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As of today we have 76,, eBooks for you to download for free. Godfather Terakhir / Mario Puzo; alih bahasa, Sutanty Lesmana — Jakarta: Gramedia. Read online or download for free graded reader ebook The Godfather by Mario Puzo of pre-intermediate level you can download in epub, mobi, fb2, rtf, txt. “The Godfather” By Mario Puzo. 2. Book One. Chapter 1. Behind every great fortune there is a crime – Balzac. Amerigo Bonasera sat in New York Criminal Court.

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Editions for The Godfather: (Paperback published in ), (Kindle Edition published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Kindle Edition published i. but The Godfather, which he wrote in , is his most famous. In. , it was has made two successful films: The Godfather 3 () and Bram. Stoker's. Download Ebook Pdf Novel Indonesia

Over four decades ago, Mario Puzo gave us, through his The Godfather, an insight into the mind of the socially enabled psychopath. Vito Corleone, the Godfather who emerged from these humble beginnings in Puzo's novel and went on to occupy a pre-eminent position in the underworld, makes a fascinating case study, one of the finest descriptions of psychopathic personality in popular fiction. The prototypical psychopath has deficits or deviances in some core areas: Psychopaths gain satisfaction through antisocial or socially deviant behaviour, and do not experience shame, guilt, or remorse for their actions. A classic trait among psychopaths is the lack of a sense of guilt or remorse for any harm they may have caused others. Instead, the psychopath rationalises his behaviour, blames it on others, or denies it outright. Psychopaths also lack empathy towards others in general, resulting in tactlessness, insensitivity, and contemptuousness.

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El padrino Paperback. The Godfather Hardcover. Ojciec chrzestny Hardcover. El Padrino Paperback. Angel Arnau Translator.

Der Pate Paperback. It is not that the psychopath does not feel emotions; he feels them so fleetingly and his being carried away by them is so transient albeit intense that those feelings fail to have any impact on how he perceives and reacts to the emotions of others.

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In other words, his emotional experience probably has little impact on his emotional learning and development as a human being. Research has shown that psychopaths have poor perception of the facial emotions others express, and experience difficulties in affect recognition i. They also seem to have difficulty in integrating contextual cues in their environment; their perception of an environmental cue is linked to how it relates to goal-relevant environmental information.

Put simply, the psychopath fails to perceive environmental cues in the context they are and may thus react inappropriately. As a consequence, psychopathic personalities may fail to perceive fear in the object of their aggression; fail to recognise his abject submission; and therefore perhaps, fail to tailor their aggression to that which will merely provoke a desired response.

In the process, their aggressive reactions may be far in excess of that needed to achieve their ends. Psychopaths also often do not sense right and wrong in conventional ways accepted by society: For example, Puzo's godfather, in mourning the violent death of his favourite older son, focuses more on his son's inability to control his impulses rather than on his own contribution to the sadness that has visited his family.

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Curiously, the Godfather's wife, a devout Christian, is described as fervently praying for his the Godfather's soul and presumably its salvation. Indeed, Vito Corleone is almost statesmanlike in his responses. Highly moralistic in his personal values, he is portrayed as having very strong views about appropriate public behaviour, family honour and sexuality in particular, and is seen to frown on social inappropriateness of any kind.

Indeed his second son's fondness for company with the opposite sex becomes the major reason for the Godfather to summarily reject him, despite having lost his older son to the ravages of his profession. That someone so moralistic does not see it amiss to eliminate a rival through murder in cold blood, or indeed coerce a recalcitrant and arrogant movie producer by decapitating his favourite, priceless race horse, leaving the race horse's head in his bedroom for him to wake up beside, experiencing untold terror in the process, exemplifies for us the paradox the Godfather is.

So if Puzo's Godfather is a psychopath, what manner of psychopathy does he represent? The primary quality of psychopathy that the Godfather possesses to a great extent appears to be the ability to be ruthless in achieving his own ends. A second psychopathic quality the Godfather exudes is a distorted reality of the impact of his actions; not quite consonant with traditional expectations or social beliefs, nor indeed particularly empathetic.

A third, perhaps most striking psychopathic quality the Godfather possesses is his ability to manipulate people and situations rather skilfully. His dispensation of favours is usually with a caveat; that one day, at an appropriate time, the favours will have to be returned. Hesitation to accept or return the Godfather's favour is viewed with open contempt, suspicion, even derision.

There are, however, several differences. Quite contrary to the typical psychopathic personality, the Godfather's is a slow to warm, even phlegmatic, temperament, and he does not exude a superficial charm. His is also a remarkably sensitive personality; quick to take offence and very perceptive of the moods, emotions and reactions of those around him.

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His ability to perceive social and emotional cues is highly developed, quite unlike the conventional psychopath who appears oblivious to these. Finally, his almost statesman-like willingness to reason makes him stand out from the conventional image we have of the psychopath as a society.

Puzo's Godfather does, therefore, present us with a paradox; cruel psychopath to some, beloved friend and protector to others; a unique combination of sense and sensibility on the one hand, balanced against latent potential for ruthless violence.

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Does he then represent the socially enabled psychopath? In traditional professions and businesses, leadership is often either supervisory or strategic: This form is perhaps predominant in the leader who is a socially enabled psychopath. Effective leadership is often about helping people and organisations achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Engagement in such goal-oriented activity does call for a certain focus; where the goals set achieve primacy over other concerns, for example, those of the ethical or moral kind.