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Girl, Interrupted

They took away the belt so she couldn't hang herself. They didn't understand that Lisa would never hang herself. They let her out of seclusion, they gave her back her belt, and her nails started to grow in again, but Lisa didn't come back. She just sat and watched TV with the worst of us. Lisa had never watched TV.

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She'd had nothing but scorn for those who did. It's making you worse. But the TV audience was mostly catatonics and depressives, who were disinclined to move. After five minutes, which was about as long as she could stand still, Lisa would be off on another project, and when the person on checks came around, she would turn the TV on again.

eBook by Susanna Kaysen - Girl, Interrupted online

Since Lisa hadn't slept for the two years she'd been with us, the nurses had given up telling her to go to bed. Instead, she had a chair of her own in the hallway, just like the night staff, where she'd sit and work on her nails.

She made wonderful cocoa, and at three o'clock in the morning she made cocoa for the night staff and anybody else who was up. She was calmer at night.

Girl epub download interrupted

Once I asked her, "Lisa, how come you don't rush around and yell at night? She'd say, "I need a vacation from this place," and then she'd run away. When she got back, we'd ask her how it was out there. She was usually glad enough to be back.

She spent all her time in the TV room. She watched prayers and test patterns and hours of late-night talk shows and early-morning news.

Her chair in the hall was unoccupied, and nobody got cocoa. I'd known her awhile, since before she was the head nurse. Invitation to Love 20th Anniversary Edition: It Calls You Back: Jackie After O: Jacob's Bell: Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F.

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Girl epub download interrupted

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