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Wings series by Aprilynne Pike. 1-Wings - Aprilynne bvifacts.info KB. 2-Spells - Aprilynne bvifacts.info KB. 3-Illusions - Aprilynne bvifacts.info MB. (). cover image of Spells. Spells. Laurel (Series). Book 2. Aprilynne Pike Author Mandy Siegfried Narrator (). cover image of Earthbound · Earthbound. Oct 28, Document for Spells Wings. 2 By Aprilynne Pike is available in various format such as PDF, DOC and. ePUB which you can directly download.

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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr –This sequel to Wings ( HarperTeen, Spells (Wings Book 2) - Kindle edition by Aprilynne Pike. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Glitter ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Aprilynne Pike. Glitter. Aprilynne Pike. Random House Books for Young Readers, January ISBN: Mar 2, spells wings 2 aprilynne pike - gamediators - download spells wings 2 we present the utter variation of this book in pdf, epub, djvu, txt, doc.

All rights reserved. By Aprilynne Pike. Razorbill Publication date: July Buy ePub.

But you knew that, didnt you? Tamani held his tongue. He had known. And for a moment hed been tempted to let her make her confession. But it wouldnt have ended well.

Yuki would eventually have discovered that his affections were a sham, and then he would be at the mercy of a Winter faerie scorned. Better to cut the charade short. He hoped he wasnt deceiving himself about that. She posed a threat; he shouldnt have felt any guilt about lying to her in the first place, much less now that he knew shed been lying too. The power Winter faeries had over plants also made it possible for them to sense plant life at a distance, 2.

Known Laurel, too. The Winter had played them all. So why did he still wonder whether hed done the right thing? We could have been so good together, Tam, Yuki continued, her voice as silky as her rumpled silver dress, but with a malicious edge that made Tamani shiver. Laurels not going to leave him for you. She may be a faerie on the outside, but inside shes all human.

David or no David, she belongs here, and you know it. Avoiding his captains eyes, Tamani turned back to the window and peered out into the darkness, pretending to look at. A sentrys life was full of viciousness, and Tamani and Shar had both seen each other take extreme measures to protect their homeland. But always against an obvious threat, a violent attacker: Trolls were their enemyhad always been. Winter faeries were the rulers of Avalon, and though Yuki had deceived them, shed never actually harmed them.

Somehow, putting her in chains felt worse than killing a hundred trolls. You and me, Tam, were the same, Yuki continued. Were being used by people who dont care what we want or what makes us happy. We dont belong with them; we belong together. Reluctantly, Tamani glanced at her again. He was surprised to see that she wasnt looking at him as she spokeshe was staring past him, out the window, as if at some bright 3.

Tamani knew better. There isnt a door in this world that can be closed to us, Tam. If you vouched for me, we could even go peacefully to Avalon. We could stay there together and live in the palace. How do you know about the palace? Tamani asked ref lexively, knowing even as he did that he was snapping at her bait.

A barely audible sigh came from Shar, and Tamani wondered if it was directed at Yukis stupidity or his own. Or we could stay here, she continued calmly, as though Tamani hadnt said anything. Anywhere we wanted to go, anything we wanted to do, we could. Between your power over animals and mine over plants, the world would be ours. You know, the pairing of a Spring and Winter would work really well.

Our talents complement each other perfectly. Tamani wondered if she understood just how right she wasor how little it tempted him. I would have loved you forever, she whispered, bowing her head. Her dark, lustrous hair fell forward, veiling her face, and she sniff led quietly.

Was she crying, or stif ling a laugh? Tamani started when a knock sounded at the door. Before he could take a step, Shar moved silently to the peephole.

Knife in his fist, Tamani tensedready. Was it Klea? Thats what everything was forthe circle, Yuki in cuffs an elaborate trap to snare the scheming Fall faerie who might be trying to kill them. And might not. If only they could know for sure. Until they did, Tamani had to assume they were a threat a lethal one. But with a shimmer of a grimace, Shar pulled the door open and Laurel entered the room, Chelsea close behind. Laurel was all Tamani managed to say, his fingers falling from the knife.

Even after loving Laurel for as long as he could remember, and lately becoming something. She had changed out of her dark-blue formalthe one shed worn when hed held her in his arms over a year ago at the Samhain festival, when hed kissed her so passionately. It seemed far away. Laurel wasnt looking at him now; she only had eyes for Yuki. You shouldnt be here, Tamani whispered.

Laurel arched one eyebrow in response. I wanted to see for myself. Tamani clenched his teeth. In truth, he did want her there, but his own selfish desires were at odds with his concern for her safety. Would he ever be able to satisfy both?

I thought you were going after David, Tamani said to Chelsea, who was still in her deep-red formal. Shed ditched her heels somewhere, so the bottom of the dress pooled at her feet like blood. I couldnt find him, Chelsea said, her lip quivering almost imperceptibly. She looked at Laurel, who was still studying their silent prisoner.

Laurel said tentatively. Are you okay? Yuki looked up, glaring at Laurel with steel and fury. Do I look okay to you? Ive been abducted! Im handcuffed to a metal chair! How would you be? The Winter faeries venomous tone seemed to hit Laurel like a breaking wave and she took a step backward. I came to check on you. Laurel glanced at Tamani, but Tamani wasnt sure what she wanted.

He offered her a pained grimace and a tiny, helpless shrug. Laurel turned back to Yuki, the Winter faeries expression unreadable, her chin held high. What does Klea want from me? Laurel asked. Tamani didnt expect her to answer, but Yuki met Laurels gaze and simply said, Nothing. Then why did you come? Yuki smiled now, a crooked, mischievous smile.

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I didnt say she never wanted anything. But she doesnt need you anymore. Laurels eyes darted to Tamani, then to Shar, before returning to Yuki. Laurel, listen, Yuki said, her voice quiet, comforting. This whole charade is completely unnecessary. Ill talk to you if you just get me out of here.

Thats enough, Tamani said. Step in here and shut me up, Yuki said, glaring at Tamani before turning back to Laurel. Ive never done anything to hurt you and you know I could have. I could have killed you a million times, but I didnt. Doesnt that count for anything? Tamani opened his mouth, but Laurel laid a hand on his chest, silencing him.

Youre right. But youre a Winter faerie.

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You hid that, even though you had to know about us. Why do you think? The moment your soldier friends found out what I was, they cut off my power and chained me to a chair!

Tamani hated that she was right. Okay, well, maybe we just need to start over, Laurel said. If we can figure this out before Klea shows up, even better. If you could just tell us Tamani has the keys, Yuki said, looking over at him, malice gleaming in her eyes. Let me out of here, and Ill tell you whatever you want to know.

No deal, Tamani said, doing his best to sound bored. Laurel spoke to Yuki again, cutting them off. Its probably safest for everyone if No!

Yuki shouted. I cant believe youre even a part of this! After what they did to you? To your parents? Tamani frowned; what did Laurels parents have to do with anything?

But Laurel was already shaking her head. Yuki, I dont like that they made me forget. But I cant change the past Forget? Im not talking about memory elixirs. What about the poison? Oh, come on Tamani blurted. Laurel shushed him. Yuki, do you know who poisoned my father? Tamani was pretty certain of the answer, and he knew Laurel was tooit had to have been Klea. But if Laurel could convince Yuki to confirm their suspicions.

Your father? Yuki looked confused. Why would they poison your father? Im talking about your mother. Again Laurel looked at Tamani, and he shook his head with a tiny shrug. What was Yuki playing at? You dont even know, do you? Big coincidence that the couple who happened to own the land around the gate just happened to be childlesswaiting for a little blond baby to pop into their lives.

Wouldnt you say? Thats enough, Tamani said sharply. He should have guessedmore games. Yuki was just looking for ways to get them doubting themselvesand each other. They did that, Yuki said. Fifteen years before you even showed up on their doorstep, the faeries made sure your mother was baby-hungry enough to take you without question.

They damaged her, Laurel. Made sure she could never have her own children. They ruined her life and youre siding with them. Dont listen to her, Laurel. Its not true, Tamani said. Shes just trying to get into your head. Why dont we ask him? It couldnt be true. It couldnt. Not Shar, who had been her unseen guardian since she first left Avalon. So why isnt he denying it?

Aprilynne Pike

Tell her, Yuki said, straining against her chair. Tell her what you did to her mother. Shars mouth stayed closed. Shar, Laurel begged quietly. She wanted to hear him say it wasnt true. Needed him to say it. It was necessary, Shar replied at last. We didnt choose them. They just lived there. The plan had to work, Laurel. We had no choice. Theres always a choice, Laurel whispered, her mouth suddenly dry, her chin quivering with anger. Shar had poisoned her mother. Shar, who had been watching over her 9.

I have a home and family to protect. And I will do whatever it takes to keep Avalon safe. Laurel bristled. You didnt have to Yes, I did, Shar said. I have to do a lot of things I dont want to do, Laurel.

Do you think I wanted to sabotage your human parents? Wanted to make you forget? I do as Im told. Its why I watched you every day, before Tamani came along.

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Why I know everything there is to know about you. The heirloom bowl you broke and lied about. The dog you buried outside your window, because you couldnt bear to have him farther away. The time you spent with Tamani, out at the cabin in October. Shar, Tamani said, his voice a clear warning. I gave you what space I could, Shar said quietly, his voice at last holding a hint of remorse. But the tiny apology was clearly extended to Tamani, not to Laurel; the sudden urge to stride across the room and slap Shar across the face was stif led only by her paralyzing rage.

Yukis smile faded. This is the force youve allied with, Laurel? I may not have always been truthful with you, but even I thought you were better than these monsters. She looked down at the salt encircling her chair. A little swish of your foot and I can put a stop to this.

Aprilynne pike epub download spells

Ill take you with me and show you how wrong Avalon is. And you can help me make it right. Laurel stared at the salt. Part of her wanted to do it, just to lash out at Shar. How do you know about Avalon? Does it matter? Yuki asked, her face unreadable. Set me free. Ill give you the answers theyve been keeping from you. Dont do it, Laurel, Tamani said softly.

I dont like it either, but letting her go doesnt make anything better. For You Explore. All recent searches will be deleted. Cancel Remove. Playing next 1: Super Why WHY spells why. Witches casting spells. Winx Club: How to get magical powers in real life. Spells that work instantly!

That you don't dream about me the way I dream about you. Tell me you don't love me. What true love it must be to have the passion he does. I like the excitement that this book held, the twists and the drama. I am excited to find out who and what Klea's character will hold. I'm just excited for the continuation of this series View all 7 comments. It is funny, the last time I read this book I rated it 4 stars and never finished the series.

Well, I am now determined to finish it, with only 2 books left to read. Mar 13, Lissa added it Shelves: So I can lord around the intricately built faerie culture and tell them how stupid their caste system is, and break all the rules with no repercussions.

I al Hi. I also cry at everything. It makes me cry! Faeries are totally awesome because despite being plants they are graceful and in school everyone pays attention all the time and no one gets laughed at when they fail. Did I mention faeries are totally superior to humans? Because they are. But even though I learnt a lot and then some other irrelevant stuff happened, al that I really remember is dating two boys — one a human and the other the hottest fairy EVER OMG did I mention I have two boyfriends?

I should cry about this. View all 23 comments. In the sequel to Wings, a year has passed for Laurel who found out that she was a faerie. Although she completely accepts who and what she is, she refuses to turn her back on the life that she has always known, her life with human parents and friends. This is causing a few problems in Avalon as Laurel really needs to learn what it means to be a real faerie and Tamani begins to show his true feelings. After spending the whole summer relearning her magic in Avalon, Laurel knows she cannot hide her In the sequel to Wings, a year has passed for Laurel who found out that she was a faerie.

After spending the whole summer relearning her magic in Avalon, Laurel knows she cannot hide her feelings for Tamani but actually choosing between him and David could mean losing one of them for good. Laurel also knew that the troll problem wasn't completely gone but she thought that she and David were being protected.

Her magic hasn't been going very well so far but it could save both the human and faerie world if she can finally get something right. As I said in my review of Wings, I couldn't wait to start on this book and I ended up reading it in one sitting. The story was both interesting and exciting at different times which was helped by the mix of settings throughout. I really liked the fact that the book is pretty much split in two.

The first half seems to be more about knowledge and explanations while the second half is all about adventure and excitement. I know this could seem like there is just a slow build up but there was enough going on for me to stay interested.

With Laurel heading off to Avalon for the summer, we get to find out a lot more about her relationship with Tamani and what happened between them before they erased Laurel's memory. I loved hearing about their past, meeting Tamani's family which gave me a bigger insight into his character and also what the other faeries thought about the relationship.

I was hoping for some of this in Wings but I'm glad it was saved for this book as it was possible for certain things to be explored more thoroughly. The time in Avalon was lovely to read about as Pike's descriptions were magical in themselves.

I truly felt like I was walking through the different areas and could understand the faerie hierarchy better because of this. It is stated in Wings that Laurel was sent to live with humans for a reason but it is never specified and the same goes for this book. It's obvious that she is a whole lot more important than anyone is letting on which is easily seen by how others act around her or look at her when she is in Avalon.

I'm hoping that this part of the story is cleared up in book 3 instead of making readers wait until the very last instalment to find out what is really going on.

In both Wings and Spells, I felt that the chemistry between Laurel and David was lacking but this wasn't the case with her and Tamani. While Laurel is unsure about who she should be with, it is clear to me that she is extremely drawn to Tamani and nothing seems to get rid of the feelings she has for him. The small amount of time that they actually spend together proves that there is so much chemistry and could be passion between the two. I'm personally routing for Tamani to get the girl. The very last chapter sees Laurel finally making a choice between David and Tamani and for me, the most exciting in the whole book.

The way the story was left made me want more immediately because I am dying to know what happens next. Just when I though things were finalised, the very last paragraph changed everything. Luckily, there are going to be a total of 4 books in this series and I know I will be buying 3 as soon as it is released.

All of the main characters really come into their own in Spells. I hate to see characters left with hardly any development but everyone changed enough to convince me that they were real, with the events of both books taking a toll on their lives. It seems as though every little thing was taken into account when writing these characters, not leaving any stone unturned when it came to what they were feeling about everything.

Not only does this book explore the relationships between Laurel, David and Tamani but also her relationship with her parents.

I felt like these parts of the book were written so well that I could believe in what was going on. Laurel's mother and father have different views on their daughter being a faerie and I can see both of their reasons being realistic. It would be only natural to act differently, in both good and bad ways, towards someone you have known for years when they suddenly change.

I loved Wings but I loved Spells even more. There was enough of different aspects in the story to keep it entertaining with a mixture of paces and it made me feel for the characters so much more than the first book. I'm dying to know when book 3 is going to be released.

It will be one of my most highly anticipated releases. View 1 comment. May 01, Ashley Lavering rated it really liked it. I liked this book because we saw more of Tamani and Avalon. What I didn't like was how Laural handled Tam. I agree with Shar that she has been unfair to Tam. I am so Team Tam.

I like david ok, but I love Tam. I really hope that this works out. Now I have to wait to see what Tam is planning and hope he doesn't get killed I'm looking forward for the next one. View all 3 comments.

I am moving to Avalon! Spells begins a number of months after the events of Wings. The time has come for Laurel to depart from her "normal" life to the academy in Avalon, where she will be taught what it means to be a Fall faerie. Laurel struggles with learning all of the things she missed and has forgotten while "posing" as a human. She isn't sure what to make of just about any of her peers at the academy. Some seemed to have missed her, others seem to wish she wouldn't have come back, while others seem to be indifferent altogether.

While Laurel is in Avalon, she and Tamani grow closer than ever and when it's time to go back home to David, she becomes confused. I have to say that I hated Laurel at some parts in this book. As far as the love triangle goes, I truly hope she ends up with Tamani. David is nice and all, but his character is boring and doesn't have much development. After trying to balance her two worlds, human and faerie; Laurel fails miserably.

After lying to both David and Tamani, she just may end up losing it all. A couple new plot twists are introduced in this book as well. It should make for an interesting third installment!

A little slow to start, but not really a big deal for me. I knew the goods were coming! I feel like I am the minority here, but I enjoyed this book oodles more than Wings!

Spells just had so much magic Pike painted a magnificent picture! Amazing imagery. I honestly could read about Avalon all day. Deel 2 in de Wings serie. Een boek met goede kanten, maar zeker wat minpunten. Hier kan je mijn recensie lezen: Why can't I stop screaming and crying?! Oh, I know. The Good - I loved Avalon! It was amazing. I love it when faerie books actually take place in their faerie land. I've read many versions of it but the Avalon in this book was very creative.

I also learned a lot about the faerie hierarchy.


I never read a book before where there were ranks between the different faerie types. It was so damn frustrating! I mean, I loved it and everything, bu Why can't I stop screaming and crying?! I mean, I loved it and everything, but GAH. As cheesy as it sounds, for Laurel it's not just about choosing the right guy.

It's also about which world she chooses to belong to since she can't have both. She can't just pick one guy and live in the other guys world. This is one of those love triangles that make me want to scream. I don't even want to think about it anymore. I have no clue what will happen to these three but I just hope it's something good. Because I am very close to just jumping in the story and handcuffing Tamani and Laurel together.

But it wasn't a big issue. The Characters - I'm really proud of Laurel for making such tough, but sensible, decisions. Yeah, she did lie sometimes, which I didn't think was a good idea, but she had good intentions. I think she should've been a little easier on Tamani, but that's mostly my fangirl side speaking. Sometimes he's the typical science nerd, other times a total romantic who sets up picnics for his girlfriend.

Once I even thought that maybe he was under the influence of the trolls to get Laurel into a trap. But I guess David is just an unpredictable character, which I like. My lovely Tamani. It's not fair! Let the guy have a break! I was so mad at Laurel for what she did to him at the end. It's like abandoning a cute stray kitty.

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HOW can you say that to someone so precious? I just I wanna And never let go. Come here, Tamani. You learn a lot more about the faeries, their rules and their world. Off to Illusions I go! View all 5 comments. Jun 12, Brianna rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, to be quite honest, I didn't care for this book.

The first in the series was much more interesting, maybe because stuff actually happened, but this one just fell flat. Barnes popped up again and that's pretty much the only exciting thing that happened in this book.

No one is actually that perfect. He's like the Edward of Wings.

Epub download aprilynne pike spells

Actually, he's n Well, to be quite honest, I didn't care for this book. Actually, he's not even perfect, Laurel just makes him seem that way.

David is so contradictory. He'll act like this really nice and sweet annoyingly so guy and then the next he'll be like "Oh, I'm so cool because I have a gun! Laurel is the most selfish, sniveling little brat of a character EVER. She's flat, completely and utterly flat. I can't understand what sort of character she's supposed to be, she acts like a snarky brat sometimes and other times she acts like a needy brat. She should at least be something, but nooooo All she ever does is whine about her crappy love life.

Two quotes of Laurel that bug me very much: Her two worlds, two lives that she tried so hard to keep separate, were crashing together. Quote number two She didn't want to hurt either of them, she wanted them both to be happy. They were both important in her life. Why did keep insisting that she choose between them? My poor caps lock key I just don't understand how anyone can be so idiotic and self centered that they'd string them both along because she can't seem to make up her mind.

Good gracious. I don't understand why Ms. Pike couldn't wait until the next book to introduce that little piece of the story. I feel like that was one of the things the author crammed in at the end to make the book seem like it had some sort of plot. And those are my issues with the book. The only thing I liked in this book was Tam.

And if at the end of the book he didn't pull away from Laurel, I would have lost my respect for him. So kudos to him. View all 10 comments. May 09, Karyn rated it liked it Recommends it for: I loved the writing and the story. The innocence and likability of the characters continues in this novel. Why I give this three stars is the ending. I am confused and completely disagree with Laurel's choices. She is a faerie and is trying to be something else. Great scene when Tamani finally confronts her about stringing him along.

What is she thinking? She will live to be over hundred years old and will barely age. David will age and die while watching her stay th I'm David will age and die while watching her stay the same. Also, she will always have to hide what she is and what she loves. I liked her more when she was in Avalon with Tamani.

Summary - Which I will definitely need since Pike publishes a story per year The story opens with Laurel have been requested to attend Academy in Avalon since her skills are so lacking.

Tamani takes her through the gate, but has to stay since that is his station. Jamison, Winter Fae who is of the upperclass elite, takes her to the academy. Once there, everyone knows her while she doesn't have a single memory of them her memory was erased so that she could blend in the human world.

Laurel's head professor forces her spend a week reading herbology basics. When she gets a break, Tamani takes her throughout Avalon. First, we notice that Tamani cannot embrace her but has to bow. This is where Pike introduces her societal structure of Fae classes. Spring Fae are the working class who take care of the other classes. The are truly at the bottom of the food chain and supposedly don't mind.

Next, they go into the Summer Market. The Summer Fae are the entertainers who are flashy. They make baubles for Fall and Winter fae who do not have to pay for anything. Tamani then takes her to his side of town and his family home. We meet his mother, Rhoslyn, and niece, Rowan. Rhoslyn was a kind of faerie midwife taking care of the saplings who are the young of Avalon. At this point, Laurel learns that she has parents but the records were burned.

Aprilynne epub spells download pike

Fall Fae are not allowed to stay with the other Fae, they attend academy. Laurel is fed up with the class structure and wants to walk with Tamani and be his equal. He is fine with how things are. He also tells her that he cannot choose to be with her because of his station. She must choose to be his. He plans on waiting forever for her. Laurel continues her studies. Two characters at school may become more important later. Katya is Laurel's tutor and seems to be your average friendly character.

She definitely buys into the class structure. They were close and Laurel was chosen over her to become the Changeling, faerie in human world. During their final visit together, Tamani takes Laurel to a tree made of passed fae. His father was one of the fae who decided to pass his conscience onto the tree by grafting himself onto the tree.

A fae is supposed to sit under the tree and ask a question. The wind is then brings the answer. He has asked a question and received and answer, but we do not know either. Her summer ends quickly with Jamison walking her out,giving her a Fall Fae care package, and telling her that she needs to come back.