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Editorial Reviews. Review. "The spiritual journey is a journey like no other. Although there is a Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search. Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Tác phẩm " Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" (), hồi ký của Dr. "The Life And Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" by Baird T. Spalding Volume V · A.D.. One of my Favorite Books: You can Google.

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Life and Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. 2 book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The teachings that Buddha r. In Spalding published the first volume of Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East. It describes the travels to India and Tibet of a research party of. Life and Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. 6 book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Since these Masters were scattered over a wide territory that covered a large portion of India, Tibet, China, and Persia, they knew it could take years of searching many secluded villages and hidden mountain communes. Planning each step of the journey became a challenge knowing that countless miles of rugged terrain separated the remote and isolate locations that were imperative to the exploration. Even though they could plot their route on a map and see where they were headed, the destination deep within the souls of eleven scientifically trained men remained uncertain.

They went about teaching the people and showing them the better way of life even before man knew the simple arts of civilization. It is from their teaching that the system of rulers sprang. But these rulers soon wandered away from the realization that it was God expressing through them. Thinking it was themselves, the personal, who were doing the work, they lost sight of the spiritual and brought forth the personal or material, forgetting that all comes from the one source—God.

These rulers' personal concepts gave rise to the great separations in belief and the wide diversity of thought. This is our concept of the Tower of Babel. The Siddha have preserved throughout the ages the true inspirational methods of God expressing through mankind and through all His creations, realizing that God is All and that it is God manifesting through all.

They have never deviated from this teaching. Thus they have preserved the great fundamental Truth. The man we had left in the village to observe Emil joined us here and reported that he had conversed with Emil until nearly four o'clock of the day he was to keep his appointment with us. Then Emil said he was about to keep his appointment. His body immediately became inactive and reposed upon the couch as though asleep.

It was in this position until about seven o'clock in the evening, when it gradually became more indistinct and disappeared. It was at this time in the evening that Emil came to us in the lodge at the little village. We had made a number of short trips from our headquarters with either Jast or Neprow accompanying us and in every instance, they had shown their sterling qualities and worth.

This village contains the temple and the houses of the attendants and is located on the former site of a village that had been nearly destroyed by the ravages of wild animals and pestilence. We were told that the Masters visited this spot and found a few.

They ministered to them and the ravages of the wild animals and pestilence ceased. The few villagers vowed that, if they were spared, they would, from that time on, devote their lives to God, serving Him in any way He chose. The Masters left and when they returned later they found the temple erected and attendants in charge.

The temple is very beautiful, situated on an elevation overlooking a wide expanse of country. It is about six thousand years old, is made of white marble, and has never needed repairs, as a piece chipped off replaces itself, as was proven by members of our party.

Silence is power, for when we reach the place of silence in mind, we have reached the place of power—the place where all is one, the one power—God. Concentrated power is silence. When, through concentration drawing to a center , we have brought all of our forces into one point of force, we have contacted God in silence, we are one with Him and hence one with all power.

This is the heritage of man. This cannot be done in the without, for God manifests from within. We will realize that His power is for us to use and we will use it at all times.

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Then we will know that we are one with His power. Man will learn to let go of self-delusions and vanities. He will realize his ignorance and littleness. Then will he be prepared to learn. He will realize that the proud cannot be taught. He will know that only the humble can perceive the Truth. His feet will feel the firm rock, he will no longer stumble, he will be poised in decision. But when man does realize the true nature of God and brings Him forth into active expression, he will use this power at all times.

He will know that he consciously contacts His power at all times—when he eats, when he runs, when he breathes, or when he does the great work before him.

Man has not learned to do the greater works of God because he has not realized the greatness of God's power and has not known that God's power is for man's use. We must seek God through the Christ within, the invisible connection which we have within ourselves.

When the Father within is worshipped in Spirit and Truth, He hears the calls of that soul which sincerely opens to Him. The one who makes the connection with the Father in secret will feel the power flowing through him as the fulfillment of every desire. For he that sees the Father in the secret place of his own soul and there abides, him the Father will reward openly. How often Jesus disclosed his individual contact with the Father. See how He constantly held Himself in conscious communication with God within.

See how He talked with Him as though He were personally present. See how powerful this secret inner relation made Him. He recognized that God does not speak in the fire, the earthquake, or the great wind, but in the still, small voice— the still, small voice deep in our own souls.

He will learn to think things through. Old ideas will drop away, new ideas will be adjusted. He will soon find the ease and efficiency of system. He will learn at last to take all the questions that perplex him into this silent hour. There he may not solve them but he will become familiar with them.

Then he will not need to go hurrying and battling through the day and feel that his purpose has been defeated. There he will find his most dangerous enemy and there will he learn to master him. He will find his true self. There will he find his truest friend, his wisest teacher, his safest adviser—himself. There will he find the altar upon which God is the undying fire, the source of all goodness, all strength, all power—himself.

He will know that God is in the deepest part of the silence. He will find that within himself abides the Holy of Holies. He will feel and know that his every desire is in God's mind and is, therefore, God's desire. He will feel and know the closeness of the relationship of God and man, the Father and the Son. He will realize that only in consciousness has there been any separation of these which have seemed two—just as his spirit and his body have seemed to be two—but which in reality are one.

It was this great revelation that came to Jacob in the silence. He had slept on the stone of materiality. In a great burst of divine illumination he saw the outer is but the out-pressing or expression of the image held within. This is none other but the house of God and this is the gate to heaven. In Jacob's vision he was shown the ladder reaching from earth to heaven. He saw the angels of God descending and ascending upon it—God's ideas descending from Spirit to form and ascending again.

So perfectly was this law of expression revealed to the Master that at once he saw all form may be transformed, or changed in form, through a change of consciousness in regard to it.

His first temptation was to change the form of stones to that of bread to satisfy personal hunger, but with the revelation of this law of expression came the true understanding that stones as well as all other visible forms have come forth from the Universal Mind Substance, God, and are in themselves true expressions of divine Mind; and all things desired, not formed are still in this Universal Mind Substance ready to be created or brought forth to fill every desire. Thus, the need for bread but showed that the substance with which to create bread or any other needed thing is at hand without limitation and bread can be created from this substance just as well as stones can be created therefrom.

Every good desire man has is God's desire; therefore, there is an unlimited supply in the Universal God Substance all about us to fill every desire. This I AM has but one mode of expression and that is through idea, thought, word, and act.

The consciousness which is in the infinite mind of God and in man is determined by the concept or belief that is held in mind. It is the belief in separation from Spirit that has caused our forms to age and die.

When we see that Spirit is all and that form is constantly being expressed from Spirit, then shall we understand that that which is born of or brought out of Spirit is Spirit. Not one of us has to conceive himself. We have been perfectly conceived and are always held in the perfect mind of God as perfect beings.

By having this realization brought to our consciousness, we can contact the divine Mind and so reconceive what God has already conceived for us. We contact God-mind through true thought and so bring forth a true expression; whereas, in the past, perhaps through untrue thought, we have brought forth an untrue expression.

But, whether the form be perfect or imperfect, the Being of the form is perfect God-power, substance, and intelligence. It is not the Being of the form that we wish to change but the form that Being has assumed. This is to be done through the renewing of the mind, or through the change from the imperfect to the perfect concept, from the thought of man to the thought of God. How important then to find God, to contact Him, to be One with Him and to bring Him forth into expression. How equally important is the silence or the stilling of the personal mind, that the God-mind in all its splendor may illumine the consciousness.

The infusion of the Universal Mind into the personal mind is like the entrance of the vastness of the outside air into the impurity of that which has long been held in some close compartment.

It stands alone, supreme, and we realize that we are to build but one temple. The Temple of the Living God is the blending of the greater with the lesser through which the lesser becomes one with the greater. The impurity was caused by the separation of the lesser from the greater. The purity is caused by their union, so that no longer is there a greater and a lesser but just the one good, whole, pure air. Even so must we know that God is One and all things visible and invisible are One with Him.

It is separation from Him that has caused sin, sickness, poverty, and death. It is union with Him that causes one to become a whole Being or to become conscious of being whole. The return to unity is the ascent of the angels upon the ladder. The descent is good, for unity then becomes expressed in diversity, but in diversity there need be no concept of separation.

That which is diversity has been misconceived from the personal, or external viewpoint, to be separation. The great work for each soul is to lift the personal viewpoint to such heights in consciousness that it becomes one with the whole. At first we see Jesus and with Him Moses and Elias; or Law and Prophecy, and the Christ, the power within man to know God ; and we think to build three temples, but the deeper meaning comes. Then Moses—the Law, and Elias—the Prophecy, disappear; and the Christ stands alone supreme and we realize that we have to build but one temple—the Temple of the Living God within our very selves.

Then the Holy Spirit fills the consciousness and the sense delusions of sin, sickness, poverty, and death become no more. This is the great purpose of the silence. Thursday morning the sun rose clear and beautiful but, instead of pushing on as we had expected, we were told that we would wait where we were until the trails had dried and the rivers had receded so we could proceed more comfortably.

We were all fearful lest our provisions should be exhausted and one of our party voiced this fear. Emil, who had charge of the whole outfit, came to us and said, "You need not fear. Does not God take care of all His creatures, both great and small, and are we not His creatures?

You will see that here I have a few kernels of corn or corn seed. I will plant them. By this act I have definitely said that I want corn.

I have formed corn in my mind. I have fulfilled the law and in due season it will come forth. Is it necessary for us to await the long, arduous process that Nature in her slow growth and unfoldment will take in order to grow corn? If so, we would be obliged to wait a long, hard time to obtain it. Why not use a higher or more perfect law, given us by the Father, to produce it? All that is required is to become quiet and visualize or idealize corn and we have corn cured, ready for use.

If you doubt it, you can gather it, grind it into meal, then make it into bread. Then Emil went on to say, "This you have seen and believe but why not use a more perfect law and bring forth a more perfect thing or exactly what you want—bread.

You will see by using this more perfect, or as you would say, more subtle law, I am able to bring forth exactly what I need—bread. He remarked, "You see there is sufficient for all; if not sufficient, more can be supplied until there is enough and to spare.

He saw the opportunity to prove to His disciples the power of bread leavened or increased by the Spirit. How often man in the mortal concept thinks as did Philip! He was calculating, as human consciousness is calculating today, from the visible supply on hand—thinking he had only so much bread or so much supply or so much money with which to buy.

Jesus recognized that the one in Christ Consciousness knows no limitation. He then, in Christ Consciousness, looked to God as the source and creator of all and gave thanks for the power and substance right at hand to fill every want.

He then broke and distributed, through His disciples, to those in outer need until the need was supplied and there remained twelve baskets over. Jesus never depended on the over-supply of another to fill His need nor the need of another; but He taught that our supply is right at hand in Universal Substance where all supply exists and all we need do is to create it or bring it forth. Just so when Elisha multiplied the widow's oil. He did not apply to someone having an over-abundance of oil, for had he done this the supply would have been limited.

He contacted the Universal and the only limit to the supply was that all the vessels were filled. The supply could have flowed on until this day had there been vessels to receive it. None of you feel that you are in any way under a hypnotic spell. Let me say that the only hypnotism is the selfhypnotism of believing that each and every one can not do the perfect works of God, and create the desired condition or thing.

For is not the need itself the desire to create? You simply fall short of your perfect creation or expression. You do not let God express perfectly through you as it is His desire to do. Was it not Jesus' true mission here on earth to show that we, as sons of God, or man in his true estate, can create as perfectly and as harmoniously as God does? When Jesus commanded the blind man to bathe his eyes in the pool of Siloam, was not this intended to open the eyes of all?

All were to see that Jesus was sent by the Father to show us that the Father intended us to create exactly as He creates; all are to do the perfect work as Jesus did by recognizing the Christ in himself and in all.

This loaf I just received and held in my hand is consumed as though burned by fire. What happened? I misused the perfect law that brought forth my conception and consumed that which I brought forth,. If I persisted in the misuse of the perfect law, it would consume not only that which I create but would consume me, the creator. We will admit the form is changed for, in place of the loaf, we have a small amount of dust or ashes.

Has it not in reality been returned to the Universal Substance from which it sprang? Is it not now in unmanifest form, waiting to be brought again into manifestation? Is this not the way with all forms that go from our sight either by fire or decay or in any other way? Do they not return to the Universal Substance—God—from which they sprang?

Let me say that that is the same as creating the bread.

Life and Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East

I can use the law to obtain ice as well as bread, just as long as I use either as a benefit to mankind, or as long as I am working in living accord with the law, or expressing as God wishes all to express.

It is good for all to make bread, or ice, or any and all things desired; and all must press on to the stage at which they can do these things. Can you not see that by using the highest law, the absolute law of God, you may bring forth that which you need or conceive in mind as your highest idea and thus please God more fully by manifesting more fully, knowing as Jesus did that we are perfect Sons of God?

As I see it, the commercial bondage will, in a few years, become the greatest bondage of all. If it goes on at the rate it is now progressing, it will dominate man, soul and body, and it cannot do otherwise than consume itself and those that are interested in it. There is no question but that the first inception of commercialism was on a high spiritual plane, but materialism was allowed to creep in until the very power used to create is the power that will consume; just as the very power used to create will always consume if not used rightly.

Is not the pressing of commercialism and limitations upon us crowding us on to see that we must come up over, or overcome, these conditions?

Is not this done by simply realizing that we are to do the perfect works of God, to raise our consciousness to the Christ Consciousness? Is not this what Jesus taught us here on earth?

Does not His whole life exemplify this? At this time, everything to be formed later was in unmanifest form in the Universal Mind Substance—or as expressed by some, in chaos. This word in the original was actuality. This word, chaos, is misinterpreted to mean a turbulent or warring state, instead of the deep, spiritual state of actuality, always awaiting a definite, creative, spoken word through which it can spring forth into manifest form.

In other words, God saw an ideal world; He held in mind that substance of which the world was to be formed a sufficient time to lower its vibration; then He spoke the Word and the world was formed—or, as we might say, God visualized a mental pattern or mold into which could flow the substance needed to make the world and it came forth a perfect form, built upon the pattern which was held in consciousness.

He might have wished during an indefinite time that they were formed and made visible. Had not the definite spoken word been put forth into the formless ether, nothing would have been created or brought forth into visible form.

This is the perfect world that God saw in the beginning and the one He is thinking into existence right now, and the time of its manifestation lies in our acceptance of it.

When we can come to the one place and know that we are all one, one man, and know that we are all members of God's body as much as one member of our body is a part of the whole body, then we are in, and of, God's kingdom, heaven here on earth, now. All is spiritual. Realize that heaven is a perfect state of consciousness, a perfect world here on earth now, and all we need to do is to accept it.

It is here all about us, waiting for us to open the inner eye. Through that eye our bodies shall be made light, the light which is neither of the sun nor moon but of the Father; and the Father is right here in the very innermost part of our being. We must sufficiently realize that there is nothing material, that all is spiritual. Then we must think of that wonderful God-given spiritual world which is right here now if we can realize it. Did not God first become quiet and contemplative and see the light?

Then man saw only good, and all was good until man separated himself from God and saw duality, or two. Then he, by his thought, created two, one good and the other the opposite; for if there were two, they would be opposite—good and evil. Thus evil came through man's perfect power to express or bring forth that which he gazed upon.

If man had not seen evil, evil would have been given no power of expression. Only the good would have been expressed and we would be as perfect as God sees us today. Would not heaven always have been on earth as God sees it and as we must all see it to make it manifest?

Jesus had a perfect right to say that He came from heaven; for did not all come from heaven, the great Universal Mind Substance? And does not God expect man to use that power as freely as He uses it—and in exactly the same way? By first perceiving the need; then conceiving the good, the ideal, with which to fill the mold that we hold in consciousness and which is to be filled from the Universal Mind Substance; then sending forth the word that it is filled; that it is so, and it is good.

There is no question that if Jesus had wished to do so, He could have saved Himself. There is no doubt but that He saw there was a great change taking place in His body. He also saw that those about Him were not able to see that they also could bring forth the spiritual body, as He was attempting to have them see.

They still looked to the personal and He saw that if He brought forth the spiritual body without some decided change, the people would not be able to discern between the material and the spiritual; so He adopted the way of the crucifixion to bring about the change. Did He not unfold His life here on earth to show us the perfect way to God?

Can we do other than love this perfect ideal way when we once see it, whether it be planting seed, making bread, or doing the million and one things necessary to human existence? Are not these acts mere lessons carrying us on to our unfoldment? Some day we are to realize that we are truly Sons of God, not servants; that as Sons we can and do have all that the Father has and that we can use it just as freely as our Father does.

Then we are grandly, beautifully free. Could there be a better, truer example of this life than that of Jesus? Can you not recognize the power that is in His name, Jesus, the Christ made manifest, or God manifesting through the flesh man? Jesus came to the place where He relied wholly upon His deep knowledge or understanding of God and this is how He did His mighty works.

He did not rely upon His own will power or upon strong, concentrated thoughts. Neither must we rely upon our own will power nor strong, concentrated thoughts, but upon the will of God. Do you not think that Jesus willed in all things to do the will of God or to do what God willed Him to do?

Whether He physically ascended a high mountain or not, I do not know. This I do know, that we must all ascend to the heights, the very highest in consciousness to receive our illumination. This height means the very top of the head and there, if the faculty is not developed, we must develop it by spiritual thoughts. Then from the heart, the love center, we must let love flow forth to balance all and when this is done the Christ is revealed. The son of man perceives that he is the Son of God, the only begotten Son, in whom the Father is well pleased.

Then with constant love, we must realize this for all. Then realize the countless number of rock particles that are contained in the whole earth; the countless number of trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs upon the earth; the countless number of forms of animal life upon the earth.

Realize that all are the outpicturing of the ideal held in the great universal mind of God; that they all contain the one life, the life of God. Then think of the countless number of souls born upon this earth. Then realize that each soul is a perfect outpictured ideal image of God as God sees Himself; that each soul is given the same power, expression, and dominion over all that God Himself has. Do you not think that God wills or wishes man to unfold these. Then realize that each person is an expression or pressing out from the unseen, the Spirit into visible form, a form through which God loves to express.

He recognized, claimed, and accepted His divinity, then lived the life just as we must do. After a delay of eight days, we broke camp on Monday morning and proceeded on our way. The afternoon of the third day out, we came to the bank of a larger river.

The stream was about two thousand feet wide, running bank-full, and the current was at least ten miles per hour. We were told that this stream, in ordinary times, could be crossed at this place without any inconvenience. We decided to camp until morning and observe the rise and fall of the water. We were informed that we would be able to cross by bridge farther up stream, but to reach this bridge would necessitate a detour of at least four days' hard travel.

We felt that if the water was receding, it would be better to wait a few days rather than undertake the long detour. It had been demonstrated to us that we need not take any thought as to our provisions for, from the day already referred to, when our provisions were exhausted the whole company, consisting of over three hundred persons, had been supplied with an abundance of provisions from the invisible, as we called it. This supply was maintained for sixty-four days, until we returned to the village from which we started.

Thus far, none of us had any idea of the true significance or meaning of the things we were experiencing. Neither were we able to see that these things were performed by definite law, a law that all can use. When we were assembled for breakfast next morning, we found five strangers in camp.

They were introduced and it was mentioned that they were from a party that was camped on the other side of the stream and were returning from the village of our destination. We thought very little of this at the time, as we naturally supposed they had found a boat and had crossed in it. One of our party said, "If these people have a boat, why can we not use it to cross the stream? After finishing breakfast that morning we were all assembled on the banks of the stream.

We noticed that Emil, Jast, and Neprow with four others of our party were talking with the five strangers. Jast came to us and said they would like to cross with the others to the camp on the other side of the stream as they had decided to wait until the next morning to see if the water showed signs of receding. Of course, our curiosity was aroused and we thought it rather fool-hardy to attempt to swim a stream as swift as the one before us just to make a friendly call upon a neighbor.

We felt that swimming was the only way the crossing could be accomplished. When Jast rejoined the group, the twelve, fully dressed, walked to the bank of the stream, and with the utmost composure stepped on the water, not into it. I never shall forget my feelings as I saw each of those twelve men step from solid ground upon the running water.

I held my breath, expecting, of course, to see them plunge beneath and disappear. I found afterwards that that was the thought of all our party. At the time, I think each of us held his breath until they were all past midstream, so astonished were we to see those twelve men walking calmly across the surface of the stream without the least inconvenience and not sinking below the soles of their sandals.

When they stepped from the water to the farther bank I felt that tons of weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I believe this was the feeling of every one of our party, judging from the sighs of relief as the last man stepped ashore. It certainly was an experience that words fail to describe. The seven belonging to our party returned for lunch. While the excitement was not so intense at the second crossing, every one of us breathed more freely when the seven were safe ashore again.

Not one of our party had left the bank of the stream that forenoon. There was very little discussion regarding what we had witnessed, so engrossed were we with our own thoughts. The second day the company was toiling up the steep side of a mountain with the hot sun pouring down upon us when our Chief, who had said but little during the last two days, suddenly remarked, "Boys, why is it that man is obliged to crawl and grovel over this earth?

He went on to say, "How is it, if a few are able to do the things we have seen accomplished, that all men cannot accomplish the same things? How is it that man is content to crawl, and not only content to crawl but is obliged to do so? If man was given dominion over all things, he was certainly given power to fly above the birds. If this is his dominion why has he not asserted this dominion long ago?

The fault must certainly be in man's own mind. This must. He has only been able, in his own mind, to see himself crawling; thus he has only been able to crawl.

Then Jast took up the thought and said, "You are perfectly right, it is all in man's consciousness. He is limited or unlimited, bound or free, just as he thinks. Do you think that the men you saw walk across the stream yesterday to save themselves the inconvenience of this trip are in any way special creations any more than you are?

They are not created in any way different from you. They do not have one atom more power than you were created with. They have, by the right use of their thought forces, developed their God-given power. The things you have seen are accomplished in accord with definite law and every human being can use the law if he will.

Located in this village was The Healing Temple. It is claimed that only words of Life, Love, and Peace have been given expression in this temple since its erection, and the vibrations are so potent that nearly all who pass through the temple are instantly healed.

It is also claimed the words of Life, Love, and Peace have been used and sent out so long from this temple and the vibrations emanating from them are so strong that, should words of inharmony and imperfection be used at any time, they would have no power. We were told that this is an illustration of what takes place in man. If he would practice sending forth words of Life, Love, Harmony, Peace, and Perfection he would in a short time not be able to utter an inharmonious word.

We attempted to use inharmonious words and found in each instance that we could not even utter them. This temple was the destination of those of the company who were seeking healing.

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It is the custom for the Masters who are in the vicinity to congregate at this village at certain intervals for a season of devotion and instruction to those who wish to avail themselves of the opportunity.

The temple is dedicated entirely to healing and is open to the people at all times. As it is not always possible for the people to reach the Masters, the Masters encourage the people to go to the temple for healing. This is the reason they do not heal those that congregate for the pilgrimages. They accompany the pilgrims to show the people that they are no different than themselves, that all have the same God-given power within. I suspect that when they crossed the river that morning they did it to show that they could rise above any emergency and that we should also rise above any emergency.

In places not accessible to this temple all who come to the Masters for help are greatly benefited. Of course, there are the curious and those who do not believe that do not seem to receive any help. We witnessed a number of assemblages of from two hundred to two thousand people and all those desiring healing were healed.

A great many told us they were healed by declaring silently that they desired to be made whole. We had the opportunity to observe a large number of those healed at different times and we found that about ninety per cent of these healings were permanent, while all the healings in the temple seemed to be permanent.

It was explained that the temple is a concrete thing located in one place, representing the God center, the Christ in the individual—just as all churches should typify this God, or Christ center, in the individual—and that it is always accessible to those desiring to go there.

They could go to the temple as often as they chose and stay as long as they wished. The ideal is thus formed in the minds of those who come to it and the ideal becomes fixed in mind. Emil said, "Right here comes the suggestion that has led to the idolatry of the past. Men sought to grave in wood or stone, gold, silver or brass the image of that which they idealized but any idol can only imperfectly picture the ideal.

The image, the idol, is no sooner formed than men become conscious that the ideal surpasses the idol and they are shown that they must gaze upon love and idealize for themselves that which they wish to bring forth from the within, instead of graving any idol in outer form of the ideal they would express. A later form of idolatry is to idealize the personality of the one who expresses our ideal. We should idealize the ideal which he expresses and not the personality which expresses it.

This is true even of so great a person as Jesus. Thus, Jesus chose to go away when He saw the people were idealizing His personality instead of the ideal which He represented. They sought to make Him their King, only realizing that He could supply them with every outer need, not recognizing that they within themselves had the power to supply their every need and that this they must do, as He, Himself, had done. For they must look within, within their very selves.

He said, "It is through the power of our own mind or thought action that we are able to bring forth or realize the Christ Consciousness. Through the power or process of thought we can transmute and evolve our bodies, or our outer conditions and surroundings, through recognition of this Christ Consciousness within ourselves, so that we will never experience death nor any change called death.

This is done wholly through man's power to visualize, idealize, conceive, and bring forth that which he gazes upon. This is done by first knowing or perceiving or having faith that the Christ is within ourselves; seeing the true meaning of Jesus' teaching; holding our body one with God, made in the image and likeness of God and merging that body into the perfect God body just as God sees us.

We have idealized, conceived, and brought forth into manifestation the perfect God body. Then, by holding them in their pure, spiritual, perfect state, the vibrations are lowered and the things we wish to create come forth in perfect form. Volume are additional ideas without any story. One should remember that Spalding was never to introduce a new religion and that his volumes, at best are variations of the same idea. The Masters look upon each human through the eye of love, as perfect, free of sin, immortal, eternal young and beautiful.

Ready to do the wonderful works of G This 6 Volume Set are the best spiritual books ever written. Ready to do the wonderful works of God. The Teaching of Spalding , New Testament and Near Death Experience are the religion of tomorrow as such religion is like a lotusflower where the dirt of creed and dogma and false teachings just drop off the flower.

If you are interested in the religion of tomorrow just surf to: Jul 25, Nancy Rector rated it it was amazing. This has to be one of the most profound scientific "studies" ever embared upon. It is a true story about a group of scientists in the 40's who started out on a journey to find all the religious masters in the world.

Their goal was to prove that religion is based on false ideas and concepts. They found something else entirely that was beyond their widest imaginations.

Baird bvifacts.infong,Life and Teaching Masters Far East pdf - Buscar con Google

An incredible read. Highly recommended by my mom. Jun 18, Huy Nguyen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 27, Dan Keating added it. I have read this book several times. After the first reading it is a book to study from time to time. It was the book series that started my spiritual quest. The book looks at the people we call masters but they are not quick to use those descriptions including Jesus who shows up in many of the books of this series.

If you are looking for spiritual information from many different angles this is a series that will broaden your mind set. Apr 17, Thao Lexy rated it liked it. Feb 17, Milan rated it it was amazing. A wealth of knowledge, information. There are pieces of various texts that have become part of my daily staple of meditative and prayer practice. I have read and re-read all six volumes Notes, stickies, dog-eared, and sections copied into word documents.

I love love love these volumes and find them to be immensely practical and useful in daily life. Thank you Mr. Spaulding for your gift of adventure and for the blowing of mind.

Truly, the Universe, my Universe is much more enriched and radiant and much more expansive thanks to "The Masters". Amor Vincit Omnia! Jan 21, Terra rated it it was amazing. For those who seek the answers that seem just out of your reach I have heard mixed reviews from my friends who have read these books.

It is definatly a series that requires an open mind and a never ending desire to discover the many truths in life. Some people have felt that Spalding is simply telling stories, others obvious truth. You decide! Just a warning, though. These are loaded books adn are not the easiest of reads at times.

I recommend reading them on the trail or in the out of doors. F For those who seek the answers that seem just out of your reach For some reason, spritual understanding tends to make a little more sense outside.

Sep 30, Gregory rated it it was amazing. Thank You Mr. Aug 14, Jeff Loxterkamp rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fascinating account of Baird T. Spalding's alleged trip to the Far East, specifically, Tibet and the Himalayas. There is much to question about the authenticity of these volumes, but is fascinating reading. A few instances I can remember: Spalding and his caravan saved from maraudung bandits by spectors of Jesus Christ, Pontius Pilot and a few other luminaries on horseback.

Gurus vibrating through walls. Tibeten monks levetating several hundred feet up sheer cliffs. Do not read it if you have closed mind I never met Draja in person, but I have tremendous respect for him. He is now retired and lives in Philadelphia with the family of one of his students. I read all his books and tried his advice in real life, it always worked. Draja describes in the books I mentioned many similar things and gives some technical details. So after that the stories of Baird Spalding were not so unbelievable as it might have sounded if I had no previous acquaintance with the subject.

An excellent book to kick-start your enlightenment process. Be sure that the enlightenment process includes the learning of a very specific method, which this book does not teach. But what it contains, the quotes, are very, very useful. You also want to be aware of some of the tampering of the text, particularly of Baird's - use your insight to validate what you read. The events described are amazing. It's especially encouraging to know that these events took place in and were witnessed AND recorded by a group of scientists.

These were serious men who were on a mission to investigate rumors and legends surrounding a group of mystics who are ready to share their knowledge and skills with those who are open to some really fantastic feats. I'm currently studying this area of interest under the tutelage of a man who has been practicing for over 45 years and has met some of the mystics mentioned in these books and more.

It's truly astounding.

Teaching of masters the far ebook and of life the download east

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. All the books in the series reveal something new for me. The authenticity of the author has often been in question in certain circles along with many others that have written similar material. For me, Spalding tells his story his way. There seem to be some overlap in events and information with other writers of the same timeframe, Yogananda in particular.

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