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Download BSE PPKn Kelas 9 SMP/MTs Kurikulum apk for Android. BSE Pancasila and Citizenship Education Middle / Middle School. semester 1 kurikulum books [epub] soal latihan uas smp mts kelas 9 semester 1 kurikulum pkn soal uas. ganjil kelas 9 smp. semester 1 kurikulum - soal latihan uas smp pdf bhineka guru / download / download kumpulan. persiapan uas 01 - latihan soal - zenius - kurikulum kelas 10 bahasa inggris, devices. download soal uas kelas 1 pkn semester 1 tahun pelajaran 20 .pdf.

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Download. Jump to Page. You are on page 1of Search inside document. Buku bahasa Inggris When English Rings a Bell untuk Kelas VIII SMP/MTs dipergunakan dalam tahap awal penerapan Kurikulum . 9 10 Observing and Questioning 13 Bahasa Inggris / When English Pkn PDF Klas Viii 17 April. baru - download silabus pkn sma ma smk kurikulum revisi silabus pkn sma ma pdf kabar pdf perangkat pembelajaran ips k13 kelas ix. kelas ix smp/mts buku ini menjabarkan usaha minimal yang harus dilakukan siswa pkn smk download buku guru/ siswa kelas 9 kurikulum revisi .

Sesuai dengan KI dan KD mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris di kelas VIII, buku ini mengajarkan tiga jenis kompetensi komunikatif, yang dibedakan berdasarkan fungsi sosialnya, yaitu interpersonal, transaksional, dan fungsional. Penguasaan tersebut mutlak disertai pengembangan sikap dan karakter yang menghargai dan mengimplementasikan nilai-nilai luhur agama dan budaya Indonesia. Indikator seseorang yang telah memiliki kemampuan literasi adalah kemampuannya menggunakan teks secara cerdas. Kecerdasan literasi didukung oleh tiga penciri teks yang efektif, yaitu 1 melaksanakan fungsi sosial yang jelas, 2 memiliki struktur teks yang logis dan koheren, dan 3 menggunakan unsur kebahasaan lisan dan tulis yang baik dan benar. Kompetensi ini tidak mungkin dapat dicapai dengan menggunakan pola pembelajaran tradisional yang terpusat pada guru baik pada teks-teks artifisial dalam buku teks maupun pada kegiatan mengerjakan soal tertulis. Oleh karena itu, kegiatan pembelajaran perlu dilaksanakan secara wajar dan alami sesuai dengan fitrah manusia sebagai makhluk sosial, yaitu melalui proses akulturasi yang berwawasan masa depan. Meskipun pada awalnya proses belajar lebih banyak mengikuti rancang bangun yang ada, selanjutnya peserta didik perlu belajar mengembangkan sikap kritis terhadap keadaan yang ada, dan pada akhirnya mengadaptasikan dengan tuntutan kehidupan yang senantiasa berubah sesuai dengan tuntutan perkembangan zaman.

Now, lets count the number of things, animals and people you have drawn! How many cats are there in the backyard? There are two cats in the backyard. They get up early. They make their beds. They also help to prepare the breakfast for the family.

They never get to school late. They are always on time. Some walk to school. Some take public transport. After school, they go home straight away. They do not play in wrong places in their uniform. They do the housework. Some students wash the dishes. Some students clean the bathroom. Some students water the plants. They use English with their friends and teachers.

They ask questions in English. They answer questions in English too. Many students some do extra-curricular activities.

They have dinner with their family. They dont forget to pray first before they eat. They help their parents to wash the dishes.

They do the house work again. They sometimes play the games or chat with friends. They do their homework. They study for the next day. Then, they go to bed early. Write them down here!

What time do you get up? I get up at 5 oclock. Put a check for the same activities and cross x for the different ones! Do you do the same things as the zookeeper does? First, copy the examples.

I take a bath everyday, so does the zookeeper. I watch a TV everyday, but the zookeeper doesnt. Lion is a wild animal. It has sharp teeth. It eats meat. It lives in the lair. It can run fast. Rabbit is a tame animal. It has two long ears. It eats carrot. It lives in the burrow.

Ebook kelas download kurikulum pkn 2013 9

It can hop. If it is possible, you may put some pictures of yours! What are the people in the picture doing? Beni is sweeping the floor. Udin is putting the book into the shelf. Lina is erasing the whiteboard. Dayu is throwing the rubbish into the trashcan.

Siti is mopping the floor. What are they doing? Please complete these sentences based on the previous picture. Observe the activities happen at your class, then write them down in neat and accurate handwriting.

Lina is cleaning the window 2. I am drawing a picture. What is he doing? He is reading a book. They are playing basket ball. Write each answer in the table below! I am writing a letter. Adnan Reading a book Work in a group. Please describe your school, then find out what they are doing. Adnan is reading a book in a library. Yes, she is talking to them. Is the woman talking to the boys? Are you telling Udin the story? Yes, I am telling him the story. No, they arent calling me.

Are they calling you? No, they arent looking at us. Are they looking at us? Yes, he is staring at her. Is the man staring at the woman? Is Beni giving Edo a present? Yes, he is giving him a present.

Is Lina talking to Siti and Dayu? Is Siti borrowing a book from the library? Are they calling you, Lina? My brother is washing his bicycle. My Father is cooking spaghetti. My mother is watering the plants. Look at the picture below! Here is a picture of my family. Lets see what they are doing! Write down the activities in the table below! Fill in the table by asking your classmates questions about their parents activities! My father is playing badminton.

What are your parents doing? My mother is reading magazine. Mother His mother is reading the magazine. Play the roles of the speakers in the picture. Say the speakers sentences meaningfully, loudly, correctly, and clearly. First, repeat after me! I am watering the plant because theres no raining for couple days. I am feeding the rabbit because my mother gave me a carrot for it this morning. Give her my gratitude. The window is dirty, so I am cleaning it. What a good boy.

There will be a test after the break, so Im reading a book at the library during the break time. Dont miss any information. Make sure your handwriting is neat and clear, and your spelling of the words and punctuation marks are correct. Work with your group. If you have any problems, go to me. What is Siti doing? Why do you bring an umbrella? I am bringing an umbrella because it was cloudy this morning. I thought it will be raining today. Why dont you ride your bicycle?

It is broken, so I am walking now. Why do you look so confused? My new book is lost, so I am looking for it. Why do you come late? Its because I missed the bus. I took an Ojeg but I couldnt come on time still. Why does Edo bring an umbrella? Beni is wearing a jacket although the weather is warm.

It is because he got fever. Why does Lina looks so happy? It is because she just won the school running competition Rani has so many friend even though she does not have much money.

Shes friendly and helpful, so everyone like her. Although Mr. Erry is old, he is still an energetic teacher. It is because he loves sport. Oh, great! She can run so fast, although her body is small. Yes, he also teaches his student happily, so all of his students love him.

Find several activities around your school or your family. Find out several logical reasons and contrary reasons for those activities. If it is possible, you may get the pictures of those activities. Then, create a poster which consists the activities and the reasons. One of you talk about the activities, then the other act them out. I think Bono will win the race! Yes, they are twins. But you are right, they dont look like twins. Dini is taller and fatter and Dani is shorter and thinner.

Are Dini and Dani really twins? They dont look like twins. I think a mountain and a hill are just the same.

I think so too. Bono is smaller but stronger than Gani. Gani is bigger but weaker than Bono. That one on the left is a mountain. And on the right is a hill. The mountain is higher than the hill. The hill is lower than the mountain. The horse and the donkey look like each other. But, the horse is bigger than the donkey. The donkey is smaller than the horse, right?

They have the same size. Now I can feel that stone is heavier than cotton, and cotton is lighter than stone. Dont you think the picture is wrong? The helicopter is higher than theplane in the sky. The plane is lower than the helicopter? If you have any problem, go to me. Benny is showing his friendsthe difference between the horse and the donkey. They look like each other, but the horse is bigger than the donkey.

The donkey is smaller than the horse. Edo is showing Joni the difference between a mountain and a hill. Siti is explaining why Bono will win the race. Dayu agrees with Shinta that Dini and Dani do not look like twins. Lina is explaining the difference between cotton and stone. Udin is showing that there is something wrong with the picture. Im younger than Hasan, and Hasan is older than me. Im 12 years old. Hasan, my brother, is 15 years old.

Hasan is my older brother. My ruler is longer than Dinas. Dinas is shorter than mine. Mine is 50 centimeters long, and Dinas is only 30 centimeters long. The old car is still faster than the horse cart. The cart is slower than the car. The car can run 80 kilometers an hour, and the horse cart can run only 20 kilometers an hour. Surti is taller than her older sister, Wuni. Surti is centimeters tall and Wuni is centimeters tall.

So, The older sister is shorter than the younger sister. The wooden desk is smaller and it is 8 kilograms. The plastic desk is bigger but is only 4 kilograms.

So, the wooden desk is smaller but it is heavier, and the plastic desk is bigger but it is lighter. I can lift the bench. Elang cannot lift the stool. Im stronger than Elang. Elang is weaker than me! If you have any problem, go to your teacher. Hasim is telling us the difference between himself and his older brother.

This is what he is saying: Stella is is telling us the difference between her ruler and Dinas. This is what she is saying: Firman is laughing at the horse cart.

Rubiah is explaining the difference between Wuni and Surti. Hendrik is explaining the difference between two tables. Bayu is making fun of Elang. Complete the statements in the box. That is, a. I got an A in English and a C in History. To me, English is easier than History. History is more difficult than English. I like roses. They are more beautiful than other flowers. Lets sit on the bench under the tree.

I think it is more comfortable there. Its shady and cool. I bought this beautiful pencil case for just fifteen thousand rupiahs, and this very simple plastic purse for twenty thousand rupiahs.

Funny isnt it? The pencil case is more beautiful but it is cheaper. The purse is simpler but it is more expensive. I saw Malin Kundang on TV last night. I think the book is more interesting than the film. I think Edo is a very good student.

Hes more dilligent than any of us! He always gets good marks in all subjects. To Marcus, English is more difficult than History. Make at least 3 sentences about each of the following. Provide an explanation to every comparison. One example is given to you. If you have any problem, go to me a. The people you know at home and at school.

My brother is taller than my father. My brother is cm tall. My father is only cm tall. The rooms, places, and things in and around your schools. The rooms, places, and things in and around your house. The places, buildings, vehicles, things in and around your hometown. The things you eat and drink. The things you wear and use. The animals and pets you know. The natural things in and around your hometown. Self evaluation! What do your teacher and friends say about your sentences?

This is a plastic bag. It is good. But the cotton bag is better. It is more expensive. Fatima got a B in Math. But she got a better mark in English.

She got an A. My shoes are good. I bought them for seventy thousand rupiahs. But my fathers shoes are better. He bought them for two hundred thousand rupiahs. A T-shirt with a picture on it is good. But I think a T-shirt without a picture is better. I like plain T-shirt. My hand-writing is good and clear. But my mothers hand-writing is better and clearer.

According to Edo, the cotton bag is better than the plastic bag. Then make 5 more sentences with better about real people, animals, or things you know well. Getting a bad mark is bad. But cheating is worse. It is not honest. These oranges are bad.

They do not look fresh. But these mangoes are worse. They are rotten. You cannot eat them. Smoking is bad. But smoking in public is worse. This small comic is bad for children. But, the big one is worse, because there are many bad words in it.

The road was bad. And after the flood, it certainly became worse. According to Ratna, cheating is worse than getting a bad mark. Complete the following sentences with bad or worse. The football field is a bad condition. It gets worse after the rain. Susi got a D and Tina got an E in Math. This is not a good dictionary. It is cheaper. Being silent is not always good. The table cloth was not good even when it was new. I have 10 books. My teacher has 20 books. My teacher has more books than me.

I have fewer books than my teacher. There are 10 students in the library in the morning. In the afternoon, there are only 5 students. There are more students in the morning, and fewer students in the afternoon. My uncle is richer than my father. He has more money than my father. My father has less money than my uncle. There are 5 pockets on my bag, and 8 pockets on Andris bag. My bag has fewer pockets, and Andris bag has more pockets. Bread is not very sweet. Banana cake is very sweet. There is more sugar in banana cake, and there is less sugar in bread.

Max is saying that his teacher has more books than him, and he has fewer books than his teacher. Then make 5 more sentences with more, fewer, and less about real people, animals, or things you know well. I think real flowers are more beautiful than paper flowers.

Paper flowers are more beautiful than plastic flowers. So, real flowers are the most beautiful of all flowers. Heni is centimeters tall. Susi is centimeters tall. Ita is centimeters tall. Heni is taller than Susi. Susi is taller than Ita. So, Heniis the tallest, and Ita is the shortest. According to my sister, a big bus is more comfortable than a small bus.

A mini bus is more comfortable thana micro bus. So, a big bus is the most comfortableof all. The snake is longer than the eel.

The eel is longer than the earth worm. So, the snake is the longest, and the earth worm is the shortest. My father always says that fresh fruit is more delicious than fruit juice. Fruit juice is more delicious than canned fruit. So, fresh fruit is the most deliciousof all. The hospital is 3 kilometers from my here, the bank is 4 km from here, and the post office is 5 km from here.

The hospital is nearer than the bank, the bank is nearer than the post office. So, the hospital is the nearest, and the post office is the farthest. Rusdi is comparing real flowers, paper flowers, and platic flowers. Real flowers are more beautiful than paper flowers. Putu is comparing Heni, Susi, and Ita. Tasia is telling us what her mother thinks about a big bus, a small bus, and a mini bus.

Hendrik is comparing the snake, the eel, and the worm. Bayu is telling us what his father thinks about fresh fruit, fruit juice, and canned fruit. Hasim is comparing the hospital, the bank, and the post office. English, Mathematics, Science: Mathematics is more difficult than Science. So, English is the easiest one, and Mathematics is the most difficult one. The ocean, the sea, the river: Gold, silver, bronze: The city, the town, the village: Stone, wood, cotton: Chicken, fish, tofu: Compare the qualities of the three things in each set, with real purposes.

Your teacher will lead you to reflect on what you are learning now. Write 5 short texts, each consistingof 5 or 6 sentences of comparison about the following themes.

Your text will be more or less like this. The themes: Bigger is not always better 2. Im proud of my mother 3. We have to work harder for our town! I like my pet, but Please, wake up my friends! Useful tips! Each one of you should make 5 texts. But if you need any help with a word, go to me or your friends. Small is Beautiful Our school is smaller than the other schools in my town.

It is the smallest, but it is the best. It is cleaner and greener than the others. There are more trees and less waste. Our garden is also the most beautiful of all. If you need any help with a word, go to me or your friends.

Is it easy to find your house? I think it is. I live in a new housing complex, so all the houses look the same. They have the same design, with a blue roof, and no fence.

They are all white and grey. Theres a tree in front of every house. But we have two trees. One of them is a star-fruit tree. Is it near the small bridge on Jalan Teratai?

My house is the one with a handycraft from Tana Toraja hanging on the front door. It is triangle with beautiful carving. But when the door is open we cannot see it from the street, can we? You are right. In front of my house there is also a big stone.

Some children often sit and play there. Im sure well find it. Which one is your house? I put it on my desk, but it is not there now? Do you see my notebook? What does it look like? Its thick. It has a blue hard cover. The ribbon is white. There is a sticler on the cover. Its shiny, white, round, with a picture of an orang-utan. Does it have a pink ribbon separator?

This one? Yes, you are right. It must be that one over there, on the teachers desk.

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In the big shoe shop, near the barber shop, I saw very beautiful shoes. You must like them. In fact I need to buy plastic shoes. This is a rainy season. I need plastic shoes to go out when it is raining. Yes, there are beautiful plastic shoes there. Different colours. Some have holes, some have flowers in the front, and some are plain.

Nothing on them. I need shoes with a strap, and open in the front, like sandals. Its always hot here, and my toes need air to breath. I agree. I saw many sandals with a strap there. They have low heels, and they look comfortable. Ill go there tomorrow. What do the shoes look like?

Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII SMP/MTs K13

Ill leave for Bali tomorrow. What souveneer do you want me to buy you? Wow, thanks. Thats very mindful of you. What if you buy me a T-shirt? What kind of T-shirt? I want a white T-shirt, with short sleeves. I like a sporty and casual one. No, not a plain one. I want one with a picture, a small one, in the front. It should be a picture of anything about Bali. Do you want a plain one? Hidayat wants Mr. Gani to buy him.

Edos notebook is thick, with a blue hard cover. It has a white ribbon separator. There is a sticker on the cover. It is shiny, white, and round, with a picture of an orang-utan. With the table below, you can see that the description of Linas house consists of 1 states of the objects and 2 activities of the objects. Copy the table in your notebook. Then,do the same to look into the other descriptions.

Hes got a fair skin. Im in the bus terminal now, but I still cannot find Simon. What is he like? No, hes wearing a uniform, black pants and a blue shirt with long sleeves. Hes a bit fat and chubby. Hes wearing a black hat. Many people are tall and have fair skin here. Is he wearing jeans? I see three people wearing the same uniform.

Oh ya, I see him now. Hes walking toward me. Hes carrying a back pack, isnt he? I think so. Ok, see you later. Beni is describing Simon to make him stand out, so that Udin can find him. Which one is Simon? But, this may help. Shes tall and thin. Ive received the family photo. Thank you very much. Which one is Sofia? No, thats Rina, my niece. Sofias hair is curly, usually in plaits. She has a fringe. Sofias standing, not sitting.

Shes wearing a yellow night dress, with a picture of a sleeping baby. I see three girls here, and they are all tall and thin. Is her hair straight and long, in a pony tail? Two girls is wearing their hair in plaits. They both have a fringe too. Got it. Wow, that chubby little girl five years ago is now a beautiful slim girl? Yes, she is. Lina is describing Sofia to make her stand out, so that Siti can find her. Shes here. But I dont know where she is now. Shes in batik and black pants.

Is our Science teacher, Mrs. Herlina, here? Ive never met her. Ah, there she is. She is the big lady with glasses. She sitting on the bench in front of the Principals office. No, she is not. Shes the one carrying a pink purse.

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But, all the ladies here are wearing batik and black pants! Which one? Two ladies are big and wearing glasses. Is she wearing a scarf. Ill meet her now. Which one is Mrs. Dayu is describing Mrs. Herlina to make her stand out, so that Lina can find her. But they are not yet punctuated nor written properly. Rewrite them in good sentences. He has a fair skin. He is wearing a blue shirt with long sleeves. He is a bit fat and chubby. Hes carrying a backpack.

He loves his family. He does not get angry easily. He talks to us, his children, about many things. He and my mum often go out together to enjoy the evening. He is friendly to the neighbours. These students are saying good things about their objects because they are proud of them or love them.

My father is friendly, too. He knows almost everybody in the neighbourhood. He always goes to the neighbourhood meetings. He is never absent from the Cleaning Day. He is a good volleyball player. He plays volleyball with our neighbours in the community centre every Saturday. I love my mum very much. She is an Elementary School teacher. She is very patient. She is never angry. She always smiles and never complains.

My mum is my best friend. I can talk to her about everything. Oh ya, she can sing! She has a beautiful voice.

Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII SMP/MTs K13

She is smart and very friendly. Her English is very good and very clear. She speaks English to us, and we speak English to her too. She often reads us good stories from different parts of Indonesia. She knows many stories from other countries too. Aunt Dina is very healthy. She is rarely sick. She is married and has two children. She is more than 40 years old, but her skin is smooth and her face always looks young and beautiful.

Oh ya, she exercises almost everyday. Pengertian Hukum 2. Penggolongan Hukum 3. Tujuan Hukum B. Perilaku yang sesuai dengan hukum 2. Makna bertutur kata sesuai dengan nilai Pancasila 2.

9 pkn kelas kurikulum ebook 2013 download

Makna bersikap sesuai dengan nilai Pancasila 3. Makna beperilaku sesuai dengan nilai Pancasila B. Permasalahan Keberagaman Masyarakat Indonesia B. Ancaman dari dalam negeri 2.

2013 pkn kurikulum download kelas 9 ebook

Ancaman dari luar negeri C. Makna Nasionalisme dan Patriotisme 2. Download APK Additional Information Category: Max Cleaner 1. Pooking - Billiards City 2.

Halodoc 4. Ultimate FunBox 1. Grubhub 7. Vivo Easy 3. Garena RoV: