugins. So, if you have a basic WordPress website then after integrating this plugin, your website becomes more like a web bookstore. This bookstore comes with functionalities such as WooCommerce support, PayPal integration and more. Making it more attractive to its buyers.

One of the amazing things about WordPress is its flexibility. And WordPress plugins help make it even more powerful. They let you add a little extra oomph to your WordPress site through new functionality. This eBook has been updated for consistency and accuracy purposes as of August There are more than 40, free WordPress plugins, which have been downloaded more than a billion times , available in the WordPress directory.

And there are even more paid and premium plugins available as well. With plugins, the possibilities are endless. Want to display local weather on your site? There are plugins for that. There are plugins for that, too. The customer name, email, and price ID was added to sales log export.

Upgraded to the latest version of the Chosen library. Added the variable price ID to the download log entries. Added a helper to retrieve and filter discount status labels. Prevent a possible PHP Warning when no tax rate is entered, when taxes are enabled.

How to Add Ebook Downloads in WordPress

PayPal Standard: Totals with discounts could calculate differently between EDD and PayPal, preventing completion of the purchase.

Download widget would cause PHP warnings when no tags were attached to a product. Improved support for payment method icons when not using a standard WP Install directory format. Prevent a possible corrupted download file by verifying no output buffers exists. Opt-in telemetry data was sending the incorrect Locale. Prevent a possible PHP Notice when editing a discount code. Checkboxes on Advanced Settings of variable prices would not always save on the first try.

Prices were possibly incorrect when using the Quick Edit feature. The customer UI now shows the country and state name, instead of their codes. The cart contents method returned boolean false instead of an empty array when the cart was empty. Reduced the blocking calls in the opt-in telemetry requests to help with performance. Added filters for new user notification email. Added filter and email heading to New Sale Notifications. Added hooks before and after downloads shortcode grid.

Earnings report was incomplete and did not allow adding additional statuses. Incorrect HTML attribute on the upload modal. WordPress file editor was not working when Easy Digital Downloads was not active.

Forced file data to be sanitized as an array. Added new filter to allow disabling X-Accel-Redirect when downloading files. Enabled gateways are now included in the opt-in telemetry data. IP addresses on payment View Order Details screens now links to ipinfo 2. Changed span elements to div elements for the schema markup.

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Getting files of variable priced bundles products did not always respect variable price ID. Added found payments to the hooks before and after the purchase history shortcode. Sales exports did not always include all payments from the last day of the range selected.

Campaign strings on Integrations were not consistent. Cart details incorrectly reported item quantity as 0 in some cases. Prevent an edge case around adding past purchases to new users. Searching by custom order number only worked if a suffix or prefix is included. Corrected some translation issues. Removed MercadoPago from list of extensions in readme. Reverted some of the performance improvements due to edge case errors.

Invalid translation line while processing purchase. Improved the verbiage of the discount code amount description. Incorrect discount errors could be shown at checkout. Improved the new Debug Log View usability. Custom date ranges for detailed product earnings break on multi-month views.

Discount validation errors could occur when recovering pending payment. The product notes div was being rendered when no product notes added to download.

Added link to ipinfo. Update library for array2xml. Added filters to allow modfiying the payment list table gateway filter selector. Errors when trying to download some local files on Windows servers. Corrected some spelling errors. A fatal error was triggered during the payment export. Product dropdown was losing selections when using variable pricing.

Please verify any variable priced bundles you may have configured. File download errors could occur if the stream type was no longer registered. During purchase, the customer name was set to email if last name was empty. Corrected many non-numeric value and data handling issues in PHP 7. Corrected an issue with Chosen placeholders. The country name has been added to the payment export.

Hyphens are now allowed in discount codes. The Customer ID is now included in the sales report. Added better responsiveness in WordPress admin. Fixed a typo in the docs for the payments create CLI command.

Wrapped discount fields in tags. Amazon Payments could cause Javascript error on checkout. Made URLs included in payment notes clickable links. The Product Dropdown helper function included products in the trash. Deleted products could not be removed from payments. Incorrect pagination was being used when viewing sales logs. Added support for Angola country, municipalities, and currency. Increased the width of the discount amount field when adding or editing discounts.

Updated form styling for login and register forms. Removed clearing divs from the [downloads] shortcode. Negative product fees were not properly affecting subtotal used for tax calculations. Editing item price on a payment caused incorrect calculations when item price contained thousands separators. Resuming payment for guest payments while logged out could incorrectly prompt the user to login. Update HTML5 pattern on card field to account for whitespace.

Spaces are now auto-formatted into credit card number fields. Quantities no longer show on the cart widget when they are disabled. Improvements to the consistency of settings descriptions. Discounts with multiple exclusions could be applied to excluded products. Customer query pagination did not work correctly. Removed custom widths on the primary column of list table. Prevent plain text purchase links from looking like buttons still.

Revert adjusting purchase amount when quantity changes. Variable pricing bundle purchases gave access to incorrect product files. Update to 1. Design of repeatable rows, including variable prices and download files, has been redesigned to better accommodate more options and smaller screen sizes New: Variable price IDs now supported in payment import and export New: Added support for filtering Payment History by used payment gateway New: Added shortcode-download.

Use document. Minimum WordPress version now set to 4. Added new actions to template files to allow content to be more easily added to log in and registration forms Tweak: Added a link to gateways extension category on gateway settings page to make gateways more easily discoverable Tweak: Updated the EDD add-on updater class to version 1.

Empty categories now shown on Earnings by Category report Tweak: Download link expiration time now shown on System Info Tweak: Purchase button amounts now automatically update as quantity input is changed Tweak: Customer records now updated with information entered on checkout Tweak: Improved translation flexibility of Complete Purchase button text Tweak: Notes and price IDs now escaped on purchase receipt display Tweak: Improved description of login redirect page setting Tweak: A link to Product Reviews extension has been added to product edit screen when Reviews plugin is not installed Tweak: Update phpunit dependency to latest of 3.

Credit card name field validated as true when card number was entered Fix: Detect and correct invalid email addresses in From Address settings for purchase receipts and email notifications Fix: Sales export includes incorrect items Fix: Invalid SQL query due to extraneous curly brace Fix: Some admin screens not properly responsive for small screens Fix: Corrupt file downloads due to non-binary setting passed to fopen Fix: All products could be deleted on a payment Fix: Item tax not shown on payment screen when price contains commas Fix: Customer record not properly linked to existing user record Fix: Download links still shown on purchase confirmation when Disable Redownload is enabled Fix: Product Dropdown not always showing the selected item when large number of downloads exist 2.

Amazon Payments had errors being displayed at incorrect times. Start date not set properly in reports all pre-set ranges. Plugin Compatibility: Chosen search had incorrect select element targeting.

Recovering a guest payment prompted user to login to complete the purchase.

Products sometimes duplicated in CSV product export Fix: Use once per customer option on discount codes does not respect case sensitivity Fix: Date filters on payment history not working properly Fix: Tax rates of less than 1 calculates an incorrect total Fix: Pending verification message shown multiple times if the page contains multiple shortcodes Tweak: Added new hooks to the profile editor template 2.

User ID not properly assigned during some payment imports Fix: Discount codes sometimes changed to inactive improperly Fix: Incorrect variable name in add-on updater Fix: File price assignment fails when set to the first price on old products Fix: Last Month report showing incorrect numbers Fix: Incorrect class name on customer details page Tweak: Improved error message shown when viewing a receipt after purchase session has expired Tweak: Renamed Czech Republic to Czechia Tweak: Log in form on checkout now accepts log-in by email Tweak: Added new hooks to customer details page New: Email tags are now processed in the Purchase Email heading Fix: User dropdown field does not always show selected user Fix: Payment field for Amazon Payments gateway not properly shown after authenticating with Amazon Fix: Incorrectly named CSS selector Fix: Invalid argument supplied foreach notice on some bundle products Fix: Incorrect capitalization on First Name field of checkout Fix: Price option not properly added when using custom add to cart links for variable priced product and not price ID is supplied Fix: Fees that are taxed get counted twice in tax total 2.

Added a new filter that allows for the message shown in the email receipt when there are no download files to be controlled Tweak: Product Requirements check for discount codes fail if database value contains an empty string Fix: Empty metadata values get stored when creating discount codes Fix: Recovered payments do not store the correct purchase date Fix: Spaces in URLs for files and featured images can result in import problems Fix: Extra dash output in email receipt and purchase history when no price option is present Fix: Removing items from an order can result in the wrong item being removed after save Fix: Credit Card and billing address fields shown on checkout even when no payment gateways are enabled Fix: Personal Info section of checkout missing the aria-describedby attribute Fix: Payment mode fieldset does not have a legend tag Fix: Duplicate DIV tag on checkout 2.

Incorrect default payment gateway error message when saving sub-sections of Payment Gateway settings Fix: Variable price selection not possible when adding new product to existing payment record 2. It was possible for the batch exporter base class to not be loaded before it was trying to be used. Checkout was showing wrong total price when certain fees were applied to the cart. There was a typo in the link to our site when showing an error message for a license key.

Redesigned and improved functionality of the purchased downloads when viewing a payment. The applied tax rate is now saved in the payment meta. Created a tool that generates CSV earnings report. Reduced number queries run during reports, improving performance. Added a link to the discount edit screen when viewing a payment. Added an option to the cart widget that allows it to be hidden when empty. Created tool to export all Logs.

Quantity fields can now be disabled on individual download products. Added parent theme name to System Info when a child theme is detected. Added lost password URL to log in form on checkout. Moved edd-ajax. Variable priced bundles can now fully support a variable priced item being bundled. Default gateway can no longer be set to a disabled gateway. Adjusted error message returned when a discount code is not yet active.

Removed loading of the icon-font in the front end. Improved the metabox for managing the customer when editing a payment. Settings, Reports, Tools admin page now have headings. The gateway selector is now shown when a user has an error during checkout. Improved the layout and responsiveness of the customer details screen. Buy Now options and buttons are now disabled if multiple gateways are enabled. Improved the markup for the shortcode-login.

Unit tests no longer hit the network.

They are so much faster now. Fixed some links in the readme. Removed option to disable AJAX. Fixed unit tests to work with the new WordPress core 4. Earnings by Category estimates were not correct. Item card views customers, licenses, subscriptions, etc size improperly. The wrong class name was on the Checkout state input. Amazon Gateway settings are now checked before loading the scripts for Amazon Payments.

The payment notes were included in normal comment count. Disabling API request logging was not working. Undefined index notices could be triggered during the login process on checkout.

Undefined index notice was shown on the dashboard widget. The history-downloads. When adding fee to cart, we now preserve the decimal precision. Recounting store stats now resets the report transients. Improved the fault tolerance and error handling of creating discount codes. Product import now defaults to the main admin user if the author does not exist.

Multi-option purchase mode and variable prices work better with buy now buttons. Extension update notifications do not show up 2. Conflict with some object caching configurations and the extension update checks that resulted in poor performance. Added hooks before and after cart on checkout screen New: Added support for user-specific locales Tweak: Quantity not set on cart items when adding multiple price options to the cart at once Fix: Download links in email receipts over escaped, resulting in failed downloads Fix: Non-formatted amount not set in data attribute of cart when discount codes applied Fix: Deleting an item from payment record does not delete the associated sale log Fix: This Week and Last Week reports not showing sale stats Fix: Earnings value doubled for Today report Fix: Price and currency not properly separated in schema microdata Fix: Tax exempt products still show tax rate on purchase buttons Fix: Custom payment meta items were not being saved correctly.

Added new hooks to the profile editor form. Supplying an invalid date range on reports could produce an incorrect graph. Variable Pricing options were inconsistently being shown and hidden when toggled. When single day ranges were used on Payments list table, order status counts were not loading.

When changing report years, the report data could have been incorrect. Payment counts were incorrect on the Payments list table when custom dates were used. Certain hosting configurations caused the usage tracking notice to be improperly escaped. Admin scripts were not requiring jquery-form.

Upgrade routines could calculate incorrect number of total steps. The notice about being in test mode was not linked to the correct settings page. Checkout could require a state even if the country had no states associated with it.

Creating a discount would not save the product requirements and exclusions on first save. PHP Warning was being caused by the new beta setting in the extension updater. WP CLI: Add framework for the new Software Licensing beta support. Support iOS app one-click configuration. Add hook after cart quantities are updated.

Allow exporting the file download history of a specific product. Add action after discount is added to the cart. Correct branding of necessary assets. Block self-pings in tracking check-ins. Update the Insert Download media button icon to use Dashicons. Allow download admin icon to be more easily customized. Corrected translation for login shortcode redirect description. Improved the caching of stats transients for better performance.

API Keys were not able to be copied from user profile. Corrected link to the iOS application. Use new iPhone icon. CSV import tool were not importing Download Files in some circumstances. Tooltip styles had a conflict with Gravity Forms.

Multiple instances of cart widget was causing conflicts when adding or removing items. API Key list table was unreadable on mobile. Fees for specific download and price IDs did not check if the item or price ID is in the cart. Changed uses of jQuery.

JavaScript error when removing a product from a payment that does not contain a fee. Negative fees associated with cart item do not affect cart item earnings. Z-index of tooltips needs to be increased.

Products endpoint returns empty response on v2 of the API. Chosen dropdowns cause a horizontal scroll bug in RTL. New user email strips login link on plain text email.

Country and state chosen fields on view order details broken. Billing address fields are not saving in the payment details page when edited. Not all settings and data removed when uninstall is run. Payment date is not included in the payment history export.

Resend Receipt button allows selecting which associated customer email address to send receipt to. Category earnings report does not recover when the site has no download categories.

PHP notice caused by localized script loader.


CSV importer improperly started variable pricing IDs as 0 instead of 1. Repeatable rows not properly adding data-key attribute for variable price select boxes. Undefined index warning when adding download details widget within the customizer. Correct typo in country list for Philippines. Upload file text is misaligned within the input field. Redirect to Checkout setting was not keeping custom query string variables when direct cart URLs.

Cart Widget did not properly refresh the page when purchase links were present on the page. Remove discount cron which could cause discount codes incorrectly changing to inactive without warning. Verify discount is in array before unsetting the discount.

Undefined Indexes when assigning new user ID to customer details. Local files not being properly found when on a Windows server. Properly catch default case for license activation callback. Tax calculation should only run on values greater than 0. Fix variable name in customer recount tool for post status array. Fix horizontal alignment of items in the dashboard widget. Update codex link in readme. Return null for all empty data returned from the API instead of an empty array.

Update readme. Accepted payment method icons have been updated to PNGs with transparent backgrounds. Update MasterCard Logo. Add filters to API endpoints. Added actions to the adding and removing of fees. Customer address can now be edited for customers who do not previously have an address on file.

Linking a Customer to a WordPress user now allows login or email address as a valid input. Discount codes being marked as inactive Fix: Incorrect placeholder for Select Customer drop down Fix: Spelling errors in internal documentation New: Some records skipped during CSV import Fix: Incorrect date format used in CSV payment import Fix: Resend Receipt box visible even when payment is not Complete Fix: Setting display: Prices can be set as negative Fix: Added filters to payment gateway labels on checkout screen Tweak: Modified how metadata is registered in anticipation of WordPress 4.

Added Remember Me option to log in form New: Negative fees getting included twice with PayPal Standard Fix: Non-standard status in the product import caused silent failure. Date strings are not properly parsed in product import. PHP warning when activating on Multisite due to roles not being correcly instantiated.

Ebook plugin free download wordpress

Products deleted after being added to the cart creates invalid cart data. Product name needs to be trimmed during payment import to prevent duplicate products being created Fix: Discount codes getting erroneously marked as Inactive Fix: Importing settings causes a fatal error Fix: Address Line 2 erroneously marked as required in some cases Tweak: Add-on updater updated to 1.

Existing guest customers cannot register a user account on checkout using the email address associated with their existing customer profile. Opt-in tracking not sending after initial activation. Welcome page not showing on upgrade. Only show welcome page on major versions. If enabled, send checkin data when Easy Digital Downloads is upgraded.

Added filters to process the earnings as they are updated. Profile Editor state field shows as dropdown when possible. Purchased Products column in payment export improved for better parsing.

API v2 Products endpoint supports category and tag filtering. API v2 Customers endpoint supports filtering customers by creation date. API v2 Support searching products. API v2 Improve discount code reporting. Add price s to oEmbed output for downloads.

Add new edd-table class to all tables outputted by Easy Digital Downloads. Improve discount code status updates by setting inactive when usage reaches max.

Add daily cron to mark expired and discount codes at max usage as expired or inactive. Make download ID more visible on the downloads list table.

PayPal Standard payments are now able to be refunded within the WordPress admin. Introduce customer meta table.

Support additional email addresses for customers. Added CSV Import functionality. Add campaign tracking to links in the contextual help menus. Improve edd-admin. Update translation. Improve EDD Licenses tab in settings. Improve mobile breakpoints for customer details view.

New User Email alerts have incorrect header. Remove deprecated constructor method in System Info browser class. Negative cart fees should not have tax charged on them. Roles are being initialized on every admin request. Negative item fees did not alter the taxation on the item. System info shows Must-Use plugins when none are present. Cart position key is not passed to the hooks in the cart. Product dropdown search never shows the current download in results.

Trim response from country state lookup. Update subscribe link in Welcome screen. Incorrect earnings across a custom date range report. Flat rate discounts can apply an amount larger than the cart total. Improve performance of transient deletion when uninstalling Easy Digital Downloads.

Wordpress plugin free ebook download

Sales logs show incorrect item amounts with variable pricing sales. Remove old WordPress version compatibility checks for WordPress versions less than 4. Preview emails use default gateway. Remove incorrect messaging on profile editor related to password changes. HTML validation fails if schema. Allow no gateway to be enabled when purchase is free. Subtotal and Total data attributes using incorrect amounts. Multiple instances of variable pricing output for a single product causes label target issue.

Correct schema. Correct HTML validation for the legend tag on forms by removing span wrappers. Use tel input type and patterns to force numeric keyboard on checkout for card number and CVC inputs. Settings sanitization for subsections unsets tax rates when a subsection is registered under taxes. Discount codes are not always sent when opt-in tracking is enabled Fix: Correct error in the System Info browser detection 2.

Checkboxes cannot be unchecked in the settings screens of some extensions if only one extension is activated 2. Removed unused variables and typos in unit tests Fix: Non-standardized display of file names for items in bundles on receipts Fix: Downloads not always removed from payment records when removed from the View Order Details screen Tweak: Placeholders on product dropdowns improved to help indicate searchability 2.

New user emails do not have the proper heading Fix: Opt-in tracking not always sending when allowed Tweak: Added Locale to opt-in tracking 2. User info data not properly populated from customer record when missing in payment meta Fix: Changed log in form label to include email address Tweak: Removed incorrect title attribute from Send Test Email button Fix: Non-complete payments permitting file downloads Fix: Sessions should never start on RSS feeds Fix: Missing screen reader text for Default Price Option radio buttons Fix: Incorrect heading size for some admin screens Fix: Payment History Search results now stay after performing actions on shown payments Tweak: Added new filters to recount stats tool for customers to allow support for other payment statuses Tweak: Added filter to permit disabling wpautop in emails Tweak: Payment History not properly setting end date filter Fix: Symlinked file downloads result in 0 byte files Fix: Extraneous hyphen after product name for products without price options Fix: Payments cannot be searched by user ID Fix: Ajax Download search excludes bundles improperly Fix: Custom date range over multiple years does not work well in earnings reports Fix: Extensions settings tab displays empty Main section in some cases Fix: EDD transients not deleted during uninstall Fix: Sales logs not deleted when payment is changed from Complete to Pending Fix: Inconsistent formatting in Dashboard stats widget Fix: Form to create new API key not shown Tweak: Re-adding support for retrieving card item price without tax 2.

Settings cannot be saved 2. Transaction ID detection not working properly for old payment records that stored transaction ID in notes Fix: Unused variable in Javascript Fix: File downloads failing with Force download method on nginx Fix: Incorrect inline PHP documentation Fix: Settings with some non-alphanumeric keys not saved properly Fix: Dash incorrectly shown after product name on the receipt page Fix: Improved taxonomy labels for categories and tags Tweak: Automatically flush permalinks when a is detected on EDD archive pages Tweak: Improved CSS formatting for edd.

Store earnings reports can cause memory problems when store has only 0. Incorrect query arguments when redirecting back to checkout with? Recalculate Totals button ignores item quantities Fix: Incorrect item price stored in sales log when adding item to existing payment Fix: Product search on customer export returns customer names instead of products Fix: Editing items on payment do not save properly in some instances Fix: File download links fail with qTranslate-X plugin active Fix: Admin notice about expired and invalid keys should show only to site admins Fix: Cart widget cannot be shown on checkout screen Fix: Incorrect date format when viewing Last Week report Fix: PHP notice when sending test payment receipt Fix: Profile editor does not update customer name Fix: Price not formatted in placeholder for price field Fix: Unnecessary paragraph tags inside of form elements on Export screen Fix: Payments list filters are off by one day Fix: File download links break if UTM variables are added to them Fix: Coupon code use count not decremented when payment marked as failed Fix: Username field not validated before submitting form to generate new API key Fix: Download Details widget requires settings to be saved before it displays 2.

Payment dates recorded with incorrect dates depending on the timezone selected in settings Fix: Download links missing from purchase receipts for some sites 2. Timezones still not set properly for some sites. This resulted in download links missing from purchase receipts.

Timezones set improperly sometimes when payments are created Fix: Payment date cannot be changed in the admin Fix: Currency code not properly returned if payment is missing currency metadata Fix: Download links blank for some customers Fix: Prevent default placeholder from showing as an option in multi-select fields 2.

Caused subscription payments to be marked as pending Fix: Buy Now links going to empty checkout screen when customer is not logged in Tweak: Removed redundant Max Uses column on Discounts screen 2. Item specific fees applying twice 2. Deactivate License button missing on valid license keys Fix: Payments not properly attached to customer records if last name is not supplied during checkout while logged out Fix: Item amounts not saving properly when adding new Download to payment record Fix: PHP warning on explode due to empty customer notes field 2.

Improved settings organization with subsections New: Product export to CSV tool New: Recount stats tool New: Improved license key fields for extensions New: Discount codes can now be sorted New: Quantities now included in payment history export New: Payment History can be searched by discount code New: File Downloads on products can now be re-ordered with drag-and-drop New: Improved customer options in purchase history export Tweak: All meta keys now registered with WordPress Tweak: Show item price instead of sale price in sales log Tweak: Post type labels now used for Featured Image labels Tweak: Inline styles have been removed from [downloads] shortcode Tweak: Improved labels for checkbox options in Emails settings tab Tweak: Improved SSL detection Tweak: Improved abstraction of Customer UI so it can be re-used Tweak: Set minimum WordPress version to 4.

Customer name on Payment History now goes to Customer details screen Tweak: Bulk actions not shown when list tables have no items Fix: Fatal error in earnings by category reports Fix: Deleting non-complete payment updates customer stats Fix: PayPal listener not properly decoding data keys in some server environments Fix: User verification URL missing from email when plain text template is used Fix: Properly run install routine when network activating EDD Fix: WordPress 4.

Extension updates do not display if license key is not entered Fix: Cart widgets break add to cart button Fix: AJAX call to load dashboard sales widget fires on all admin pages Fix: Symlink File Download option not functioning Fix: Order of bundled products not kept when saving Download product Fix: Excluded products improperly count towards minimum purchase total of discount codes Fix: Incorrect dates displayed when using custom date ranges in earnings reports Fix: Subtotal should be removed from checkout when prices are inclusive of tax Fix: Pagination fails when searching Payment History by download ID 2.

Security vulnerability related to session IDs 2.

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Importing payments caused payments to be associated with customer of user doing the import Fix: Added option to manually verify a user account from the customer details screen New: Added support for searching customer records by user ID New: Added improved error logging for email sending Fix: Incorrect CSS animation property Fix: New customers improperly created when logged-in user completed purchases with a different email Fix: User verification process should not run on the very first purchase by a customer Fix: Improved formatting of the welcome screen to match the styles of WordPress core 2.

User ID not properly set on customer record when user account is created Fix: Bug in user verification process causing redirect loop when Purchase History page is not set Fix: Quick Edits on Downloads not always expanding the form Fix: Fix extra parameter being provided in get sales by date 2.

Not array PHP error on customer details screen when customer has purchases without any items Fix: New user notifications not working properly since WordPress 4. Improved account creation process Tweak: Better error reporting when batch export process fails 2. Added new action hooks to the Sales Summary widget Tweak: Added new action hook that fires when an item is removed from a payment record Tweak: Updated logo on PDF reports Tweak: Updated logo on welcome screen Tweak: Improved order of operations when updating discount codes Tweak: Amazon Payments Address widget is hidden on reload when a charge is declined Tweak: Only show address widget for Amazon Payments when taxes are enabled Tweak: Retrieve complete billing address from Amazon Tweak: Updated language files Fix: Profile editor missing P tag when user is logged out Fix: Email headers should only be added if header text is set Fix: Sale log entries not deleted when purchase is refunded Fix: Preset discount code logic tries to run when bulk deleting discount codes Fix: Ensure we have a user before trying to get purchase history Fix: Properly format decimals for HUF currency Fix: