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Download Kleypas, Lisa-Brown-Eyed Girl(Travis Family 4) - epub - zeke23 torrent for free. Fast and Clean downloads from BitTorrentScene a. Buy the eBook Brown-Eyed Girl, Travis by Lisa Kleypas online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from Booktopia today. The Travis Family, The Complete Series: Blue Eyed Devil, Smooth Talking Stranger, Brown-Eyed Girl: A Novel ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Lisa Kleypas.

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. The Travis series concludes with the fourth installment from award-wining author Lisa Kleypas. Wedding planner Avery Crosslin may be a rising star in Houston society, but she doesn't believe in love-at least not for herself. When she meets wealthy bachelor Joe Travis and mistakes him for a wedding photographer, she has no intention of letting him sweep her off her feet. But Joe is a man who goes after what he wants, and Avery can't resist the temptation of a sexy southern charmer and a hot summer evening. After a one night stand, however, Avery is determined to keep it from happening again.

The Family Secret. MackeNZie Crossing. Walking The Line. Lyrebird Beautiful, moving and uplifting: Beauty and the Billionaire The Wedding: A Billionaire Boys Club Novella.

Blowback Alpha Ops. Jax A Bastard Novel. Looking Inside. A Chance Of Stormy Weather. Autumn at the Star and Sixpence. Item Added: Brown-Eyed Girl. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist? I would just take the man He is that wonderful. Now there is a story We have them introduced to us with their back stories woven perfectly to allow us to catch up If you have the inclination to take a little time and meet them as they were meant to be But it is not necessary.

It would just give more of a flavor and an understanding of how Lisa Kleypas writes. Her way is Romance with a Capital R. She will describe things with ways which can make you swoon She will not, however, go into explicit detail for her sensual scenes. She will use language to let you know what is happening but with concepts and feelings. This is her way. Our story has the main love interest, Avery Crosslin, literally saved by Joe in their first meeting. We also have a few moments when she mistakes him for a possible assistant to the photographer employed for the wedding her company has planned.

Once she realizes he is not an employee but one of The Travis family Joe is laid back, enjoyable and let's her know he is fine with all of it. She is the one with people talking in her ear through a headset, things happening in her vision and her heart pumping from just her quick meeting with him. Joe takes all of this in Avery looks at him and shuts it all down First she is working, second she knows men like him do not look at women like her with real interest For you see, as accomplished as Avery may be in her work, she is equally sure about love, trust and relationships No, she tried that years ago and it only brought her pain and humiliation.

So instead, she plans and makes happen others' dreams of Happily Ever After. She knows who she is She is very happy to have found out about a half-sister and she is the creative side of this team.

The two of them bonded during a very dark time in both of their lives and the love which blossomed took root and they are now tied together happily with this venture. Joe waited and watched this determined woman work her magic all over the event; took his time and then offered a comfortable chair to rest her feet and a flute of Champagne.

Normally Avery would never drink or sit with a guest but Joe had a way of making her want to do it Her sister and the team also pushed her to relax and cut loose. Sitting and chatting with Joe causes Avery to feel those sparks and when he asks her to dance This moment is something special Avery does not know who this person is This is not her way But maybe tonight it can be We experience everything with Joe and Avery in this book Her need to really see herself as others see her, not the image and person she thinks she is As I mentioned earlier, I really loved Joe.

He could be a bit of this true "Texas guy", a bit pushy with Avery, though view spoiler [But Damn she was a blind hot mess in seeing clearly how much Joe was willing to put himself out there. If I had someone who was that crazy and patient with me I would be all over that in a heartbeat, hahahaha hide spoiler ] There are other parts of this story; the sister has her own romantic challenges and we experience first hand how all the Travis clan come together during happy and difficult times.

We see how the wedding industry is not all pretty dresses and venues And we experience what we all know in life; in order to truly live I believe in Happily Ever Afters and Ms. Kleypas has delivered another one. I am so excited to start this evening.

I didn't see this was only offered to my Aussie Friends. I shall go back to watching the calendar for this treat. Now I must wait and see Whatever the outcome Lisa Kleypas. She was my introduction to wonderful storytelling combined with all of the senses I felt her characters, I cared about who they were and how things were going to turn out. I experienced their highs and lows and I was there when they realized they loved It didn't matter I was reading her historical books, I felt all of those things.

I could identify by putting myself into the woman's place. When I picked up Smooth Talking Stranger in , I didn't realize it was one of my favorite historical authors till later. The book had this amazing family of men After seeing it Klepas, I did a mental nod I searched for the rest of the series, reading it backwards and loving every single moment. Smooth Talking Stranger was published in I will continue to check and see if there are any updates or hints of an earlier arrival then August The good news is it is February A gifted copy was provided by St.

Martin's Press via NetGalley for an honest review. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 62 comments. Oct 10, Polo rated it it was amazing. Brown-Eyed Girl Series: Travises 4 Author: Lisa Kleypas Release date: August 11, Cliffhanger: Six years!

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And I was just as excited when this landed on my Kindle as when I first heard that Brown-Eyed Girl was in the works quite a while ago. That is how much I adore this author. I realized that this is my Twenty-fifth book by her that I've read and she still has that indescribable ma Title: I realized that this is my Twenty-fifth book by her that I've read and she still has that indescribable magic in her writing that provides such vivid and flowing elegance. There really is no romance author out there like her.

Admittedly, I took a little break from reading her after the Friday Harbor series. For some reason, I wasn't feeling that same excitement so it was really wonderful to have those old feelings click back into place here. It doesn't take the place as my favorite Travis book, but a really decent addition nonetheless.

Avery is a beautiful, voluptuous redhead who spends her days planning romantic and memorable weddings with her sister. She has her own business, she's intelligent, non-nonsense, and she doesn't believe in love. That's right. She knows the most romantic ways to propose, the best wedding locations, how to decorate a wedding reception with elegance and style.

But when it comes to her own love life, she's completely uninterested in finding her soul mate. Her father was a no-good philanderer and set the worst example for what love is. Like the slam and fade of a destructive drug, the high never lasted long enough, and the low left you empty and craving more. The only good thing that came from her father was finding her half-sister. As for her mother, she had a revolving door of marriages that left an even more permanent stain on her perception of romance.

So when she runs into Joe Travis at a wedding, as devastatingly handsome as she finds him, she slams down her walls of defense immediately. Ah, Joe. He was a sexy one. He didn't have Hardy's intensity, Jack's smooth charm, or Gage's brooding qualities.

What he had was this innate warmth and tenderness, all wrapped around a core of strength. He knew at first glance that he wanted to pursue Avery and her dowdy, baggy clothing wasn't putting him off like she'd hoped.

He saw through her armor and wasn't letting her push him away. I loved his persistence and patience with her. How he quickly saw her wounds underneath her attitude and gently coaxed her around.

After her moment of weakness the night they met, a one-night stand she knows that he's capable of making her feel passion like no one ever has before. And that scares the hell out of her. I wanted him. Every part of me wanted him. We were alone, and the rest of the world was far away, and I knew somehow that if I slept with him, it would be extraordinary.

To a woman who'd lived twenty-seven years of ordinary, one night with a man like this didn't seem too much to ask. How does this man make her want things? Things that couldn't ever lead anywhere because even if she did believe in love, his family is in a whole other social stratosphere. It was impossible. So why couldn't she seem to stay away from him?

You could really feel the sensuality, the pull between these two characters. Joe was one determined man and he was willing to use any skill in his arsenal to get Avery to relinquish her fears. After being jilted at the alter by her ex, she wasn't willing to trust easily and change was something foreign to her.

So he had a quite a big challenge on his hands. Avery has to change her whole outlook on happily ever after. On what's important in life. The value of taking risks over the safety of solitude. Although she was a pretty closed off heroine, I never disliked her. She was tough when the situation warranted, but her vulnerabilities exposed her softer side and made her relatable. And together, she and Joe made one mesmerizing couple. Can we talk about this author's skill with the written word for a second?

I swear, the way Lisa Kleypas writes is so breathtaking at times she could make the littlest action sound like poetry. It's so graceful and flowing, it never fails to sweep me away. In the privacy of my imagination, I had relived his kisses, I had tasted them in my dreams.

But nothing was close to the reality of him, the heat and soft, searching pressure, the intense sensuality of the way he brought up the desire slowly. My only reason for not rating it a bit higher was the fact that it lacked a certain amount of angst and intensity between the two main characters that I've experienced in the past. It just wasn't quite on that same extra-special level as some others I've read. But I enjoyed Avery and Joe's book very much. Avery's road to self-discovery, Joe's steadfast patience and sexy persistence.

And the humor was really well done, it added a nice layer of lightness to the overall feel of the book. If you're like me, and follow this author religiously, you'll be happy to know that there are definite possibilities for future connected books. There was also another secondary character with huge potential, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that front. If you're a fan of this series, I would definitely recommend giving Brown-Eyed Girl a shot.

Past characters of the series DO make an appearance. If you're hoping to see some past beloved characters you won't be disappointed. View all 53 comments. Working as a wedding planner, of course she believes in marriage and love, but not for herself. Kleypas knows really well how to write a sweet romance with likeable characters and great writing. And "Brown-Eyed Girl" was exactly that.

Joe was the perfect hero for me. He was absolutely charming and I have to say I loved his personality and the way he pursued Avery. The man definitely knew what he wanted and I love a man who is willing to do anything to get the woman he wants. Honestly because she was too skittish for my liking.

I understood she was hurt in the past, but come on, in life you have to take risks, right?? I sympathize with her, of course I did, but what happened with her happened three years ago. So, IMO she should have move on - romantically along time ago. While Joe knew what he wanted, Avery was indecisive from start to almost finish. What I admired were her professionalism and her ambition.

On top of that I think everything was resolved to quickly in the end, so the ending was a little rushed, at least for me.

I enjoyed meeting again the characters from the previous books in the series. They were great, engaging and unique in they own way. The writing was flawless and I loved the teasing between the two main characters and the playful dialogue between them. View all 42 comments. Jul 15, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: My memory is a little fuzzy except that I remember loving Jack and his power tools and his chest hair.

Brown-Eyed Girl feels much like a retelling of a modern day fairy tale, an insecure, awkward heroine who caught the eye of an absolutely swoon-worthy Prince Charming. It might sounds cliche at first, but the whole reading experience just make me feels so good and th 4 'modern day fairy tale' stars It had been years since I read the last book with Jack Travis , so I'm not gonna try to compare them.

It might sounds cliche at first, but the whole reading experience just make me feels so good and the wonderful supporting characters bring a lot of warmth to the entire story. Not only I am rooting for the main hero and heroine, I am rooting for their friends as well.

Avery is a wedding planner, who ever since got ditched at the altar, grow insecure and distancing herself from relationship. She's a girl that is wary about commitment. She wants to find the most boring and reliable guy ever!

When the drop dead gorgeous, charming and rich, Joe Travis showed interest on her, Avery couldn't run fast enough. There is just something about their Southern charm and old school chivalry that spoke to me. I'm all for these real man, instead of those well-groomed metro-sexual gym buff. Joe is having a hard time getting Avery to date him and he couldn't understand why.

But his tenacity and understanding just make me swoon over. He just never give up no matter how many times the girl push him away.

Though it may sound bad, but this story isn't angsty at all. I never been so interested in the supporting characters hooking up. The whole wedding glitch on Ryan and Bethany was also fun to read.

There is just so much happening in Avery's life, including her career opportunity in New York. For those who had been following the series, we are treated to some great Travises moment with the whole bunch of them. Oh, Jack Travis, my man. You are still my no. Though now that I get to know more about Joe, he is coming a close second. Although this might be the 4th book in the series, it still can work as a standalone.

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It had been years since I read the last one and I don't remember much details. Recommended for lovers of contemporary romance with minimum angst, a lot of heart and with a hero that make you swoon over.

Jun 26, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: I contains my favorite things. First off, the fact that the wait for Joe's story just heightened my expectations should have been a buzzkill Usually, when I expect a book to be outstanding, it inevitably disappoints. I'm thrilled to say that Kleypas really delivered with her answer to the begging and pleading of thousands of readers.

Secondly, I love a good chase When he just won't give up, no matter her stubborn refusals. That's a big fantasy.

Thirdly, the alpha male who is still a good guy Her contemporary heroes are reminiscent of her historical heroes. They take the lead and are strong and tough while still being respectful and allowing their woman to be her own person. Joe epitomizes that perfect balance between alpha and beta. He sees what he wants Avery, obv he goes for it. He also has enough tact and patience to see that Avery is going to take a little bit of gentle persuasion and I found it really interesting after reading a slew of erotic books just how erotic a veiled sexy scene can be.

I mean, you're there in the moment, you know what's going on, but she doesn't spell it out.

She doesn't use explicit wording. The titillation comes from the allusions, not from the shock factor. It was hot, hot, hot!!!!!! Another thing that Kleypas did right was regarding Avery, the heroine's reluctance to accept anything more than a one night stand from Joe. The way her past was revealed led me to truly empathize with the way she guarded her heart. But al least I can count on one in a book. Every marriage starts as a happy ending, and then it turns into a marriage.

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Not so here. Avery remained mature and true to herself while battling this overwhelming attraction to the man that is perfect for her. Of course, we all know resistance is futile when it comes to any Travis man, but especially when one so obviously wants you badly. My reasons for not giving five stars? A couple, actually. I wanted more Joe. I wanted to spend more time with him. I felt like he and Avery had "big moments" but very little downtime to build on their attraction.

I felt the connection because the author is just that good. But I wanted a little more showing, a little more time for reflection that they got. My other beef goes sort of hand in hand with that complaint, and it's that I felt like the book was cut short.

I could easily have read another pages and garnered a lot more from this relationship. I felt like the middle was cut short, and I felt like the end wrapped up way too quickly. Literally two pages between the conflict and the resolution, and I just wanted more.

Brown-Eyed Girl

There is a lot of the Travis family, and while I know it sounds cheesy, it was like coming home. There is a certain scene in this book that That says a lot for how strongly connected I was to them all. And I think readers will be satisfied with the way things are going for this powerhouse family. Avery and Joe steal the show, but it's still a Travis book, through and through! I'm thrilled to say that I can't imagine readers having anything to be disappointed in Advance copy provided by the publisher for review View all 5 comments.

Brown-Eyed Girl took me back to my early reading days. Lisa Kleypas was one of the first authors I binged on several years ago when I really ramped up my hobby of reading.

Her library more historical than contemporary romance, I fell immediately for her style of writing and her ability to capture the essence of her characters so flawlessly. Since then, I've hardly read anything from her- venturing onto more erotica, suspense, or even darker themed reads. But within a few pages of this book, it was like coming home for me. I truly forgot this author's ability to capture me within a love story filled with so much more than just one romance- one love connection.

It's not that I didn't enjoy them, it's just so much time has passed and reading hundreds of books since then, my memory has faded. This in no way affected my ability to really enjoy this sweet love story. Sometimes it's just great to go back to where it all started. And it started with this author for me Avery Crosslin, with a budding career in the Wedding Planning business, is happy fading into the shadows- hiding her curvaceous figure behind boxy loose clothing. When prepping for a high-end wedding, she runs into Joe Travis, whom she thought was a wedding photographer.

He was her knight in shining armour when her hair spray just wasn't doing the job of killing off a wedding crasher- a Scorpian.

Apparently a boot works better than hairspray. Joe is everything Travis- hot and virile and Avery has to force herself to focus on the job at hand- relationships are the last thing she wants or needs.

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But the sight of Joe Travis sets her pants on fire The stubble on his face looked heavy enough to sand paint off a car. He was big-boned and lean, the muscles of his arms and chest as defined as cut stone beneath a worn layer of his T-shirt. A disreputable man, maybe a little dangerous. The kind of man who made you forget to breathe. Joe Travis is hell bent on getting to know this speed talking, red-headed wedding planner. She cuts his advances off at every turn but when a slow dance leads to two leads to a night of uninhibited passion, he didn't plan for her to run for the hills so quickly.

Was it something he did? Didn't do? I do have to say, Avery got a bit on my nerves with her hot and cold treatment of Joe. Luckily Joe seemed just the right person to figure out this quirky workaholic is simply scared of love Brown-Eyed Girl gave us so much more than this endearing love story.

Were gifted with two love stories. And I almost liked the second as much as the first. A novella for Sophia and Stephen would've been great. I love the love-hate build between those two. We also get a very pathetically sweet toothless chihuahua named Coco that Avery can't help but adopt- much to her sister Sophia's dismay. She would drop dead after a half mile. A quirky heroine, a masculine smooth talkin' hero, comical secondary characters, and, as always, a beautiful happily ever after.

I've missed Lisa Kleypas and I just might have to dive into some of these old historicals I've got sitting on my kindle. View all 54 comments. Jul 13, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: I've read the complete series and enjoyed each book. My favorite of the four books is Blue-Eyed Devil which is about the sister of the Travis brothers. Check out your local library that is where I found this book it was available via kindle version. Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.

View all 3 comments. It's LIVE! The Travis man in the spotlight in this fourth installment is Joe. I adored his direct approach in pursuing Avery, he shows charisma and personality and is very much the star of the book. Avery Crosslin is not interested in attracting the opposite sex and is completely devoted to raising her professional profile as a Wedding Coordinator, a business that she runs with her sister.

She's the consummate professional which is admirable, showing her independent and persistent qualities. In equal measure I found her to be standoffish and somewhat cold probably because her role models and examples of love have been quite negative throughout her life. This very much translates to her personality and behaviour in the story. The wedding planning aspects felt a little too detailed and are included too many times for my personal reading tastes. I don't feel they greatly enhanced the feel of the story in relation to the amount they're included and they began to feel mundane.

I highly enjoyed the initial meeting of the protagonists where I saw the hero's interest piqued and felt a spark in their chemistry. Delightful misunderstanding ensues that felt natural and endeared me to the characters almost instantaneously. Whilst my love for the hero grew, I found myself somewhat detached from the heroine because of her described demeanour.

Running along with the main story arc, another new couple is featured and I found their relationship to be quite engaging to the point I would have liked to hear more about them. The supporting cast of the Travis family is also a great inclusion and will be loved by fans of the series. Despite some elements of the story not suiting my reading tastes, when I felt submerged in the romantic element I liked Brown-Eyed Girl very much.

When Avery and Joe are together, enjoying each other, it's romantic and beautiful and simply gorgeous. Fans of the series will surely bask in the development of their relationship.

Brown-Eyed Girl is written in the first person narrative from the heroine's perspective. Martin's Press, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review thoughts View all 37 comments. I hated this. There is just no other way to put it. I want to tear it up and set on fire. So much of this was just rage inducing. There was more that annoyed me but I'm angry so I'm just putting what's sticking out in my head the now.

There is hardly any romance, it's just about Avery and her job. I felt like it wasn't her business to convince him to get married. She should have I hated this. She should have stayed out of it. Aside from the fact that she shouldn't have been giving him advice in the first place because it was NONE of her business, the advice was awful.

If you have to convince someone on their wedding day to get married then they shouldn't be getting married. I felt so sorry for the bride. Plus they talked about having more kids, she could barely look after one baby in her book, I shudder to think of her with more children. Everyone kept saying how they felt sorry for him getting "caught" by her. Everyone kept going on about how terrible a burden he was having to bear having a baby and how awful it was he was having to marry her.

Are you kidding me? No seriously, are you kidding me? He was choosing to marry her, he wasn't being forced and he was acting like he was some kind of fucking martyr. Bite me. Once again, a lassie doesn't just get pregnant by herself. Also don't be involved in a baby's life if you don't think it's an amazing addition to your life.

The baby would be better without you. Bethany ended up having not nice secrets but Ryan didn't know any of that and neither did all the people making comments so it doesn't excuse all the asshole behaviour. How does she find this out? Because a wedding dress fitter tells her she can tell the due date by the size of the bump. Every time I've had my bump measured it comes out as matching a different age. My friend who is a week behind me has a bump twice the size of mine.

I think I'm at the point where I've just heard so many stupid pregnancy comments from people who don't have a clue that this seriously made me want to punch things. It gets confirmed by Bethany but I seriously couldn't get over how stupid and harmful those comments could have been if it hadn't been true. Also baby's move at different times for different people. My baba could kick things of my belly from early on.

I hate cheating more than anything in this world. I don't believe in second chances, I think you cheat, you should be shot. But no way in a hell should a professional being going back to the groom with gossip like that. It's none of her business and in the real world that should have seriously affected her business. Beautiful, well dressed, socialite has to obviously be a "golddigger," "selfish," and a cheater. Whereas the heroine doesn't care about what she wears and adopts scruffy unwanted dogs.

Can this please stop in books? Avery gets this great job opportunity that means she would have to move to New York. Joe who up until now I've really loved, and who was apparently totally into her and had chased her, tells her he won't stand in her way but if she takes the job they are done.

He absolutely refuses to even discuss making it work. He tells he doesn't he even want to be with her for the time they'd have left. What a wanker! If you love someone you make it work. Considering he is a fucking millionaire with his own fucking jet, I'm sure he could have made it work long distance. She tries to come up with all the ways they could try make it work but he flat out refuses.

Won't even discuss it! No way did I believe he loved her! How does it get resolved? Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas Wedding planner Avery Crosslin may be a rising star in Houston society, but she doesnt believe in loveat least not for herself.. Brown-eyed girl: Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas. Make a donation of to support the site you love. Recent Posts..

Brown-Eyed Girl.. Brown Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas. Was so excited to download this book.. Brown-Eyed Girl: Lisa Kleypas 42 ePub eBooks Collection.

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