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For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Rivanah Bannerjee, a Kolkatan trying to find her footing in Mumbai. Even though I'm currently in a relationship with a. Get This Link to read/download book >>> Stranger: Book 1 in the Stranger Trilogy (Volume 1) Sophie Harper Where can I download free PDF format novels?. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m Rivanah Bannerjee, a Kolkatan trying to find her footing in Mumbai. Wickedly plotted, All Yours, Stranger—Novoneel Chakraborty’s gripping follow-up to his hugely popular Marry Me, Stranger—will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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I read it with ease that i didn't noticed how fast i read till it came to the end. Suspense continues!!!

Aug 23, Ravi rated it really liked it. Oct 24, Vinoth Srinivasan rated it really liked it Shelves: A good thriller plot with few "nail biting and lump in the throat" moments.

This is the second books of the stranger trilogy which I started without completing it Prequel. Jul 20, Meghant Parmar rated it really liked it. The stranger's trail has gone dry. Rivanah is feeling settled in her life with Danny.

Yours download epub free all stranger

Though there are still hiccups. With new problems posing big questions, Rivanah finds herself reaching out for a shoulder to cry on? Whose shoulder will it be this time? Has the stranger left her for good? Will her relationship with Danny move on to the next level? Will Rivanah finally be able to embrace peace? Let the story unfold. Once a mystery always a mystery. The book goes back to the roots of Rivanah and The stranger's trail has gone dry.

The book goes back to the roots of Rivanah and her college time and yet there is a sense of incompletion. The more she delves to join the dots, the more she winds up getting frustrated. The tricks continue, the mind wavered and the determination waning. The inner curiosity far from quenched and people around her more double barreled this time. She has life to lead, she has mess to sort out, she has insecurities and she has a mystery to resolve.

She is a lover, a conqueror, a troubled soul and in the end a human who has to deal with unknown forces. The story brings out the best out of Rivanah. Pushing her towards the zealous factors of life. Exploring the inner recesses of her tender soul. It's a haunting experience and continues to be so. No drawbacks till now. All in all the dots remain far from joined as readers await with bated breath the final piece of the puzzle.

More is in store as the mystery and misery deepens each moment now. Rivanah has gained and lost a lot yet she finds herself struggling for peace. There is a way out of it but how and when no one knows. Not even the readers. The guessing game continues and the stranger's sanctity alive.

Who will win it one last time? Let it unfold in the final part. For now it keeps getting better and better. Feb 13, Sohini Banerjee rated it liked it Shelves: Just a couple of hours and I am done with this part as well. That certainly explains how engaging the series has been.

But as with the second installments in a trilogy, All Yours, Stranger did miss it somewhere. The story continues with the protagonist, Rivahan trying to unearth the truth being the identity of the Stranger and Hiya, the dead woman whom she sees in her nightmare.

Unfortunately, all of this goes nowhere and I was left with a sense of what-next by the time I reached the end. Some Just a couple of hours and I am done with this part as well. Some attempt has certainly been made to reveal the development in Rivanah's character, but overall she is still the protagonist you will not be very fond of. I feel Novoneel missed it there.

He tried to keep Rivanah's character contemporary and real, but somehow it turned out to be disliked. I hope there is some damage control in the last part. I am glad I did not hear of this book previously and just happened to come by it. If I had been following this series and had to wait for months for the next part I sure would have gone mad or lost interest completely. Gratitude for that! Now all set to read the third and final part. Jul 16, Vitasta Ganjoo rated it it was amazing.

I love d way he writes n weaves a novel! I didn't even realized I reached d last page n it got over to another mysterious end!

Novoneel nailed it again! More intriguing than the first part. Even though in the beginning, I wondered where this book is heading, but then it begins.

The twists, the crisp words of the 'Stranger' and the excitement to find out who is the Stranger. Waiting to grab the final part of this trilogy as soon as it becomes available!! Can't wait to find out who the stranger is Apr 13, Nimal Anand rated it liked it.

I expected i to be a romantic movie but what I got was a good suspense thriller. I jumped into this book without reading its prequel.

Vanya's Notebook. . . : Forget me not, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty: a review

The book explains the story of young gal who is intimidated by an unknown stranger to do things which create chaos in her life.

The author pulled the story at a good pace. Some gud indie books to read in spare time. Aug 24, Harshita Sharma rated it really liked it. While I was reading the book, it felt as if I was watching Ekta Kapoor's serial..

All Yours, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty (ePUB) | eBookBB

However, the plot seemed interesting. It succeeded to keep me held. But, the turn of events made one confuse about the relationships and their shackles. Overall, this book was way better than the first one. Nice read Jul 30, Wajiha Haider rated it really liked it. In the second book of the Stranger Trilogy, it's all about the incident's Rivanah has gone through because of the stranger.

She meets her past, in a way she never imagined. She finds herself guilty of things she haven't done. Mar 31, Tarang Sinha rated it really liked it Shelves: All Yours, Stranger is a psychological thriller, full of romance. It's so gripping and intriguing that now I need to read "Forget Me Not,Stranger" the last book in this series.

Eager to know about the stranger! May 20, Sushobhan rated it liked it. Now the Story of Riv is turning pathetic there is inclusion of new characters seems without need. Over all story telling is good,,, erotic story Jul 27, Abhishek Pratap rated it liked it. Three for the second part of the stranger trilogy. Hate the romantic part which is mostly sexual. Novoneel can improve himself in this area. First book Marry Me, Stranger was good of this trilogy.

I felt this is lil repetitive and dragging. Oct 24, Surbhi Sareen rated it it was amazing. This book has more twists and turns that bring us one step closer to the stranger. The readers are totally glued to this book as every incident is inter related. It focus on relationships, about a person named Hiya Chaudhary and her existence.

The cover and the title is again intriguing just like the previous one. We notice a girl who is in the middle of the jungle. Probably the cover justifies Rivannah's dream or rather say hallucination where she feel the presence of the stranger. The title is perfect as the protagonist can feel herself close to the stanger.

The subtitle is really catchy. The plot spins around Rivanah Bannerjee, who is from Kolkata, trying to get a grip on the typical Mumbai life. She has a wonderful boyfriend, yet is obsessed with thinking about her ex-boyfriend.

Although he cheated on her, she is ready to overlook that fact. The Stranger is nowhere to be found ever since the police started to hunt for him, though it has been an unsuccessful attempt.

The questions that Rivanah wants an answer for, in this mystery allegory are; Who really is this stranger? Will he ever be able to contact her again? These types of questions have been troubling Rivanah continuously. Indifferent about the mystery surrounding this guy, she frantically wants the stranger back into her life.

As the story further unfolds, the true facts that come to light are far from what Rivanah could ever imagine. The story has a vicious and cruel plot with many mysteries unfolding themselves, as the reader divulges further into this tale. This gripping plot has the knack to make the reader bite his or her nails till the very last leaf of the book.

The plot is more dark and complex as compared to the previous part. The previous book left the clue of Hiya Chaudhary and here, Rivannah tries to uncover the mystery behind Hiya Chaudhary who happened to be her batchmate and had hung herself to death.

It was believed that she also got such messages. So, a fear of being murdered by the stranger arises in the mind of Rivannah. To add more she struggling with her heart and mind. She is unable to forget her ex boyfriend, Ekansh who cheated on her and her present boyfriend, Danny. She loves them both but life takes a turn when Ekansh again makes an appearance in her life and this time as her rommie's fiance. The story moves between Kolkata and Mumbai as Rivannah keeps on coming back to Kolkata to know more about her past, Hiya Choudhary.

She tries really hard to find the clues. She even quits her job when the Stranger ask her to do so. She doubts on Hiya's brother but later she comes to know that he was not even part of it. He was just being used.

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The characters seems more developed in this book. Rivannah is struggling and the stranger helps her find out whom she loves but that still remains uncovered till we reach the next book.

Further, Danny and Ekansh's roles keep on shifting in her life. This book has many characters along with the previous ones and together they make an amazing tuning.

Stranger free yours download epub all

The style of writing is simple, clear and lucid. Some of the sentences are just so beautiful that you end up noting down in your diary. The descriptions are fantastic and they just make you more glued to the book. Novoneel has a unique style of writing as he ends up playing with the minds of the readers through his play of words. Once can picturise the whole book while reading it and its an easy read. Dec 01, Varun Mehta rated it really liked it.

Nail biting Brilliant… Keeps you captive The books hit the road running, almost at the same pace of Book 1. A girl in the middle of the jungle justifies Rivannah's dream or rather say hallucination where she feel the presence of the stranger.

The whole game changed when the Stranger decided to up his game and Rivanah decided to dig deeper. Explores some noir aspects of her own personality and stuck in a situation where she has to choose between her first love and her true love. Never be afraid of such louts. A path with an unpredictable outcome. With Rivanah at helm, numerous outcomes are possible but to get it right, it has to be a waiting game. There are lines of worries, palpable tension in the story, surmounting drama and a crusader hidden behind Rivanah's past, present and future.

Very wrong. Cheating is when you feel the pressure of being faithful to someone because of someone else. That realization is cheating. In fact some love stories never end.

They only end something within the people involved. The mind dwelling quotes will make you ponder on your own life decisions. You can learn so many lessons of life from the stranger. The book holds some really honest Wise words. You'll end up craving for the last installment!!!

Mar 17, Jyotsna rated it really liked it. Before you read this I recommend you read my review for the first book Marry Me, Stranger. It will help you get a good perspective where both the books stand. The review of the first book in the trilogy - https: For whatever explicit words I used for part one, I would still use the same for part two read the part one review and you will know but one thing that All Yours, St This is the review for the second book All Yours, Stranger in the Stranger Trilogy.

For whatever explicit words I used for part one, I would still use the same for part two read the part one review and you will know but one thing that All Yours, Stranger did that Marry Me, Stranger couldn't was placement of the suspense. My favourite part of the book was when Stranger tells Rivanah about love and cheating, our perception and our emotions, how they entangle in a mess every time you try to make it right.

I do not want to embed quotes from the book here because that would mean a spoiler alert So let us dissect the book in parts - Narration Slightly better than book one; simple and easy-to-understand language. Grammatical errors are less in this book, a few printing errors prevalent. Character Analogy Again, I give Rivanah shit for replying to unknown people's messages but in this book she is in too deep with the stranger that she cannot do anything about it.

She started it first One thing I liked about this book is that it shows the relationship between Rivanah-Ekansh and Rivanah-Danny. The dynamics of the relationships change throughout the book and this is what the Stranger feeds on. I completed book two in 24 hours; the plot is fast paced and will keep you glued. Worth a read. Kudos to the writer here.

In Conclusion My favourite in many lists ranging from thriller to best books by Indian authors. Narration is shit, but the plot will take you places. Apr 05, Suraj Kailase rated it really liked it. This is the second book in the stranger triology by Navoneel Chakraborty which continues the story of the first book. Looking at the cover, it looks good, dark and suspenseful.

Rivanah continues to find clues and information regarding regarding Hiya Chowdhury which will take her to the stranger. There is no sign of the stranger for sometime but he soon reappears.

She is happy with her boyfriend Danny but a sudden comeback of her ex Ekansh and their love making confuses her whom she really wants? A This is the second book in the stranger triology by Navoneel Chakraborty which continues the story of the first book.

And what if Danny comes to know that she has cheated her? At the end Rivanah comes to know that Hiya too had got the same white paper chits with messages from the stranger on them which she had started getting from the time she has stepped in Mumbai.


And on the other hand Rivanah ends up making a sketch of Hiya whose face Rivanah says she doesn't remember. The latter is continued in book 3 of stranger triology. The language of the book is simple and can be easily understood. Heaven Awaits. Mary J. Through My Eyes. Gordon Smith. Developing Mediumship.

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All Yours, Stranger

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