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Read "Crossed Swords" by Sean Flannery with Rakuten Kobo. Retired CIA agent Wallace Language: English; Download options: EPUB 2 (DRM-Free). Crossed Sword by Shuja Nawaz reviewed by A.H Amin. dr sahib i dont agree with you that shuja nawaz's book has some factual errors. he has distorted history, meddled with facts, tampered them, serious criminal errors in history. Crossed Start by marking “Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within” as Want to Read: Army, a state within, instead of holding country together is responsible for the mess Pakistan find itself in. Trivia About Crossed Swords: P.

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Crossed Swords. All Products. Crossed Swords. A Space Marine Battles short story. The death of the Astral Knights Chapter will be Free Extracts: ePub Mobi . download Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within book Book title: Crossed Swords Fоrmаts: pdf, ebook, text, ipad, epub, android, audio. Total size: MB Army, and the Wars Within. Pakistan Army - Wikipedia, the free. ISBN: | pages | 18 Mb Download. Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within ebook download. Par burdett.

Crossed Swords is the latest addition to the list of books dealing with Pakistan Army. Written with an eye on the Western audience by a Pakistani who has settled in USA the book is a welcome addition to books on Pakistan Army. It contains some new sources and some new information. Unfortunately most of the information is anecdotal and the narrators are extolling their own performance. The author's viewpoint is somewhat subjective as he is a brother of one of the ex chiefs of Pakistan Army General Asif Nawaz. Some errors are however historical and factual and were entirely avoidable. On page he changes the ethnicity of Sardar Balakh Sher Mazari a Baloch Seraiki by calling him a Punjabi , an honour that no Baloch would like to have.

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Crossed Swords-Shuja Nawaz

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It is another thing that Nisar also did not know what was in front of him and acted boldly and unconventionally. Had he known what was in front of him he may have been paralysed by inertia and inaction! But this is speculation and some part of history always remains unfathomed and hidden! Nisar acted through sheer reflex and deployed his unit in an impromptu manner. The fire fight which took place at Gadgor between hours and hours was a pure tank versus tank affair.

Thus the Indian Armoured Corps historian stated "The Armoured Brigade had been blocked by two squadrons of Pattons and in the first encounter had lost more tanks than the enemy had It took them another 48 hours to contemplate the next move. This interval gave Pakistanis time to deploy their 6th Armoured Division Thus the Indians acknowledged "This regiment's 25 Cavalry performance was certainly creditable because it alone stood between the 1st Indian Armoured division and its objective, the MRL canal".

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This is not the only source. Major Shamshad a direct participant has already stated on record that SJs were awarded to some officers for an attack in which not a single man was killed on both sides!

Here he refers to Major Farouk Adam. This reminds me of an incident in armour school Nowshera in I was an instructor in Tactical Wing. My lone reply was that no Sir , since Armour School gives Alpha to sons of generals only. This was a norm then. But that is how Pakistan Army is. The historical fact remains that 25 Cavalry was part of 24 Brigade but all that Nisar its CO did on the crucial 8th September at Gadgor was based on his own judgement.

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On 9th and 10th September no fighting took place as Indians had withdrawn their armoured division to the crossroads. On 8th September there was a vacuum and Nisar acted in a sitaution which can be classified as one characterised by "absence of clear and precise orders"!

Shaukat Riza's book is basically a compilation of existing facts. It has historical value since Riza was allowed access to official records. Shaukat had no axe to grind.

Shuja Nawaz by his own confession is a close relative of A. A Malik. Shuja also forgets Brig A.

Crossed Swords

A Malik's request to withdraw when Indian tanks had crossed the railway line on 16th September and occupied Buttur Dograndi and Sodreke. M Arif , first more bluntly in Pakistan Army Green Book and again a little tactfully in his recently published book Khaki Shadows. Thus no connection with 3 FF, an infantry unit which as far as I know suffered more casualties than any other infantry unit at Chawinda.

Shamshad was the tank troop leader in support of 3 FF when it disastrously attacked Buttur Dograndi. In opinion of Shamshad, the attack had failed not due to any fault of 3 FF but because of poor planning by Commander 24 Brigade. Even at formation level Chawinda was not a big battle in terms of casualties since the Indian 1 Corps suffered less casualties than 11 Indian Corps in Ravi Sutlej Corridor.

A Maliks poorly planned counterattacks leading to bloody casualties for Pakistan Army were also discussed by Major General Fazal i Muqeem in his book on war. On page while discussing the main Pakistani offensive the author fails to point out that the Pakistanis had a 7 to 1 superiority in tanks and yet they failed.

In the treatment of Chamb Operation of the most significant decision of Major General Eftikhar to switch from North to South is not discussed at all. This was one of the most landmark operational decisions in history of Pakistan Army. The author also fails to highlight the cowardly action of then Brigadier Rahimuddin Khan in not joining Brigade on pretext of dealing with Shiekh Mujibs trial. This great warrior later rose to full general in Pakistan Army.

Shuja also gives no thought in his worthy analysis to Pakistan Army's launching a pre-emptive attack on India in September Refers-The Western Front -Candeth. In the chapter dealing with Z. This plan if implemented would have reduced the standing army in size and enabled the Pakistani government to spend more money on training. This plan was scrapped by Zia in On page he states that " Abbasi was the man who had been removed from his command in the Kargil area of Kashmirafter having undertaken an unauthorized and costly foray into Indian held territory in Now this comes straight from a man who repeatedly claims nearly total access to all direct participants.

Now the facts of the above situation. Poor General Abbasi had done nothing in Kargil. First the use of the word Kargil by Shuja Nawaz is unwarranted and irrelevant and above all totally out of context!

Abbasi's command was not just Kargil only but a much larger area i. Second the foray he Shuja refers to was not launched in but in when Shuja Nawaz's very own brother was the army chief! Third the foray was not as unauthorized as claimed by Nawaz. M Malik,a man of extreme ambition had a tacit understanding with Abbasi that in case he succeeds he was a part of the team and if Abbasi failed G. M did not knew about the attack! A very typical and known phenomenon in all armies, organizations and bureaucracies all over the world.

Fourthly poor Abassi's unauthorized foray was not in Kargil but in Siachen an area far away from Kargil. The incident was narrated by this scribe to then Brigadier Salahuddin Tirmizi later lieutenant general. Catharsize he did, with disastrous and bloody results in Not as this privy to inside sources in the army claims.

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And that too when his brother was army chief. A sad reflection on how an operation was mounted by an overzealous divisional commander, with secret authorization of his direct superior corps commander, while keeping a so called professional army chief in absolute darkness!

A sad but logical end to the career of Abbasi who was a more upright and internally motivated general officer and shoulders above most of the general officers that I saw in my army service. Shuja Nawaz repeats the above assertion again on page. On the same page again Shuja once again repeats the same totally incorrect assertion "without clearance from the army chief General Mirza Aslam Beg,Abbasi launched an attack on the LOC.

Beg had retired in August In footnote. To Rahimuddin's good luck Eftikhar embraced martyrdom in the war and Rahimuddin survived. This is a factual error as 12 Corps at Quetta did not exist at that time. This corps was raised somewhere in when Rahimuddin was already the chairman joint chiefs. In the same footnote Shuja Nawaz states that Kakar was wounded at Chawinda in war. When the war started Kakar was at intelligence school in Murree. This assertion of Kakar being wounded while possible is questionable.

Its possible that Kakar joined his unit in later part of the war. On page. This is a serious factual error. The first major action of the Kashmir war was the attack on Muzaffarabad in October and the seizing of heights near Kargil happened much later in May by the Eskimo Force of Gilgit Scouts under Captain Shah Khan later an air force officer.

As a matter of fact Kargil itself was captured by the Gilgit Scouts and they had then captured Zojila Pass and advanced across it. But all this happened much later after October Good in details, written from the relative calm and safety of USA, this book possibly written with good intentions, got lost in the woods of details and failed to present the broad picture.

Many Bhagwans of military history reviewed it and failed to find any fault with it! On page Shuja glorifies General Kakar for having no liking for politics.

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He ignores the fact that Kakar was not groomed for higher ranks and was promoted because of ethnic biases. Simply because a Pashtun president was comfortable with a harmless compatriot. General Musharraf has himself acknowledged in his book that General Kakar was parochial and was favouring Pashtun officers. No compliment to an army chief who is supposed to be a much bigger man.

No wonder that Kakar had been packed off to a backwater in Quetta by General Baig. Becoming chief was something that a man of Kakar's mediocre intellect could never have imagined but this happened only because of party baazi in the army and the fact that Ghulam Ishaq Khan wanted a Pashtun brother.

Fair enough in a backward and tribal medievaal society like Pakistan! It is my conviction based on a deep study of that period,that if Kakar would have been the army chief in and General Musharraf or any non Pashtun officer would never have become the army chief! Simply because Musharraf was not a Pashtun! Here it must be noted that Jahangir Karamat ,Kakar's successor was miles above Kakar in intellect as well as professionalism. Though a Punjabi he was not from the more parochial tract of area between Chenab and Indus and thus a man with a broader outlook.

The author lauds caretaker premier Moin Qureshi's role in making the state bank independent but forgets Qureshi's most controversial release of advance to Bayinder Turkey for Islamabad Peshawar Motorway while also stating that this project was uneconomical. This gained nothing but total loss for Pakistan as Bayinder repatriated many million dollars without doing anything and later successfully sued Pakistan for huge damages in International Court of Justice at Hague. On page Shuja extols Talibans wild west justice in hanging Afghan President Dr Najeeb but fails to note the allegation that Pakistani agencies were suspected to be behind the assasination of Mulla Borjan the most popular and independent leader of the Taliban.

On page Shuja quotes Benazir to prove that General Kakar was a brilliant strategist. What is Shuja trying to prove. In discussing tenure of General Jahagir Karamat Shuja ignores totally the Ukrainian tank deal commissions. Nawaz Sharif the then prime minister tasked ISI to launch an investigation.

He went to Ukraine and Azerbaijan and compliled a thick volume on the whole transaction and commissions taken. This was used by Nawaz later and one of the reasons why Karamat quickly stepped down. It is strange that Shuja Nawaz who seems to know everyone who matters fails to discuss this serious issue. Or perhaps he succumbed to the conspiracy of silence.

Karamat was betrayed by his brother officers and that too just out of selfish motives to please the then prime minister. Not out of any national motives. As an officer who served from to how would I sum up the Pakistan Army.

Further Zia used religion to get dollars. This was the basic motivation. Begs time saw for the first time a tradition of some criticism being accepted. An effort was made to introduce the culture of intellectual honesty in the army. Asif Nawaz time saw emphasis on starch but no change in the army.

the Wars Within-Shuja Nawaz , Oxford

This first hand account was given to me in Okara in June when Kakar was the army chief and at the height of his power by a Lieutenant Colonel Feroz , an officer from FF Regiment , whose unit provided Kakars guard while he was a corps commander in Quetta. A petty man elevated to the highest rank. No wonder he was non political because in the heart of his hearts he must have thanked his stars that he became a four star general.

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In this case Musharraf has hit the nail right on the head. Karamat I did not see in service and did not serve with so I cannot comment but is reported to be a mild man. Musharraf as I saw him as a major general was flashy,extrovert,egoistic but dynamic. The present army from what I learn from serving officers is again business as usual. Nothing much to write about.

The most serious criticism of Shuja's analysis is in treatment of Islamic fundamentalism in the army. Shuja on page consoles the audience of his book that Islamic fundamentalism is still not a threat in Pakistan Army. Shuja ignores the more dangerous fact that the army has misused Islam as a slogan to mobilise the populace to achieve its narrow institutional agenda.

This is more dangerous than being Islamist. Now this policy may go out of control. Right from Zia in the army generals used Islam as a slogan to fight a proxy war in Indian Kashmir and Afghanistan. Events may prove that this would be the undoing of Pakistan as it stands in its present form.

Now Pakistan is perceived in the west as part of the problem and not the solution. Particularly its army and intelligence agencies are seen as the heart of the problem. India is continuously preparing for a war although a low intensity one and no solution has been achieved in Kashmir. Afghanistan is increasingly hostile and a strange but logical Indian-Russian-Iranian-NATO un declared strategic alliance has come into place in Afghanistan against Pakistan.

All these are serious developments. The coming ten years may vindicate this assertion. The Pakistan Army and its generals may be remembered in history as one of the reasons for Balkanisation of Pakistan.

Not a good omen for Pakistan. The army's involvement in Pakistan's politics and government is now a serious reason of imbalance for Pakistan's political system. No hope appears in sight as we hear rumours that the agencies are still active in destabilising Pakistan's own elected government. Shuja has burnt his midnight oil. He has compiled and collected all the facts in a nice way but his analysis has been shallow. We expected something far more profound than this.

Crossed Sword by Shuja Nawaz reviewed by A. H Amin. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Dead Reckoning: Memoir of War of Bangladesh by Sarmila Bose. Behind the Myth of Three Million by Dr. Jinnah of Pakistan by Stanley Wolpert Oxford Jump to Page.