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Revved (Revved #1) by Samantha Towle #[email protected] #[email protected] best_audiobooks Revved - Samantha KB. From New York Times bestselling author, Samantha Towle, comes a new sexy, . Revved - Samantha Revived (Revved #2) by Samantha Towle #ContemporaryRomance #Sports Published July 12th India Harris didn't have the best start in.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Revved (Revved Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Samantha Towle. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets . Revved book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Race car mechanic Andressa Andi Amaro has one rule—no dating drivers. W. About Samantha Towle: SAMANTHA TOWLE is a New York Times, of contemporary romances, The Storm Series and The Revved Series.

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Wardrobe Malfunction Wardrobe Series Book 1. Revved Revved Series Book 1. Taming the Storm The Storm Series.

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition. Its a wonderful journey of Tru and jake. Although there are not much ups and downs in their relationship and thank god for that ,coz i thought it would so much be like a typical rockstar romance with drugs alcohol and women.

But no thankfully it was not that way. The book is more inclined towards how their relationship matured to finally have a HEA. The only reason I am giving 4 star is that at some point when Tru and jake got together It got a bit dull when their day to day routine of going on dates etc was written,plus I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. See the review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Let me preface this review by saying I really liked this book I know it going into the story that "This is rock and roll baby!

Towle download epub samantha revved

I literally want to slap these women upside their heads and say "Make a decision already and stop feeling sorry for yourself!!! I will certainly continue on with the series and see how the rest of the craziness plays out until this duo finds their HEA!! Or a beautiful nightmare? Lead vocalist and founding member of the Mighty Storm, women want to have him, men want to be him. He's unattainable, uncontrollable and completely and utterly, hopelessly in love with his old best friend, Trudy Bennett.

Separated as teenagers, the pair fell out of touch for twelve years. Trudy wasn't even sure Jake would remember her when she found herself getting the chance to interview him for the magazine she works for.

But two seconds together, all of the old feelings flare up. But life with Jake is not easy, and Trudy has a boyfriend.

Could she give up her safe, loving boyfriend for the Mighty Storm, Jake Wethers? A hot, hot, read that's brilliantly written. Trudy Bennett's voice was one of a kind and I found myself laughing out loud multiple times at the quirkiness of her behavior.

The chemistry between the two was electrifying and I found myself cheering in their corner. The last 20 percent of the book did drag a bit, but overall, I still loved it. Verified Purchase. There were funny moments and the chemistry between Jake and Trudy was very good. Even though it involves cheating on a long-term boyfriend, at least she wasn't having sex with both of them at the same time--that would have been too much for me. Especially since the book is written in the first person and that character is supposed to be a journalist, who--one would assume--would know correct grammar!

There's a difference between prose and grammar but some things she says are SO BAD, it was impossible to explain it away as slang. Also, although Jake IS a manipulative drug-addict who is WILDLY co-dependent upon Tru--even though he hasn't seen her in 12 years and has been surviving without her up until this point--at least he is honest and clear about his intentions.

Trudy, however, is capricious and selfish. I loved the idea of the book. Female mechanic and man-whore driver for a Formula one racing team fall for each other, even thought they really shouldn't. Sounds absolutely perfect in my humble opinion. First and foremost, I'm a Formula 1 fan. While growing up, I spent every race weekend watching Michael Schumacher becoming a seven-time world champion. I was six years old when he won his first Grand Prix and I was eighteen years old when he won his last world championship.

See my point there? Vettel is alright as well, but Schumacher in his Ferrari is just a childhood memory. But we are going with Vettel theme here, better quality and looks more like Carrick ;D So, naturally this is the reason for my 3 instead of 2 Star rating. I never even thought about looking for a story like this before, but I sure will be on the lookout now. Of the two main characters, I liked Carrick Ryan the best.

Epub revved download towle samantha

He is the driver and is an arse-hole man-whore, until he meets the feisty new mechanic who also happens to look like a super-model. What's not to like? Well, he has slip-ups, but we talk about that under 'the ugly'. Carrick and Andressa are really hot together! I think the scenes where those two flirt with each other and eventually hit the sack are actually the most convincing and best written parts of Revved.

The Bad: The writing! I'm sorry to say this, but other than a few highlights here and there I never got into the writing style. I'm exactly sure what is was. Maybe the overabundance of dialogue or the first person narrator. It just didn't work for me at all. Luckily I was far too invested in the story and wanted to find out what happens. So I had to soldier on.

My least favourite main character is Andressa 'Andi' Amaro. A brillinat mechanic and daughter of William Wolfe. One of the best Formula 1 drivers ever, who died during a tragic accident during a race. Unfortunately, Andi wasn't a very lovable character and frustrated me to no end.

This is probably connected to the writing style, because since we are in her head all of the time I just felt like giving her a good high five in the head with a chair every once in a while. Other than that she just felt very immature and indecisive. The Ugly: This is a book about racing, a mechanic and a driver. For God's sake I need some technical stuff and specific lingo and what not. Not too much, but just a little something to tell me that there was some research going on.

My dad is an engineer who loves his cars. You can actually say I grew up with greasy fingers from helping him refit and restore engines. That part just fell right down on its face. Because a complete overhaul in 4 days is a bit optimistic for one mechanic alone. Not to mention shipping for the parts. And I should really shut off my brain. Bad choices all around. I love a good cat and mouse game but the constant push and pull with these two was not only annoying and repetitive but also very painful.

There are only so many time I can hear the 'he is a driver I can't be with him' excuse On top of that, every time Andi pushed Carrick away he ended up with another woman. Serious breaking point for me. So, all in all an enjoyably awful read. View all 32 comments. Mar 23, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read Shelves: This sounds angsty!! The heroine is a mechanic with one rule: View all 4 comments.

I love Carrick Ryan! Top to bottom I completely love him. He is the total package and he is the single reason this book is the bomb! I will read this again just to have a dose of him. I would recommend this to all so they have the chance to know his greatness.

I could go on all day with details but to keep it real: Carrick Ryan Petty simple View all 19 comments. I won't lie!!! That book really frustated me!!! No, no Don't get me wrong, it was fuckin' amazing, but Andressa drove me insane!!! Yes, okay! I understand the reasons of her phobias, but in some point and after so much refusal i lost my temper After a while, I didn't feel pity for her anymore as i did at the start of this race and my understandment??? It was gone for good!!!

The only feeling that remained inside me was pure fury!!! Oh, God!!! In some point, she fucked up my mind an Hmmm In some point, she fucked up my mind and after a while i wanted to ripped some heads off and especially, Andi's!!!!

No, no, no I now that i'm still angry a little bit but let me explain you some things first!!!! Revved started with a tragic accident that cost Adressa's father his life And from that fact came all her phobias Andi was raised in the palm of Formula 1 and that was extremely amazing. She loved to work with cars Andi is a beautiful and very clever girl But that scared her a lot, because she has one rule She never sleep with coworkers and especially with a driver She doesn't want to get through the agony everytime that he will race with highly danger of his life So she's trying to stay away from him Carrick Ryan is a hell out awesome driver He is the best!!!

He is handsome and arrogant and a man whore But he's also funny and sweet Andi catch herself to enjoying his company From the first moment, he is into Andressa too but he is trying to win her with small and steady steps But then The first time, i totally understand it, but after the second time, i really lost my mind I was so fuckin' pissed off I didn't like the hurt that she caused to Carrick and to herself and Except from that unpleasant thing, i really liked the plot It was something different for me and i really got into that fascinating world of Formula I loved that book and i liked the main and the second characters!!!

I liked the fact that almost every chapter was in a different country I was feeling the palm of the pits and that was so good!!! It intrigued me Well, i will cut one point because Andressa make me shit my pants more than once That's my revenge So 4 stars for me!!! View all 23 comments. What an arse! Unfortunately neither characters have endeared me to them and I am finding myself skimming, so adeus from me View all 11 comments.

Pissed me right the hell off. My winning streak is officially over.

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View all 31 comments. Andi's father was killed in a racing car accident when she was ten years old. Fourteen years later, she's ready and willing to work on race cars with her father's best friend and her godfather who she calls Uncle John. What's she's not ready and willing to do is date the driver of the race car she's working on. Another book that has my favorite "vulnerable and desperately in love" male character story line.

Carrick is so Alpha and so cocky on the outside that I just melted whenever we saw throug Andi's father was killed in a racing car accident when she was ten years old. Carrick is so Alpha and so cocky on the outside that I just melted whenever we saw through the cracks and got a glimpse of his soft side! It doesn't hurt that he's amazing in bed and gives Andi everything her heart I always hate that these guys are manwhores but I guess that's how they learn to be so good at what they do!

It just overwhelms her and when he kisses her, she's putty in his hands. Plus the dirty talking just sends her over the edge. These two are very steamy! Since Andi won't have a sexual relationship with him, Carrick goes for second best, and they become best friends. I think this was one of my favorite parts I loved learning about Cars and Galaxy bars!

Again, how I wish we had gotten his POV although I was thrilled that at least we got it in the epilogue. There were some great secondary characters in the book but Petra was the best hands down. I loved how she looked after Andi. I only wish things would've happened for her as well.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Andi and her Mom. They were really sweet together. Carrick and his dad were great too. I almost thought something would happen between Owen and Katia!

I loved it even though at the end, I was about to smack Andi I'm still happy with the way things turned out. Carrick was sooo romantic! ST decided to write a second book and it's about Leandro Revived coming out July 12! Favorite quotes: God, Andressa, I have never seen anything like you before in my life.

View all 42 comments. It's no secret that I am a total romance addict I love HEA's!!!! The story had everything I love in a love story. Known for his bad-boy image off the track and breaking women's hearts. An out-of-the ordinary heroine - Andressa Andi Amaro hell, I loved her name a lot!!!

Gorgeous, sexy, funny and talented. Daughter of an F1 driver, she had witness his death at the age of 10, when his car crashed and burned during a race. Now in her twenties, she has always wanted to work in the world of Formula One.

Her dream has come true when she's hired as one of Carrick Ryan's mechanics. Fabulous settings - The glamorous and sexy world of Formula One Racing Carrick has set his sights on Andi from the first moment he laid eyes on her..

Andi has one rule But when she meets Carrick, she's unable to deny the attraction she feels for him. Fighting the strong feelings growing for him, she decides that friendship is the only way to go with Carrick. I can't risk it. Carrick agrees at first - but he wants more. He's intense, determined and is prepared to do everything possible to get Andi to change her mind I enjoyed watching their relationship develop over a long period of time.

From friendship to love and happiness. What I also liked was that..

Samantha Towle (Author of The Mighty Storm)

I was expecting someone-"-Carrick "With a penis and a deep voice? What a surprisingly exciting story. Grabbed me from the first page and I felt so good when I turned the last page. I can't wait to read the next book. One of my favorite quotes: View all 6 comments. Feb 24, Rag rated it liked it Shelves: So when I was looking across what to read next and I saw it, I jumped into it and when I did, it was kind of a disappointment.

So this story is about Andi. Andreas's father was a famous race car driver. When she was 10, her father was racing and crashed and died. She saw the whole thing happen before her eyes. She also noticed what it did to her mom so she promised her self not to date drivers. Foreword 14 years later and she is an amazing mechanic. She's on her way to England, to go to her new job.

She is working as a mechanic in Formula 1 and for Carrick Ryan. The hottest, youngest, most successful, race car driver after Andi's father. And have I mentioned hot. So in an instant she feels this thing towards him but immediately tries to stop it because he's a driver.

And a driver. Drivers equal bad. They soon become friends, really good friends. And I loved their friendship. But the attraction keeps growing more and more.

So after an amazing night with Carrick and the help of Champaign, they sleep together. And that my friend is how shit broke down. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the plot and of course Carrick, the only something or someone that I had a problem with was Andi. She would break it off and say that he deserves better and that he should move on, but then when she sees him with someone else she's like no he moved on Why???

I want him to only see me and blah bablah blah She got on my last nerve that I wanted to beat the living shit outta her. Anyways but Carrick is so amazing. I might've had one or two butterflies in my stomach.

He was just such a romantic and a bad boy all in one. View all 20 comments. Mar 23, Wanderlust added it Shelves: Carrick is my youngest son's name! It was pretty weird reading sex scenes with my son's name as the main character.

I did not like Andi at all. I have to consider though that my kids name being in the book has made me judge it unfairly maybe? View 2 comments. This book will surely piss some people off-it certainly made me want to scream at the characters at times- but regardless I couldn't stop reading and I was hooked into the story. So what do you get when you add one man-whore and a heroine with commitment issues? One helluva ride. They 3. They both need to stay away from each other and yet they can't seem to stop.

I feel like there was a bit of insta-lust going on and it actually bothered me a bit. I didn't realize it until I read this book but I am very over the "man-whore" hero. And on my first meeting of Carrick it became apparent he is very much a man-whore. I was very turned off. He just came on so strongly and the fact that he will sleep with any woman who crosses his path is just so unattractive to me.

So imagine my surprise when I find myself actually liking Carrick. Turns out there are many layers to Carrick beneath the surface. And it was with learning more about him and getting to see him when he's not in front of a crowd that really won me over and made my heart go soft for him. Andi is still not completely over the death of her father, who used to be a famous race car driver.

Ever since his death when she was younger she's made a rule for herself that she never, ever breaks: But then she meets Carrick. Andi was a very nice heroine but she pissed me off sometimes just as much as Carrick.

A part of me could sympathize with her but another part of me felt like she was playing games and needed to just be honest with herself and stop leading Carrick on. This book might have pissed me off at times but damn was it addictive. I can bitch all I want but a part of me really gets off on all the angst.

That being said, despite some of his actions, Carrick manage to get me to love him anyway. The characters are far from perfect and make plenty of mistakes but in a way that's what makes it real. People make mistakes and sometimes we can get past it and sometimes the only thing to do is move on. Overall I'd say this book might not be for everyone but it definitely worked for me.

I'm hoping this is not the last we'll of both this couple and the supporting characters. For now I'll say that I really enjoyed this one and if you're a fan of Samantha Towle, especially "The Mighty Storm", then you're going to love this book! This is one angsty, sexy ride that I did not want to end! Feb 05, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 18 comments.

BR with Sharon. WOW what a prologue it gave me goose bumps and that is always a good start to a story. Carrick Ryan has been at the top of his F1 career for five years he drives hard and parties harder with a different woman every night when he first meets Andi the sparks fly instant lust on both sides but WOW what a prologue it gave me goose bumps and that is always a good start to a story. Carrick Ryan has been at the top of his F1 career for five years he drives hard and parties harder with a different woman every night when he first meets Andi the sparks fly instant lust on both sides but Andi is the first woman to say NO to Carrick.

They become friends spending lots of time together, one night they finally sleep together but Andi walks away crushing Carrick and this starts a very bumpy relationship when friends turn to enemies. Can Andi confess her secret and fears to Carrick?

What will the future hold for them? I loved their relationship all the highs and lows I know Andi could be frustrating she even hated herself at times but I loved her and I could understand her fears. Carrick could be the sweetest guy at times but when he was hurt he was a real jerk who I wanted to slap. I loved everything about Revved it is full of sexual tension, emotion and suspense but I love F1 "Lewis Hamilton" so this was bound to be a winner for me. View all 22 comments.

Mar 23, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: Get it here: I've seen it done well, but it's hard. But hey, she must not have sex with him. They are friends, he is a manwhore and they are working together. Except he is so sexy, bla bla bla Andressa "Andi" Amaro: Portrayed as independent in the beginning and free-minded But as the story progresses she is deduced to a horny and bumbling, doe-eyed idiot who is 'deeply' in love with horny idiot Carrick.

Short tempered Irrational 3. Stunningly beautiful without any flaws whatsoever Carrick Ryan: Tall, blonde and handsome 2. A real lady killer with his skilled expertise on the art of love making and pleasure 3. Has bed down with many women In short, pure shit! View all 3 comments. I will always have a special place in my reading heart for the author who created my top book boyfriend — the sexy as hell Jake Wethers.

Her mother a Brazilian model. She grew up around cars, race tracks, and under the hoo 4. She grew up around cars, race tracks, and under the hood. Unfortunately her Dad died in an awful racing accident and it is that experience that is the driving force for the premise of this story. Adressa Andi grew up to be an exotically beautiful…mechanic. Carrick is the bad boy of the Formula One racing world, entangled in some bad press and bad reputation when it comes to women.

Andressa finds herself having an instant visual reaction to the too-handsome for his own good driver. Who is totally off limits to her for many reasons. He pursues and she tries to evade. He takes a step closer to me. All my favorite things wrapped up in one hot package. Some of my favorite parts of the book are the various places in the world they travel to for the circuit season and becoming friends and getting to know each other, watching movies, having dinner at the local places, go karting, and just genuinely enjoying each other's company and humor.

The sexual tension however is so palpable that you practically feel them vibrating off the pages. I just tried to understand that her fear stemming from watching her lose her dad was so severe and very paralyzing. Unfortunately it's that fear that she hurts herself and Carrick I'm so beyond fucking crazy about you that I'm going insane from not being with you. So, whatever it is that's stopping you from being with me, like we both know you want, then just fight it, babe, because I can't be without you a moment longer.

The champion driver and his beautiful mechanic. They occupied the same world, they had friendship, and they had chemistry So this is another ST story that I highly enjoyed.

I have older brothers that were very much into Formula 1 racing. I've been sucked into watching a few races growing up and rooting for teams and my brothers' favorite driver, so the backdrop of the Formula One racing story was something I was very excited about. It's funny how your personal background and history can tie you to a story even more. View all 26 comments. Apr 01, TeriLyn rated it really liked it. Reading a good sports romance always works for me. Something about this sub-genre of romance, the adrenaline of a sport, the mind of an athlete and how it relates to their personal life are all aspects of a good sports love.

And Revved encompassed them all. Told from both the points of view of the hero and heroine, this story kept my captive from 4 "You're definitely my type.