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I was scared to death, at first, but soon I realized that fear is necessary. This emotion is a powerful catalyst that wil fuel your desire to live and protect your family. You wil begin to understand much more as I continue unfolding important secrets before you. Therefore, as you can see, many clues in the Bible emphasize that the United States of America is the most powerful country in the whole wide world, relying on a powerful army and economic system, whilst its citizens take great pride in it.

The second coming of God wil mark the end of this present age. But never surrender to the darkness, civil war, famine, or enemies invading our land. The only thing you should do is pledge total submission to God, by doing the right things and trusting him unconditionaly. Never forget that God is almighty. If you are reading this book, it means you were instiled by the Holy Spirit to do so.

He provided you with a multitude of clues, precisely so YOU could better protect yourself during and in the aftermath of the apocalypse. But stil, you might be asking yourself this: The most important clue that helped me figure out what exactly wil cripple our entire nation was this particular one: Babylon is suddenly falen and destroyed Jeremiah For our whole nation to be destroyed in miliseconds, our enemies would need to use a weapon of mass destruction.

So that begs the question: While the biological and chemical weapons can lead to widespread devastation and loss of life, it would not affect the electric circuits and electronic devices, without which our world would truly fal apart.

The government officials would stil be able to hide in highly secured bunkers, with decontamination chambers. Pentagon would stil be able to fight back and employ the use of the latest technologies, such as submarines, supersonic planes, or guided missiles, to protect our nation. However, we cannot say the same about the atomic bombs, as these pose the greatest threats to mankind. Once detonated high above the atmosphere, the nuclear warheads release dangerous chemicals into the air.

These have hazardous consequences to our health, and can quickly induce death, in just a few hours from the time of the exposure.

In addition, the radioactive particles also known as nuclear falout finaly settling onto the ground would also affect the flora. Animals wil die regardless of whether they breathe contaminated air or eat the contaminated plants. Nothing wil be good enough to eat, therefore, a potential nuclear war wil cause famine al around the world.

Desperate people might go as far as to consume human flesh. However, there is stil the matter of the invasion. They would only want to invade it, not make it completely uninhabitable. The foundations of America are the technological borders, right? Anyone can attest that milions have benefitted from technology growing by leaps and bounds.

Nowadays, the most feared weapon of mass destruction, thus, became the EMP attack, which can be triggered even by a relatively smal and portable device, encompassing the power of even the most powerful atomic bomb. Milions of innocent people wil die. In an instant, an EMP attack can fry al the electronics in a certain radius. Not being able to rely on electricity, you wil be left loitering in the dark; food and water supplies wil become largely unavailable due to impaired transportation systems.

Through no means possible wil our nation prove able to foretel an enemy invasion or have the means to stop it. The available firepower wil prove insufficient shortly after. With no food or means to maintain our health, and no hospitals we could go to, death wil soon folow.

Gruesome as it may sound, what our enemies want is for America to simply lose its status as a superpower and not care about the fact that thousands of innocent people wil die in vain. The EMP, this weapon of indignation, is what wil cause the demise of many.

Never before in the history of the world has a powerful country found its end in the same way as foretold in the Bible. The EMP wil lead to the colapse of the national power grid. It wil destroy al electronic devices and electric circuits:.

In a nutshel, everything mechanized wil stop working. The lack of electricity, the greatest invention that has propeled us into the 21st century, wil throw us into a dark age. But who can trigger such a horrendous, apocalyptic event?

The book of Daniel Daniel had his revelations in Jerusalem, and this is a great piece of inside information. Undoubtedly, he has access to the EMP technology and thus, the power to trigger a potential global war. Just like the Scriptures foretold, our country meddled in one too many problems that were not ours to solve.

In effect, many powerful countries, such as Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc. If you are aware of what is currently happening worldwide, then you wil not at al be taken aback by the title of this book. Considering the recent events in Ukraine, Russia didn't linger in seizing the right opportunity to impose its wil and ilegaly taking occupying another. As a survivalist, you know very wel that the Cold War never realy ended, but it was merely taken backstage.

It's no mystery that Russia is on the brink of waging war to the North-Atlantic Organization. Why is that, you ask? Wil a powerful country like that just going to sit with her hands crossed, considering the recent economic events? Tel me this: There is nothing that Putin wants more than to engage in a war with the US.

That should come as no surprise, especialy if acknowledging that the US was the first nation to impose economic sanctions on Russia, post-Crimea. Al the more reason as its example was also folowed by the European Union.

You do realize that if Russia destabilizes as a country, then Putin, this vicious, former KGB agent, wil not peacefuly address this matter.

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Instead, it wil engage in combat and ultimately invade our nation. The best way Putin can put an end to the American sovereignty is if he goes after us with an electromagnetic weapon EMP. This should come as no surprise, considering the fact that Russia has forged powerful aliances with Iran, a country with a high potential for nuclear capacity.

Over the course of the past few years, the Iranian scientists have mastered the ability to enrich uranium by creating state of the art centrifuges. However, his acts wil have great repecurssions for the American people.

Innocent Christians wil suffer, milions wil die. Obama wil have blood on his hands, even though he might fail to admit it. Death wil be al around us. Do you honestly believe. But fear it not: An EMP attack would indeed have devastating effects for everyone.

Consider the consequences of a complete loss of energy. You and other felow Americans wil not be able to conduct your daily activities. Financial transactions, businesses, supermarkets, hospitals, basicaly al services and institutions wil be reduced to nothing. What is worse is that it would probably take up for up to 5 years for America to recover from an EMP.

Therefore, it is always important to be prepared ahead of time and never let your guard down. When an EMP strikes there is no time to prepare or pack. You wil only have time to grab your backpack and run towards safer locations. Otherwise, you wil stand no chance. What you have to understand is that the more you know and the more actively engaged you become in this fight for survival, the more powerful you wil become. Mark my words: Consider it as a psychological handicap, or a major blind-spot, if you wil, that wil keep you from protecting yourself and your family alike.

Help yourself! Nowadays, the US enemies - Russia, Iran, North Korea, Iraq and virtualy every other country that has ever manifested terrorist intentions against the United States - are in possession of the EMP technology and can easily sel it to the highest bidder.

Last year, a Russian Sukhoi fighter jet carried and detonated a smal portable nuclear device, just above the USS Donald Cook missile destroyer, stationed in the Black Sea, at the time. Nobody seems to know exactly what blood-curdling event, accompanied by the loss of al electronic devices, on the ship for al 27 crew members to request to be relieved from active service. Could North Korea bring about Doomsday for us, as wel?

They have also attempted to deploy an attack against us, back in That was the time when one of their satelites was located at an ideal altitude above the US. In addition, a North Korean freighter was caught last year trying to smuggle nuclear missiles through the Gulf of Mexico. Iran has also been testing balistic missiles off cargo boats, dispatched just a few miles outside the US regional waters or even inside them. Where are they now? Nobody seems to know the answer to this question.

Safe to say that malevolent individuals are using these towards creating terrible. More recently, at the German checkpoint, the authorities discovered supplies of enhanced uranium being hidden in a stolen Mercedes, supplies, which were later traced back. Specialists believe that the uranium would have been used to assemble three super EMP atomic weapons.

But atomic material, enough to put together atomic bombs, is stil out there, missing. At this point, add to the mix the fact that Abdul Qadeer Khan, the researcher in charge of the Pakistani atomic project, has confessed to going around Asia and the Middle East and seling off atomic weapons, like an atomic Johnny Appleseed, to any country that would pay up. The US has indeed many enemies that would gladly take him up on his offer.

I am terrified at the thought that there wil be so many lining up to do so much damage, using this weapon of indignation. Although the US has so many enemies, it wil be Russia, our most fierce adversary who wil unexpectedly use the weapon of indignation against us and invade us with al of its many alies. It sounds heavy, right? Although we are grateful to Tesla for having invented electricity and propeling the world into an advanced technological era, loss of it wil toss us back into a dark age.

We have become too reliant, too dependent on it and we cannot imagine life without it. What happened to using actual pen and paper, instead of using your phone to memorize dates? Take a look at your kids, nephews or grandkids, raised in this technological era. Even they prefer using the X-box instead of playing the old-fashioned way: As a survivalist, I have learnt to rely heavily on my skils.

The Bible has helped me reinforce the same belief, especialy after finaly understanding that the work of God can be done only by those who wish to live in His Milennial Kingdom. But for that, I had to first first embrace the thought of the world coming to an end. After al, you and I share the same survival genes in our DNA.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, people lived in caves, but they stil managed fight mammoths and survive and perpetuate mankind.

Ebook that download inch free an half extra

An assault could be dispatched with the intention to cause harm to just one region; however, if detonated miles off base, it can cause gargantuan levels of harm. It sounds awful, right? Please help us improve and rate this chapter at: Isaiah An EMP is an advanced technological weapon that fries electrical circuits and systems, by overcharging them with milions of voltages.

To better understand this concept, think about your old fuse box that keeps blowing out whenever you are using too many appliances your TV, your vacuum cleaner, the AC, etc. The EMP affects al electronic devices. The more sophisticated the product, the more damage is being done. The latest mobile phones, laptops, tablets, navigation systems, etc. Depending on its intensity, an EMP is believed to multiply the negative energy of a lightning by at least 1, times, while a super HEMP is 1,, times more powerful than a lightning.

One single EMP attack detonated from a mile attitude wil pretty much wipe al electronics on a 1, mile radius. This means that if detonated from wel above the center of America, an EMP wil have devastating effects for over milion souls that live in the United States, yourself included. The national power grid and everything else that is linked to it wil be… toasted, to say the least.

Perhaps the most tragic aspect of al this is that we wil be left defenseless against future enemy attacks. Hospitals would no longer be able to help victims experiencing excruciating pain. Under these circumstances, America will implode.

Hungry people wil fight one another. Ultimately, we wil al find ourselves in the middle of an endless civil war that wil leave milions in pure gut-wrenching agony. Therefore, you can see why this represents the biggest threat to Homeland Security. An EMP attack wil immobilize the entire country… It is al the more dangerous as you cannot predict it. Such an attack wil take everyone by surprise, as it wil come as out of the blue.

But how exactly does an EMP affect the electronics? Wel, the device antennas wil capture the negative energy generated by the electromagnetic pulse, in nanoseconds. The EMP wil spread around the Earth at the speed of light, just like a descending heartbeat. For such a technologicaly advanced country like America, this EMP attack truly represents a matter of national security. What can cause the EMP? In a fraction of a second, a smal portable EMP device encompassing the same effects of an atomic blast, wil subsequently generate an electromagnetic field.

Who will be affected? The higher the altitude an EMP is set off, the more harming the effects. In worst case scenario, people from San Diego, California al the way to Jacksonvile, Florida would be strongly affected by the failure of the national power grid.

Although an EMP cannot actualy harm the human body, it wil do so indirectly. In the dark and without relying on the necessary equipment, doctors wil prove unable to save your life. A higher altitude attack is directly proportional with the intensity and the extent of the damage, meaning that if detonated from the ground, then the EMP wil most likely affect the electronics on a few miles radius, but if detonated from a 40 km altitude, then it wil destroy al electric circuits and chips on a mile radius.

For us to experience utter destruction and for al the US territory to be affected, our enemies would need to detonate the EMP bomb from a mile altitude. They can do so, by launching guided missiles into the space and detonating them when they reach the proper height.

To make matters worse, smal EMP devices are being traded on the black market. Tests carried out in the United Kingdom, in the early s led the scientists into believing that atomic detonations would create instrumentation failures.

They caled this phenomenon "radio flash", which was what the British scientists caled the EMP at that time. Have you ever heard of 1. It was part of the Operation Fishbowl Series of atomic tests, of which the general public learnt about in People in Hawai were both dazed and confused by recent events, as they experienced first hand the significant and surprising impacts of a HEMP.

But what exactly happened then? The Starfish Prime warhead was carried by the Thor rocket to an altitude of m iles and detonated at an altitude of miles. Over street lamps were knocked out by the EMP, which also harmed the microwave link of a telephone company. However, the authorities were able to quickly deal with the damages, as in , the electrical circuits were much more impervious to the electromagnetic impacts than they are today.

The main US information transfer satelite, Telstar 1, was also harmed in the process. Later that year, the Soviet K Project atomic tests, taking place in Kazakhstan, yielded comparable results to the Starfish Prime, as it completely pulverized the phone lines over a mile radius.

Nowadays, the technological devices quickly respond to external electric stimuli, therefore, these would quickly capture al the overcharging energy generated by the EMP. In the event of a nuclear warhead being detonated today above the American mainland, the entire electrical framework would be susceptible to permanent damage.

Your life wil then change faster than you ever though possible! It is virtualy impossible for governments al around the globe to disregard the world's most crushing awry weapon and its lethal effects. Bottom line: A HEMP is basicaly caused by the explosion of a nuclear bomb. Thus, they create the so caled Compton Current generating over a milion volts , which clashes with the world's magnetic field. The result?

A powerful electromagnetic pulse that quickly descends on the surface of the Earth. The subsequent generated EMP wil generate a strong electrical presence in al conductive materials. It wil over-burden and impair:.

These are things that you profoundly rely on, especialy in today's interconnected society, right? The EMP "heartbeat" goes around for just a second, yet it wil leave us al shaking in fear. You wil have no other option than to accept what is happening and try to make the most of this horrible situation. This is one game you wil not be able to forfeit.

You wil have to win it! During day time, you would not be able to see an atomic HEMP unraveling before your eyes, but if you are paying a great deal of attention, you might be able to see a glimmer in the sky. At night, the light is comparable to a long-lasting aurora.

A HEMP causes gamma ray reactions in the upper stratosphere, as gamma beans impact the air atoms and strip them of electrons. Therefore, this process produces electrons, which are affected by the Compton Scattering Effect taking place between 20 and 40 km up in the atmosphere. Once these electrons start descending at the speed of light, they can help wear out electrical and electronic circuits.

Nothing unprotected wil be spared. An EMP can influence the folowing:. Machines, electronic ignition, curl starter are the most vulnerable innovations. A car's metal body wil provide some level of protection, but in the face of an EMP, it wil not be enough, though.

However, the best part is that there are means you can use to protect your devices, which we wil explore later on. In other words, paper duplicate anything that you value and could potentialy be lost in an EMP attack. More important than wills or marriage certificates are the books on survival. Do not underestimate the benefits of having a few survival books, like this one, on you. It may be that in the heat in the moment you forget what edible plants look like, or what you need to do to avoid being detected by robbers, for instance.

When an EMP strikes, then you wil see for yourself that paper wil, undoubtedly, prove its worth. Let me paint the picture of how an EMP attack wil affect your life. Imagine the folowing scenario:.

It is Saturday night and you are at home, watching TV. Suddenly… the power is cut off, but you calmly go into the kitchen and look for a candle to light up.

You turn on the radio to find out when the power wil be restored, but that does not seem to be working either. Should you decide to go out for a walk and there are no lights in sight, know this: America is under attack! While you may not be immediately affected by the lack of power, the people on life support wil.

Survive the End Days

In no time, the whole of America wil be on life support. Fundamentaly, and to place it into perspective, anything electrical on Earth that is not properly protected wil be wiped out. Telephone systems, electrical lines, everything wil be destroyed in a matter of miliseconds. But pace yourself: Without force plants, fuel pumps and charge and control capacities, most railway structures wil become largely unavailable.

Many planes wil lose correspondence with the control tower and inadvertently change their routes, even colide with other planes. In al likelihood, there wil be countless car crashes. A great deal of wil probably occur because of the loss of street lighting. Authorities wil become powerless — they wil no longer have the necessary resources to monitor traffic and clear the roadways of accidents. Everybody wil freak out and start running in opposite directions. Chaos wil rule. The streets wil turn into large parking areas due to impaired modern vehicles that contain over microprocessor chips the electric vehicles contain even more.

Businesses wil go bankrupt. Money lies at the heart of our society and wars, and safe to say, money wil bring our demise. What wil happen to your ledgers, the stocks that you possess, even your life investment funds?! What wil you do when al of your financial records are lost forever?

Our entire nation wil become powerless without electricity. One thing is for sure: Have you given this its proper consideration?

What wil happen when authorities are no longer able to help you? Who wil help you or your family in the case of an emergency? You wil have to do it. You wil have to be the knight in shining armor. Figuring out how to best deal with welfare concerns wil be essential to avoid ilness and demise. The unfathomable effect of an atomic HEMP wil definitely leave its destructive mark upon our overly mechanized world. You can admit it: Making paper duplicates of critical documents is a means of defending yourself.

Keep your smartphone, media files and al the other wires unplugged and safely stored in a Faraday box, so they won't get toasted during an EMP. It solely depends on you to protect any hardware, information and equipment that you might consider using after the EMP. By the time I was 11, I had already acquired some knowledge on radio transmitters. Later on, I discovered that he was actualy trying to improve their transmission capacity by expanding the range to possibly hundreds of miles, which alowed them to operate at higher power than a lot of other radios.

In other. My grandfather was a veteran of W. When I was young I would listen to hours on end to his stories. The harsh conditions and the brutality of combat made a big impact on me, and in later years helped me better understand that these aspects are not exclusive to a war zone. My grandfather would often tel me how he managed to sel transmission devices to explorers and some journalists.

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Every day we sat together for some time, surrounded by transistors, antennas, tools and wires, a place where chalenges and possibilities seemed endless.

I realized that radios were his passion. They soon became part of my life too. He improved such a device and one day he sold it to a young man. After he explained the man how the device functioned, he came close to me. I vividly remember him teling me that one day technology would evolve in such a way that humanity would totaly depend on it. I could only imagine what he said in terms of a world ful of devices, most of which were radios.

Little did I know back then that technology would run the risk of actualy becoming dust in the wind in case of electromagnetic shock. Most present-day devices could not stand an EMP, simply because they are too sophisticated and because the increased number of electric circuits would be completely fried in case of an EMP attack.

Boy, he was a man indeed! The concepts of friendship and survival were dear to him and it was hard for me to imagine that such a strong man who had experienced the atrocities of several wars and saved many lives could ever have tears in his eyes. But he did! And this made him even more dear and special to me. I told Johnny, we needed to separate so we could make an advance. Make sure Mike covers your back.

He then told me what happened next. He explained it was utterly important that they would break the enemy defense that day. The mission seemed impossible and my grandfather was also injured. He was actualy proud to show me a big scar on his left shoulder, as much as it hurt to remember.

He would find out later that they were ambushed. Mike was shot to death and Johnny was badly injured. Somehow, he managed to escape, but he had been lying unconscious in the forest for two days. He found a cave-like shelter and stood there. But he held on tight to the radio transmitter. He struggled to come out and eventualy managed to contact my grandfather by radio.

They went after him. Johnny spent the rest of his life in a wheel chair but he was saved that day due to that radio device. Later on, I heard that Johnny was able to get back to his wife and kids and lived a happy life. Always be prepared! I wil never forget his words. And the reason is simple: Being able to convey useful information through radio can be beyond helpful, especialy when it is about a life-and-death situation.

More so, you could receive critical, updated information on the best alternative routes, for instance, which wil in fact, alow you to make. Communicating, or at least receiving crucial information on what is happening around the world in the aftermath of the EMP attack can help you determine whether it is safe to come out of your bug out location or not. There are 14 channels, designated 1 through 14, representing 14 different frequencies around and MHz in the ultrahigh frequency UHF band.

Channels 1 through 7 are shared with the GMRS radios. Expect a communication range of 1 to 5 miles, most often under 2 miles. They seem to be performing quite wel at a short range. Battery is quite unreliable. Keep in mind that channel no. As a survivalist, I know a good device when I see one, let alone when I test it!

If there was ever a reason to split up, a set of two-way radios would be a very valuable piece of kit. Not to mention most of them are tough, shock resistant and easy to carry. CB radios also referred to as trucker radios also come in a battery- operated form and as far as price is concerned, these are quite cheap. These gadgets have channels within the 27 MHz band, and come with a microphone and an antenna, which is helpful when in need to further extend the range.

A survivalist uses quite effectively the knowledge of modern day technology, such as communications through radio gear. CB radios are easy to rely on and have the same old principles of transmissions, despite their multi channel within the 27 MHz band. Bear in mind that ultimately, communication deals with anything related to:.

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Radios come in many sizes and frequency ranges and it is the frequency coverage of a radio that should concern a survivalist. This is atwo way communication equipment, and you wil need a license from the FCC Federal Communications Commission to operate one. It can cover up a distance of up to 15 miles. Also if you have a GMRS radio, you may be able to tap into a repeater, which wil expand your range to possibly hundreds of miles, but the repeater obviously has to be running, and you have to be within range of the repeater for your radio to hit it.

Channel 17 on.

Free inch download extra that half ebook an

This is my old time favorite! Mobile and base station-style radios are available as wel, but these are radios to rely on in a survival situation. They are found on al kinds of boats. They are particularly useful, as they provide a lot of inteligence on weather alerts, criminal rates or any other relevant information.

They employ the use of a very high frequency VHF range - between and Channels to look for: Channel 16 on When you're out on the water, what's the best device to maintain your lifeline to shore?

VHF Very High Frequency radios are the two-way radios most commonly used in ship-to- ship and ship-to-shore communication. They are essential for emergency situations. Most VHF radios have the ability to scan multiple channels. However this feature wil often cut off part of a communication, which communication may be crucial to your safety. It can convey graphics, sounds and texts. Albeit being one of the best long range communication devices, not a lot of people know how to use the HAM.

A lot of ham radios can reach the national weather system NOAA. A very good friend of mine who, trust me, is in the position to know about radio transmission, gladly recommended this radio device in case of disaster. Below you wil find a list of frequencies that wil prove valuable to you in the aftermath of the EMP attack.

Used nationwide by the National Guard during emergencies. They also use Used for cross-department emergency communications by local and state police forces.

Disaster relief operations channel used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Used for cross-department emergency communications by local fire departments; Used for cross-department emergency communications by local and state agencies during search and rescue operations.

International maritime distress, caling, and safety channel. All ships must monitor this frequency while at sea. It is also heavily used on rivers, lakes, etc.

National channel used by civilian agencies of the federal government for communications during emergencies and disasters. I had listened to this repeater enough to know that it was used frequently and monitored constantly. I arrived at my tree stand at 6: One of the ladder steps fe l out from under my boot.

I stil managed to make it. My habit when hunting is to check the stand with my foot, climb into the stand and then attack my safety strap.

When I stood on the stand with both feet, the stand broke away beneath me. Remember that 2x4 with the nails sticking out of it? Wel, I found it. It happened to be lying with the nails up, right at my impact point. Four nails penetrated between my spine and shoulder blade.

I was wearing only a t-shirt with my jacket tied around my waste so they went a l the way in. The pain was excruciating.

With the wind knocked out of me and writhing in pain, my first instinct was to turn on my HT and cal for help. Immediately, my cal was answered. I had two guys at first then one took over. He caled the local rescue squad and got them on the way.

He asked questions about my injuries, location and state of mind. He kept calm. As I regained my senses, I figured out that the board was in my back. I also realized that I could stil move my legs and arms. I sat up and drank some water and listened for the sirens. I directed them right to me through my friend on the radio. They were at my location within 30 minutes of my fal. The paramedics tried unsuccessfuly to remove the board from my back.

Yes, that hurt just a bit. They were absolutely amazed that I was able to cal for help. Aside from the obvious lesson about tree stand safety, there is a big lesson to be learned. Accidents wil happen. The thing you owe to yourself and your loved ones is to be prepared to deal with them.

With the right equipment and some practice, you can easily communicate with others in case of disaster. There wil always be scrap and you wil always be able to make a radio There are many different ways to communicate during a disaster situation or if society colapses. Suffice it to say that with al the wires and old electronics lying around, making a simple radio receiver is pretty simple.

It should be about three inches in diameter, and 5 to 7 inches long. Shampoo bottles also work, but you wil want to get the ones with thick wals, rather than the thin flimsy ones. This wil make it easier to wind wire around them. Most common gauges wire diameters wil work, but thicker wire is easier to work with, something like 22 gauge to 18 gauge. You can also use vinyl coated wire, which in some ways is easier to use than enamel coated wire.

Most stores that sel electronic parts have these. They are caled 1N34A diodes. You listen to this radio just like you listen to the phone. If you have an old telephone sitting around, or can find one at a garage sale, you are set. This is actualy optional, since you can use a TV antenna or FM radio antenna by connecting our radio to one of the lead-in wires.

Use a sharp object like a nail or an ice pick to poke four holes in the side of the bottle. Two holes wil be about a half an inch apart near the top of the bottle, and wil be matched at the bottom of the bottle with two more just like them.

These holes wil hold the wire in place. Thread the wire through the two holes at the top of the bottle, and pul about 8 inches of wire through the holes. If the holes are large and the wire is loose, it is OK to loop the wire through the holes again, making a little loop of wire that holds snuggly.

The research

Now take the long end of the wire and start winding it neatly around the bottle. When you have wound five windings on the bottle, stop and make a little loop of wire that stands out from the bottle. Wrapping the wire around a nail or a pencil makes this easy. Continue winding another five turns, and another little loop. Keep doing this until the bottle is completely wrapped in wire, and you have reached the second set of holes at the bottom of the bottle.

Cut the wire so that at least 8 inches remains, and thread this remaining wire through the two holes like we did at the top of the bottle. The bottle should now look like this:. Remove the insulation from the tips of the wire, and from the smal loops we made every 5 turns these loops are caled 'taps'. If you are using enameled wire, you can use sandpaper to remove the insulation.

You can also use a strong paint remover on a smal cloth, although this can be messy and smely. Don't remove the insulation from the bulk of the coil, just from the wire ends and the smal loops. If you are using vinyl coated wire, the insulation comes off easily with a sharp knife.

Cut one end off of the handset cord to remove one of the modular telephone connectors. There wil be four wires inside. If you are lucky, they wil be color coded, and we wil use the yelow and black wires. If you are not lucky, the wires wil be al one color, or one wil be red and the others wil be white. To find the right wires, first strip off the insulation from the last half inch of each wire. Then take a battery such as a C, D, or AA cel, and touch the wires to the battery terminals one wire to plus and another to minus until you hear a clicking sound in the handset earphone.

When you hear the click, the two wires touching the battery are the two that go to the earphone, and these are the ones we want. Attach the other wire to the wire from the top of the bottle. Soldering this connection is a good idea, but it is not necessary. At this point, you should be able to hear radio stations in the telephone handset. To select different stations, clip the aligator jumper to different taps on the coil. In some places, you wil hear two or more stations at once.

The longer the antenna is, the louder the signal wil be. Also, the higher you can get the antenna the better. Now that your radio works, you can make it look better and be sturdier by mounting it on a board or in a wooden box. Machine screws can be stuck into holes driled in the wood to act at places to attach the wires instead of soldering them.

A radio finished this way looks like the folowing photo. Note the nice little touch of using brass drawer puls on the machine screws to hold the wire. There you have it! The final radio has excelent performance, puling in weak stations, and preventing nearby strong stations from overwhelming the weak ones next to them on the dial, which makes it one of the best devices for a survivalist.

Faraday cages are named after the English researcher Michael Faraday, who created them in A Faraday cage is a tight fitted case that has scientificaly been proven to protect your electronics. What is the point in buying one, when you can build it with your own two hands? All in less than 10 minutes. Rich in the biblical sense, as you wil achieve great peace of mind.

To make one yourself, you have to use a hermeticaly sealed box, with an electricaly conductive external layer - preferably made out of steel. Why is this external layer so important?

Because it wil create opposing fields, by absorbing and then rejecting the external EMP current, thus protecting what is inside the box. The cage itself, which can take the form of any shut shape, can be conductive, or it can be made of a non-conductive material, for example, cardboard or wood wrapped in a conductive material for example, aluminum foil. Step 1: Cover your items in tarp, cardboard, paper, folowed by several layers of plastic wrap.

This step is necessary to electronicaly insulate your devices. If you skip this step and jump directly to wrapping your devices in tin foil, you wil inadvertently create an antenna for the electromagnetic pulse, and you wil find yourself unable to use any of your electronics, later on.

Step 2: Wrap your electronic devices in aluminum foil. Unless you plan on using a second layer of protection against the EMP, then wrap the items around in 5 layers of aluminum foil. The thicker the foil, the better the protection it wil provide. Step 3: Last, but not least, insert the wrapped items into a galvanized steel casing, such as a trash can, for example, but make sure you tight seal the lid, in order to prevent the EMP from damaging your devices.

However, before inserting the items into the trash can, use cardboard to line the metal trash can around. If the tin foil touches the metal, the levels of protection wil be reduced and your Faraday container wil be rendered ineffective against the shock wave. If you cannot use a metal enclosure, then you can also folow the steps listed below. Wrap a wooden box that comes with a lid in a 24 microns thick tin foil. Wrap both the box and the lid in aluminum foil and secure it in place with duct tape.

Use a thick cardboard to line around the wooden box, but also duct tape some cardboard on the inside part of the lid. Place the gadgets inside the box and put the lid on. If you do not have cardboard, then you can replace it with rubber or heavy plastic.

If the device has an antenna or any batteries, remove them and put them in a separate container. If you leave them inside, you wil find your gadgets completely ruined.

Why is that? Because the batteries wil stil act as energy conductors attract the EMP and destroy. The same goes for the antenna, which wil capture the electromagnetic energy and destroy your electronics.

So please, make sure you have done that. All in al, building your own Faraday cage proved to be a piece of cake, right? But then again, everything wil seem like an easy task, provided you are wiling to fulfil it. Diligently perform your tasks, each at their right time:. Do not consider opening the Faraday cage and using the devices immediately after an EMP attack! Those God-forsaken bastards, triggering the first attack, could also trigger a second one to make sure al electronic devices and circuits are completely wiped out off the surface of the earth.

If need be, make sure you are using duplicated items. For instance, have two radios stored up in your Faraday cage. If you are dying to know more about the traffic updates, then use only one of them and leave the other one inside the Faraday cage.

Proceed like that until you are absolutely certain that you have averted the danger. If your instinct tels you that there are other imperative devices to your survival you should be protecting, then do not ignore it. I bet more times than you can count. But before dealing with that, you should be keen on storing in your Faraday Cage the folowing five items:. You can use any of these radios to gather information regarding the safest areas, traffic updates, etc.

Make sure you are getting your FCC license prior to using these radios;. The more you protect and take care of each other, the better. Remember that even in prehistoric times, people would go hunting in groups, to increase their chances of success, and implicitly, survival. The list does not need to stop here. Shield any other device that you consider vital to your survival. Assume the worst. Assume you wil need it sooner rather than later. But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.

Luke My father has always been an ardent Christian and he has always believed in the importance of preparing for anything. I wil not always be there to help you, no matter how much I want this. It was the mid-season of fal, , when I went camping with my two best friends since kindergarten, Big Tom and Andy. He told me I should take my time in doing that, so I would not leave behind any important item.

They came up with the idea of going camping 2 hours beforehand. I packed items of necessity, such as an extra set of clothes, a sleeping bag, a survival kit with bandages, rubbing alcohol, aspirins , a flashlight, a blanket, a compass, a few energy bars, a few bottles of water, lighters and matches , a sunscreen, even some duct tape.

Having seen what I added to my survival kit, my father told me: A few hours later, al three of us were walking towards the camping area, near Visalia. Within minutes from arriving that breathtaking location, Andy went on admiring Lake Kaweah, but somehow he managed to slip on mud, twist his ankle hard and fel into the water.

Without thinking, both me and Big Tom jumped into the water to rescue him. I had, cleaned up his wound and wrapped it in bandages, to further prevent blood from bursting out.

Immediately thereafter, I improvised a splint, by putting together two pieces of timber tied by the duct tape I brought along. Where did you learn to do that Nate? He is truly a remarkable man. Let me find my lighter first. I think it must have falen from my pocket while swimming. What now? And it is true.

We could not have returned to the city that night, because we needed to warm up and not succumb to hypothermia. Big Tom was this athletic rugby player who seemed invincible. But that night he turned pale like a sheet. I was, as wel, shivering. My whole body was cold as ice. But the fire helped us warm up.

So, I did. And I am proud of myself for having done that. One simple night of amusement could have led to our demise. As you can see, preparing goes beyond being just. You never know what might happen in a terrible situation, much less estimate the magnitude of an end of times disaster.

What we do know is that overnight, America as you know it, wil cease to exist. What it wil be left of is merely a desolated land. Our people wil forget al about who the real enemy is and they wil al fight each other, instead. There is no simple fix to what is about to come. Every single piece of information wil prove useful to you, which is why is best to learn as much as you can. Activating your survival mode wil keep you and your family alive in times of need.

Look at the possibility of a blackout as an opportunity to go back to the roots; no modern facilities to help you there. This type of mentality wil help you think about things we have taken for granted, like:. Most importantly, it wil alow you to do al that and stil enjoy quality time with your family.

In addition, stockpiling food, water or any other items to use in the aftermath of the disaster wil give you a heads up. How so, you ask? It wil enable you to search for alternative sources of food, water and shelter materials, for instance. Trust me; you are able to better focus on any of these things on a ful stomach. Imagine not being able to eat for two days straight: All these wil make you feel helpless, trust me. Why do I say that? But prior to that, he had been the only one in our family with a paycheck.

Every day was another struggle to survive and another fight against depression. There were times when I would go to school on an empty stomach and not have anything to eat for the whole day, because I preferred feeding my dog, Timo, instead. Those were some tough times, which truly marked my childhood. But then, when things turned around, I was able to better focus on my studies. I started reading everything that came to hand and absorbing every piece of information just like a sponge.

I was fascinated by this one book, The Curse of the Pharaohs, which dictated my fate. I've always been the girl-next-door who got lucky. I've come a long way in the last ten years, but this book isn't my attempt to tell you what or what not to do.

It's just to share some of what I've learned. Learning how to dress for special occasions Shopping for everyday wear and where to look for it Accessories: Victoria shares her personal style secrets so whether you're getting ready for work, a night out on the town or even doing the school run, you too can feel confident and look great every time you step out of the front door.

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