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Nothing Left to Lose: A Novel (John Cleaver series) by Dan Wells. Read online, or download in DRM-free EPUB format. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Nothing Left to Lose" is yet another beautiful and emotional story to Lose: (Parts 1 and 2 combined into a novel of epic proportion) (Guarded Hearts) - Kindle edition by Kirsty Moseley. Romance Kindle eBooks @ To ask other readers questions about Nothing Left to Lose, please sign up. Harpreet it's available on flipkart's free ebooks section or you can search any bookstore nearby. .. It completely consumed me and I never wanted to put it down.

Kirsty Moseley has always been a passionate reader since she was a little girl, devouring books overnight, barely sleeping and paying for it at school the next day. Writing has come similarly to her and once she discovered Wattpad, she finally plucked up the courage to post one of her stories. Shocked and overwhelmed by the response, she published her second novel a few months later and hasn't looked back. If she had to sum herself up in one word, it would probably be 'daydreamer' - but unlike most of her school teachers, she doesn't necessarily view that as a bad thing. After all, she read somewhere once that books are like waking dreams

This book was very hard going. I really struggled to finish it but I wanted to find out where Kristy Moseley was this was going with this.. So what did she give us? Sweet sixteen is a day that every girl should remember, a passage into womanhood and the beginning of a journey but for Annabelle Spencer March the 12 was the day that would be embedded in her life for ever and for her 16th birthday Anna would be left with deep and irrevocable scars instead of a happy ending to a night out.

Jack Robert This book was very hard going. Jack Roberts wanted to give Anna a birthday she would not forget and had taken her to a nightclub to celebrate. Anna loved Jack with everything she had in her young life and that night she would give Jack her body.

He was good and kind and a loving generous boy. Their lives were planned, finish school, college and careers. Jack would become a Doctor and they would get married. Then they met Carter Thomas, murderous, angry Carter, drug and arms dealer and what started out as a special journey for Anna and Jack very quickly became the highway to hell. Carter wants Anna and her dream night turns into her worse nightmare when she watches Carter Thomas snuff the light from Jack systematically beating him to death and taking Anna.

Annabelle Spencer is not the same, and never will be. She is now a cold hard and broken. Yep chapter one drew me in but I soon lost interest. The story was too long and rehashed, too much repetition and over usage of words, the plot could have been explosive but ended up weak, and the character building was poor. Kirsty Mosely introduces to serious issues from chapter one but seemed to dismiss the subject matter from that point on.

I thought she stretched reality a little too thinly with this story and the further in I read the more I found it hard to believe. So there you have it. View all 15 comments. I surely must have read different book as other people here because as much as I think that the premise was very interesting and promising I just couldn't get past author's writing to enjoy it. The whole book just doesn't make sense: I quite enjoyed the book The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window as it was Kirsty's first publ I surely must have read different book as other people here because as much as I think that the premise was very interesting and promising I just couldn't get past author's writing to enjoy it.

I quite enjoyed the book The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window as it was Kirsty's first published book and I decided to ignore some really unfortunate passages, but after publishing 2 other books I expected some writing developement and I ended up very dissapointed.

The problem was the book was way to long, you keep waiting for something to happen and it just takes forever. I was expecting someone to turn into a vampire at any minute just to hit another target audience. That being said, it was good but needed a really good edit. The spelling mistakes made me think a deadline was more important than anything else.

With a good edit, this book could have been great. I probably will check out the next in the series they all are series now, aren't they? Two stars for needing a good edit and how it ended could have been so much more. I would still say give it a try, the first chapter or two will make you want to read more I finished it in two and a half days. View all 3 comments. I've read this story a year or two ago on Wattpad.

I loved this book. It was really good—the suspense, the romantic scenes and well, the whole plot. I must say that it is one of the great stories on Wattpad and that I highly recommend it.

View 1 comment. I was so darn excited to read another book by Moseley. I knew when I started it I was going to love it. But I had no earthly idea how much I would love it. It was just so utterly amazing.

Completely blown away. I adored the characters so very much and the storyline was perfection. It is definitely one of those reads you hate to put down. And being the long book that it was, I fell victim to sleep. I know, I know. But I would immediately pick it up first thing the next morning, reading until I de I was so darn excited to read another book by Moseley. But I would immediately pick it up first thing the next morning, reading until I devoured it all. So that counts for something right?

I have read a couple of her books and both reads had some parts that were a little unbelievable at times. I was kind of expecting the same with this one. So when I finished the whole book, I was pleasantly surprised at how believable the entire read was. Only problem was the date for the Presidential Election didn't line up with when we actually have them here in the US.

A simple google search could have cleared that all up. But in the end, it simply didn't matter. I still found the book enjoyable and I still inhaled every word. I hurt for Anna. The things she has been through in the past is absolutely heartbreaking and sometimes difficult to read about. Carter tormented this girl from the time he comes in contact with her. A classic case of 'wrong place at the wrong time'. And poor Anna carried so much guilt with her, even long after being rescued.

All it took was Ashton coming into her life to set the things in motion that would slowly start reviving her life once again. Ashton is one of those characters all the girls are going to love. He is absolutely swoon worthy and sweet as hell. Several times Anna wondered where he found all this sweet nothings he would whisper to her. I know I was in love from the moment we met him.

How it took Anna so long to realize she was, is beyond me. But I am so glad we got to see her slowly be awakened once again to life thanks to him. This could have been a quick book, breezing over parts, not really allowing us to see Anna coming out of her guilt ridden shell. But where would the beauty in that have been?

This was something we all needed to experience right along with Anna. To know what she went through and to see her through it. It was sad. It was heartbreaking. It was also very beautiful. I was so very in love with this story. Fabulous job, Moseley.

To ebook lose free download left nothing

If you have enjoyed Moseley's other work, you are most assuredly going to love this one. It is most definitely a 5 star read! And I most definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. View 2 comments. One of my favorite books!!

View all 7 comments. A remarkable love story and another great read by Kirsty Moseley. After his parents died in a car accident when he was ten, he was moved from Foster Home to Foster Home. Once he turned seventeen he went out on his own and signed up to be a SWAT officer, his goal was the front line. Him and his best friend Nate pushed themselves through the training to be the best they could.

It worked, Ashton was 1 and Nate was 2 in their class. Immediately on graduation day they were both handed assignments. Nate was given one that he had been dreaming of, Ashton…. Annabelle Spencer had the perfect life. She could have everything she wanted and had the most wonderful boyfriend, Jack Roberts, whom she has known since she was five.

Jack treated her like a Queen, never looked at any other girl; it was Anna no matter what. Anna knew she wanted two things, 1. To go to a club and 2. To lose her virginity that night. Jack was going to make it happen. They ended up at a very popular club and everything was going fine until Carter Thomas came along.

This whole scene happens in Chapter One. I will tell you right now I sometimes tear up in books, this one had me crying. Ughh makes me sad thinking about it. Imagine loosing the love of your life and being kidnapped by a psycho all in the same night.

Bring it to the present and she is now nineteen and the last three years of her life have been HELL. She is no longer the perfect daughter but a dark angry young woman. With everything that has happened to her this is understandable. The only problem is she keeps scaring them away; no guard can stick around for long The story is all about Ashton and Anna and how they grow together.

Ashton is very good for Anna in every way possible. He helps her become whole again. Jack will always be in her heart, Ashton is okay with that but he wants her to love him as well. I loved seeing Anna come out of her shell and how Ashton protected her not only because it was his job but also because he started falling in love with her. Reading her parents expression when they see how she acts with Ashton put the biggest smile on my face!

The story is not an easy story at all. You are going to get a lot of twist and turns through out the book. There are some dark parts when Anna relives her past with what happened to Jack and to her while she was imprisoned with Carter. Carter is also getting ready for a retrial so security has been tightened due to some letter sent to Anna from Carter and his men.

He was funny, cocky and so sure of himself. He was very protective of her even though at the beginning she put him through hell. I loved seeing her warm up to him and how he brushed their past differences aside and just cared for her. All in all their story was beautiful. Even with the dark parts there was a wonderful love story behind it. My only complaint on the book was its length.

It is a very LONG story. It took me a few days to get through it and I did find myself wanting to skip along during some parts of it. I finished this book because I hate not finishing books. There were times where I thought "oh good, now it's going to get interesting! The main character was abducted and abused as a teen. She won't let anyone near her - her parents can't even touch her. She gets a new guard not because her father is a senator running for the presidency, but because the man who abducted her, who is in jail, is being re-tried and within 3 days they become physical.

This just wasn't believable I finished this book because I hate not finishing books. This just wasn't believable.

She wasn't in the public eye for her abduction or first trial would never happen in real life and wasn't really in the public eye until after her father was elected president. It was too convenient. Nobody knew who she was? The beginning several chapters were not gripping, but kept my interest enough. But a good majority of the book is the same storyline over and over.

Guarding the Broken (Nothing Left to Lose, Part 1)

She loves him, she feels guilty, she regrets her decisions. She loves him, he loves her, but neither wants to admit it. Good in theory, but not for 30 chapters with no other plot at all. I kept reading because I kept thinking "something good is going to happen in this chapter. It's building up. When it finally did it was for chapters 40 chapters in and the book ended very shortly after. When I finished it, I thought to myself "that's it?

There were also several little things - mechanical stuff that as an English teacher drove me nuts. Including a few sentence fragments, sentences missing words, misspelled words, etc. When Kristy announced it was going to be published and released as an eBook I was excited. I liked Annabelle Spencer, what she went through at the hands of Cater had been traumatic, and shocking, and my heart when out to her.

I could understand why she was so defensive and acted the way she did, but I did get I did get a little frustrated at times with her because of some of the things she did, and some of her choices.

I liked the way he was with Anna he was good for her. He was the first person she lets get close to her since Jack death. Aston breaks down her defenses, make her smile again, he has a way of making her feel safe. I liked the storyline it had a bit of everything suspense, action, drama, angst, some steamy moments. I laugh; tear up, got cross and frustrated.

Told from both POV means I was able to get an insight into what both were thinking, and the depth of their feelings. I thought Annabelle and Ashton relationship was cute. I loved the romantic scenes those parts always put a smile on my face. I liked how through Anna nightmares you find out what happen to her while she was with Carter, it really added to the story, and gave me the background information I need on Annabelle history with Carter.

Dean was sweet, and as for Cater well he was just a psychopath who I really wanted to do physical harm to.

I will warn you Nothing Left to Lose is a lot longer than most NA books, and I mean a lot longer, in relation to page numbers we are talking close to four digits. If you are looking for a sweet enjoyable easy read that is definitely going to leave you with a smile your face, then I highly recommended this book. I wanted to run to her, wrap my arms around her, and tell her everything would be okay. I was SO excited to get my hands on this book.

I couldn't wait to do a re-read and see if I still felt the same way; if I still felt all the emotions it made me previously feel.

It did and then some. I swooned, I laughed, I got that awful pit in my stomach and I cried. There were times that even though I knew what was going to happen it was like I was reading it again for the first time and I was on the edge of my AHHH!!!

There were times that even though I knew what was going to happen it was like I was reading it again for the first time and I was on the edge of my seat.

The first chapter of this book broke my heart.

It shattered it into a million little pieces and I wasn't sure if it would heal by reading this book. Annabelle Spencer had it all; a great family, a bright future ahead of her and an amazing boyfriend.

That all changed on her 16th birthday. The things that happened to her and her boyfriend Jack are unimaginable. Almost painful to read.

Fast forward three years and she is a shell of the person she was before that horrific night. I completely understood where she was coming from, after what happened to her I can see why she acted like she did.

She went through college's and bodyguards like she changed her underwear. She made it her goal to see how quickly she could get them to leave and she succeeded until Ashton Taylor was assigned to her. We get flashbacks throughout the book that gives us insight into everything that Anna went through while she was being held by Carter and they aren't pretty.

Luckily, Kirsty brings us back to a happy place in between so it helps relieve the pain. Ashton Taylor He is amazingly swoon worthy. He is not book boyfriend material he is book husband material! Ashton had a really crappy childhood and was headed down the wrong path. He decided he needed to change his life and applied to the academy. He manages to graduate top of his class only to find out he has been assigned to guard a senator's daughter.

I can understand why he was upset when he first found out. I mean come on, who wants to work their butt off to graduate top of the class only to find out they are going to be a glorified baby sitter. Nothing Left to Lose follows Annabelle and Ashton through her moving to a new college, adjusting to life, and then having everything change in the blink of an eye. I loved how Ashton made it his goal to make Annabelle happy. He was very understanding of her history and was so sweet to her.

Their love story is beautiful but not without heartbreak. There is no insta-love in their love story. There are hills and mountains they have to climb over to get to where they are going. That made this book that much better. I cheered them on the entire way. We can't forget about the secondary characters in the book. Nate is Ashton's best friend and roommate. He is witty, hot, and quite the smartass. I loved every moment that Nate was mentioned. I can't wait for everyone to read his book that is coming out next year.

You will fall in love with him even more. Trust me! I will warn that it is a little long, longer than I remember from the first time I read it but I wouldn't want anything cut. Everything in this book is there for a reason and I loved every minute of it. Everyone needs to meet Ashton so they can swoon just like it. Great concept that was lost somewhere in the middle ;. I just hoped that it lived up to my expectations. Did it live up to my expectations?

Oh yeah and then some! She went through a horrific ordeal that lasted for almost a whole year and when she came out of it she was no longer the spoilt daughter of two high profile parents. The way Kirsty has written and developed Anna through the book makes you see her as a real person. You experience her emotions as Anna does, you fall in love with her as her strength and determination grows.

She digs into your heart a little and I may of left bit of it behind with her. Ashton, it makes a really nice change that Kirsty has written Ashton as a regular nice guy. Ashton has also stolen a lil bit of my heart, how can he not. You really need to go and fall in love with him yourself to understand.

I was taken on an emotional roller-coaster with this story. Not only was it emotional it was so full of angst and suspense I need a new manicure job.

I have a short attention span. However, Kirsty kept me hooked from the first word until the last and I read this whole book in one sitting. This is without doubt one of the best books I have read this year. I would recommend this especially when it is free! Jo Rushton 4.

Each book I've read by Kirsty has pulled at my heart strings and this was no exception. I loved it. The story began with Annabelle celebrating her sixteenth Birthday. Annabelle was a sweet, pretty girl who loved life and she had so much to look forward too.

She was hopelessly in love with her childhood sweetheart "Jack" and for her Birthday, he took her to to a club for the first t Review: She was hopelessly in love with her childhood sweetheart "Jack" and for her Birthday, he took her to to a club for the first time. What girl wouldn't be excited. They had the whole evening planned out, unfortunately things didn't go as they had hoped. Something so horrific happened that night that Annabelle's life was changed forever.

Be warned, the first few pages are not easy reading and I was left with big fat tears streaming from my eyes. I was left heartbroken for Annabelle. Have the tissues ready! March 12 was the day my dreams died and my life was sent into a downward spiral of pain, grief and terror.

She was grief-stricken and damaged and closed herself off from the world, refusing to get emotionally attached to anyone. Her life was now lived in fear. So where does Aston fit into the equation? Aston was hired to be Annabelle's bodyguard. When the couple met for the first time there was an immediate connection. Annabelle felt safe with Aston, something that she hadn't felt in such a long time. He made all the terrible things seem to fade away. He treated Annabelle with so much patience.

He was immediately attracted to her and wanted to cherish her in every way. This was love at first sight on his part: Kirsty really does know how to come up with beautiful book boyfriends and Aston definitely joins that club!

I loved everything about Aston especially how he called Annabelle "baby girl" and all the romantic things that he did for her. Aston totally made me swoon!! I gobbled up every single page. This book is a beautiful and heart-warming story that once I started to read, I found it difficult to put down. I really liked that the book was written from both Aston and Annabelle's perspective, it was good to be able to get to know the couple's true feelings for each other.

The only negative comment I have to make about that book is that it took so long before Annabelle and Aston nicknamed Anneton! They drove me crazy!! It was like he was my everything, my sun, my air, my air, my whole life rolled up into one six foot package Aston completed me and I only just realised.

Kirsty is writing Nate's story which I am looking forward to reading and hopefully catching up with Annaton too! I rate this book 4. I was one of those addicted fans of this story while it was on Wattpad a few years ago- when I didn't own a smartphone, I pinned 33 tabs on my Chrome browser, and had multiple windows open, just so I could read it offline.

Guarding the Broken: Nothing Left to Lose, Part I

When I was online, I would read it again. I purchased it as soon as I could There were little things within the stor I was one of those addicted fans of this story while it was on Wattpad a few years ago- when I didn't own a smartphone, I pinned 33 tabs on my Chrome browser, and had multiple windows open, just so I could read it offline.

There were little things within the story that I had loved, and had gotten attached to I didn't mind the name change of Anna's boyfriend Jack A Supernatural reference probably?

I love Aaron, he was awesome! I don't see why it was necessary to change his name!! Changing Anna as well?? The original Wattpad story didn't have her self-harming- I know that this might be more realistic, and can connect to more readers, but one thing I loved about this story was that Anna didn't let herself get down to this level, and expressed her emotions through drawing, and exercising.

Why change it? It made me upset reading the rest of the book, and the subtle changes a normal reader wouldn't pick up, but what about the 25 million reads from the readers of the original story? I'm sorry. Yep they are one in the same. I loved loved loved The boy who sneaks into my bedroom window , but if you are not sure, then try Nothing Left to Lose I started to read this, then it was taken down from Goodreads and I kind of went to other reads, but it was good from what I've read.

Now it's back and it's being published Thanks Whairigail Addicted2Books for letting me know it's back up! A very light-hearted story I was pretty surprised that I quite enjoyed the book, even with parts of the story being speckled with superficial information and illogical actions. Even so considering this book first debuted on Wattpad.

A pity that the language and characters weren't up to par. It's obvious that t A very light-hearted story It's obvious that the author put in effort for this book, though; the plot was quite promising.

Guarding the Broken: Nothing Left to Lose, Part I by Kirsty Moseley

Mi sentii gelare. Cominciarono a tremarmi le mani, e la tazzina si mise a ballare sul piattino. Non li avevo mai incrociati per sbaglio e non ero sicura di farcela. Vedere morire il fidanzato non era stata la parte peggiore: La convinzione che Jack sia morto per colpa sua, la devasta.

La sua testimonianza ha mandato in prigione Carter, ma ora i suoi avvocati hanno chiesto una revisione del processo. Eppure, quando incontra per la prima volta gli occhi tristi e senza vita di Anna, nelle foto del suo dossier, capisce immediatamente di voler far tornare il sorriso sul suo volto. Per non parlare dello scalpore che avrebbe causato il suo rapimento, e la morte del suo fidanzato. Queste considerazioni non vi nascondo che hanno pesato molto sul mio giudizio, anche se non hanno tolto nulla alla piacevolezza della lettura.

Infatti rimaniamo in attesa di scoprire i piani di Carter, dato che abbiamo un finale che io detesto cordialmente. E che rimanda tutto al prossimo libro. Lucia63 - per RFS Il giorno del suo sedicesimo compleanno, tutta la sua vita subisce un drastico e doloroso cambiamento. Jack, il suo fidanzato e l'amore della sua vita, viene ucciso davanti ai suoi occhi e lei viene rapita e tenuta prigioniera dal mostro che ha ucciso Jack.

Il dolore che prova, ma sopratutto il rimorso per la morte di Jack, l'hanno resa una persona completamente diversa da quella che era. Tutto il male che ha subito durante la sua prigionia, i soprusi e le violenze hanno in qualche modo ucciso la vecchia Anna e reso la nuova Anna quasi irriconoscibile. Ma quando vede la foto di Anna e conosce la sua triste storia, la sua voglia di proteggerla diventa l'unica cosa che conta. E' dolce e forte allo stesso tempo.

Ma non ha nessun timore nel dirle quando sbaglia, quando ad esempio si fa del male per punire se stessa. Ecco, probabilmente Ashton potrebbe essere senza problemi il mio book boyfriend preferito!! Nov 21, Susi rated it it was amazing. Recensione presente anche sul blog Bookish Advisor http: Tutto cambia quando Ashton viene incaricato dal padre della ragazza di diventare il suo bodyguard e passare agli occhi delle persone come il nuovo fidanzato della ragazza.

Download nothing ebook free lose left to

Ashton e Anna sono due ragazzi giovani, talentuosi in modo diverso in quello che li appassiona, e che devono venire a patti con la loro nuova vita ma soprattutto il legame che si crea tra di loro. Ho adorato leggere di questo personaggio che nonostante le paure e la sofferenza trova un'incredibile forza e voglia di vivere. Una storia d'amore, redenzione e perdona, ma anche una storia di vendetta, tormento e ferite non ancora rimarginate.

Uno stile ammaliante, un linguaggio giovanile ma soprattutto che arriva diretto al cuore del lettore. Bello bello!!! Sul blog trovate la recensione qui: Amavo il suono di quelle parole, e non mi ero ancora abituata a sentirgliele dire, neanche dopo tanti anni.

Due ragazzi. Una voglia spasmodica di passare insieme una serata fantastica. Due mani che si stringono. Due corpi che si attraggono. Due sguardi che preavvisano momenti magici. Loro sono Annabelle e Jack. Due ragazzi che hanno un mondo intero per stare insieme. Una serata speciale che si trasforma in tragedia, spezzando tutto. Sogni, speranze, futuro e la stessa vita. Leggerete le prime pagine di questo libro tenendovi una mano sul cuore, per calmare il dolore che sentirete uscire dalle grida di chi guarda la morte come in un fotogramma di un film.

Una vita spezzata, quella di Jack, che ha avuto la sola colpa di trovarsi nel posto giusto, ma al momento sbagliato. Un momento felice che il destino ha voluto tracciare come la sua fine. Rabbia e frustrazione sono stati la costante che mi hanno accompagnata in questa lettura. Gli stessi sentimenti che hanno salvato una ragazza, che ha cercato in ogni modo di difendersi dal dolore e dalla violenza, covando nel suo corpo, ancora acerbo, tanto odio e ira.

Una missione che sembra poco importante per i risultati ottenuti, eppure Asthon negli occhi spenti di Annabelle, ci trova una sfida. Quella di riportare calore e fiducia, oltre che protezione, a quella ragazza che il destino ha voluto spezzare. Ma Il coraggio e la dolcezza di Asthon sono stati magnetici.

Un cuore spezzato che pezzo dopo pezzo viene ricostruito dalla dolcezza e da una passione che entrambi non sono in grado di fermare.

Le sue mani, la sua bocca mi davano freddo e caldo insieme. La mente girava a vuoto, incapace di formulare pensieri coerenti al di fuori di uno: Sep 17, Sara Simoni rated it did not like it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The idea maybe was good, but the events are incredible from the very beginning. The same boy is killed in the same club and yet the killer can go out and live his life with no problems for the next eight months?

Really no one has seen nothing strange? And this even if the killer kidnapped the daughter of an important politician the kind of girl that should be searched with particular Just And this even if the killer kidnapped the daughter of an important politician the kind of girl that should be searched with particular effort and the killer was already known to justice. And this was just the prologue. In the next chapters the reader meets a broken Anna, a girl who can't have her past life and her boyfriend back and suffers.

The bodyguards assigned to her leave within a month because of her attitude. And that's ok too. But here comes Ashton, so handsome and so protective, and in three days Anna requires sex with him. I mean, three days. I couldn't stand more, I'm sorry. Moreover, the style is poor and full of repetitions. Kirsty Moseley writes the most perfect men! I love her writing and think that Ashton is just adorable!

My heart has swollen and I really wish he would tell Anna how much he worships her. Anna needs to wake up and realise that he is IT!

Left lose free download to nothing ebook

She won't ever find another man like Ashton The things he does and says are just so wonderful that I have fallen head over heels in love with him. The tension in this book was just gut twisting; I was constantly on the looko Kirsty Moseley writes the most perfect men!

The tension in this book was just gut twisting; I was constantly on the lookout for the sadistic Carter to make an appearance, it's always good to have someone to hate and fear in a book, and Carter is definitely evil.

From beginning to end this story will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation; whether it's with in happiness or horror; it's simply superb. I love Kirsty's books and I'm off now to finish this series with Blurring the Lines. Gimme more Ashton! Sep 05, Amazeballs Book Addicts rated it really liked it. Guarding the Broken is part one in the Nothing Left to Lose series. I saw that this was part one and assumed that this would be a short book but it's not it's a full length story.

Annabelle and Ashton's story pulled me right.

Other Books in This Series

Annabelle is broken. She had the worst sixteenth birthday and years later she is still reeling from it. She's cold and suffering. She's going through the motions of life but not really living. Ashton has just graduated top of his SWAT team. He is not thrilled when he finds out he is assigned to protect Annabelle but the minute he meets her that changes. It's an emotional read. Annabelle is a character that I which I could jump through the pages and give a hug. Ashton is an amazing character.

You can't help but love him. It's part one so of course I need to read Blurring the Lines part two now. Kirsty Moseley. Da molto tempo aspettavo questo libro e le mie aspettative erano davvero alte, avevo quindi molta paura di rimanerne delusa come spesso accade quando desidero tanto un libro. Sono stata immediatamente assorbita dal plot e dai suoi personaggi.

E' testimone impotente dell'omicidio del suo ragazzo Jack, un omicidio orribile. Questa cosa naturalmente la compromette definitivamente. Ashton Taylor ha avuto una vita difficile; i suoi genitori sono morti in un incidente automobilistico quando aveva solo dieci anni, da quel momento non ha fatto altro che passare da un affido all'altro.

Capirete che la situazione prevede la massima allerta. Ashton riesce nell'impossibile. Pian piano aiutato da tanta dolcezza, il suo bell'aspetto e dall'attrazione che fin da subito si instaura tra loro, riesce a conquistare la fiducia di Anna.

Vieni a leggere la recensione su: CrazyForRomance Per acquistare il libro clicca qui Quattro stelle e mezzo.

Annabelle ha soli sedici anni quando il suo mondo va in fumo. E basta questo. Lei che finge di odiarlo, avendo paura dei sentimenti che prova per lui, e Asthon che finge di non essere attratto da lei per la sicurezza della sua missione. Ha paura del tocco di qualsiasi persona e ogni pensiero la riporta in quella stanza, in quella casa, con il terribile aguzzino che infesta i suoi incubi.

Un'unica luce entra nella sua vita: Continua a leggere la recensione su: Sep 14, Peggy M rated it it was amazing Shelves: And yes, the story ends with a cliffhanger BUT the second book is already out!!

So, no waiting for it!! And I really loved Ashton Taylor character! His character has the perfect balance between sweet, patience, loyal and dominant.

I can totally understand why Anna would trust him and open her heart to him. It was lovely to read how Anna blossomed from a girl who closed herself off from emotions to a girl who is again enjoying life and emotions. It was wonderful to see.

Sep 07, Christiann Igou rated it really liked it Shelves: I love this cover, it fits perfectly with this book and exactly how I pictured Anna! Annabelle "Anna" Spencer is this broken girl that has built a bitchy wall to protect herself. After what she endured you can't really blame her, it is heartbreaking to see a once beautiful girl so broken that she is pushing everyone away and refuses to let anyone in or believe anything good will ever happen again.

When everyone I love this cover, it fits perfectly with this book and exactly how I pictured Anna! When everyone else has essentially given up on Anna he refuses. He is delicate and protective over Anna but at the same time lets things go at her pace even if it is breaking his heart! Guarding the Broken shows how sometimes it takes time and sets back to truly start to heal. Nothing just happens. This was my first novel by Kirsty Moseley and the writing was impeccable and made the story more enjoyable!

Oh man, this book. Talk about such a heartbreaking journey that these characters go through. Kirsty did such an amazing job conveying the emotions that both of these characters are going through but especially Annabelle.

Annabelle has been through more than anyone should since she was 16 and it has irrevocably changed her life since. Her heart is so big and it has been filled with so much love and guilt for Jack that there isn't any room for anyone else. She isn't about to open herself up to any Oh man, this book. She isn't about to open herself up to anyone and subject herself to the feeling of lose again. Annabelle is going to have a fight on her hands because Ashton is a forced to be reckoned with and he could be the best thing that has ever happened to her if she would just open herself up to him.

Will she be able to overcome some of her past trauma? Will she open herself up to anyone? Will she share the secrets she keeps inside herself? I highly recommend this book and I can't wait for the next in this series! Mar 04, Coco. Review Party — Recensione di Esmeralda — Con me sarai al sicuro di Kirsty Moseley, new adult in uscita oggi, 15 novembre, grazie a tre Appena lette le prime pagine mi sono resa conto di trovarmi di fronte a una storia decisamente diversa dalla precedente e da uno st http: Appena lette le prime pagine mi sono resa conto di trovarmi di fronte a una storia decisamente diversa dalla precedente e da uno stile capace di coinvolgermi da subito.

Temevo che il castello di carte sarebbe caduto e che i mostri sarebbero riemersi. Il giorno che dovrebbe suggellare il loro amore, iniziato quando erano entrambi bambini, diventa il giorno in cui il cuore di Jack smette di battere per sempre e quello di Anna diventa di pietra. Dopo dieci mesi vissuti nel terrore chi potrebbe tornare alla vita di tutti i giorni?

E nemmeno Anna riesce a farlo. Ogni notte gli incubi tornano prepotenti a tormentarla, al college continua a farsi espellere appena un ragazzo dice una parola fuori luogo e nessuna delle guardie del corpo assoldate dal padre per proteggerla, e tenerla fuori dai guai, sembra essere in grado di gestirla.

Nessuno fino ad Ashton Taylor. Deve, in ogni modo possibile, rimanere ancorata al passato, deve continuare a essere apatica, senza alcuna voglia di sorridere alla vita.

Mi pesava moltissimo essere soltanto suo amico, ma era quello che desiderava e che le serviva, quindi facevo del mio meglio per renderla felice. Di Ash vi innamorerete, con Anna soffrirete, gioirete, sarete assalite da tutti i suoi dubbi e le sue incertezze. Comprenderete le sue titubanze, il colpevolizzarsi nonostante sia stata anche lei una vittima. Ci sono stati dei passaggi in cui gli occhi mi si sono riempiti di lacrime e avrei voluto esserle accanto per stringerla a me e darle forza.

Ce ne sono stati altri in cui avrei voluto spronarla e mostrarle quanto Ash fosse perfetto per lei, il ragazzo con cui merita di tornare alla vita.

Nov 20, Aria's rated it really liked it. Quando ho letto della prossima uscita di Kirsty Moseley per il catalogo Tre60 ho letteralmente fatto i salti di gioia. Il suo fidanzato viene ucciso e lei viene rapito da un criminale, un pazzo psicopatico che ossessionato da lei la tiene prigioniera per un anno, sottoponendola a sevizie e vilenze di ogni tipo.

L'allegria, la spensieratezza, la voglia di masticare la vita che risplendevano negli occhi di Anna sono stati spenti da un essere senza scrupoli.

Ebook download free to left nothing lose

Carter Thomas, noto trafficante di armi e di droga, le ha tolto tutto, lui ha risucchiato tutta la linfa vitale di Anna. Aveva occhi freddi e distanti, che racchiudevano un dolore al quale non volevo neanche provare a pensare. Aveva visto cose che nessuno avrebbe mai dovuto vedere.

Carter le aveva causato danni irreparabili al corpo, ma anche allo spirito A proteggere quello rimane della vecchia Anna arriva Ashton Taylor, giovane promesse delle forze armate speciali, incaricato di vegliare sulla vita della ragazza.

Lui entra in punta di pedi in un universo pieno di fragili frammenti che aspettano di essere mandati definitivamente in pezzi e spazzati via. Il suo corpo reagisce fisilogicamente agli abusi subiti, ma la vera sofferenza deriva dal pensiero di essere stata la causa della terribile morte del fidanzato Jack. Tutte le persone importanti se ne andavano, prima o poi. Nulla durava per sempre. Avevo conosciuto quel dolore sulla mia pelle, e non lo auguravo a nessuno. Per questo motivo, quando Ashton, con la sua dolcezza riesce a scatenare in lei sentimenti e reazioni che credeva sepolti sotto strati di soprusi, non riesce a conciliare la dissonanza tra quello che le due parti opposte del cuore le dicono: Come lettrice non potevo non innamorarmi di un personaggio di tale portata.

Con il suo stile fresco, scorrevole, capace di raccontare il dolore in maniera chiara e incisiva, Kirsty Moseley ha dato vita a una storia che difficilmente si dimentica. Nothing Left to Lose Part One revolves around a tragically broken girl and the tough bodyguard who slowly brings her back to life. Emotionally charged and packed with real to life experiences this book will take a commitment as it is not a standalone and continues in Blurring the Lines: Nothing Left to Lose Part Two.

My sixteenth birthday left an irrevocable scar on me, and was the beginning of events that I would see repeatedly in my nightmares. She was the girl that other girls wanted to be, until the night of her sixteenth birthday. A night filled with violence ends with the death of her boyfriend and Anna being abducted by Carter Thomas, the head of a crime syndicate. Anna is eventually rescued but she is never the same. She has reoccurring nightmares from her time spent with Carter and refuses to let anyone close, physically and emotionally.