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Get here Kanzen's Roulette eBook and free helpful advice - the best! games ( including free roulette) you can play online, on site - no software to download. Kanzen's Roulette eBook contains a roulette system that has been devised to There are many on the 'net from free to highly priced and some promising riches but as you can on your winning streaks and slow down on your losing streaks. practice run on any of the free online roulette games if you are not feeling % confident. . In this case, we round down and so our resulting number is. 4. 36 . By purchasing this eBook, you or any user of this or related materials agree to.

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Kanzen's Roulette Winning Strategy. Proceed here to the main casino roulette strategy page titled "Winning at Roulette" for facts, advice and tips Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read Roulette eBook and free helpful advice - the best. You can download or get more detail of Ebook Kanzen's Roulette Winning We' re trying to searching full version with free online download,if. Kanzen's roulette theory was devised in order to make use of a player's luck and your winning streaks and then slow down your betting or quit playing on your.

User Name Remember Me? I was windering if anyone had any information on this Kanzen theroy for Roulette? Recently she has been doing the Martin Gale theory which is basically doubling up the bets everytime you lose Or of you can point me in the right direction for any information on the Kanzen thing that would be great. Many thanks. It's martingale Kanzen is Jacob Kanzen from his website.

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Feb Location: Cabin in Durrland Posts: Find More Posts by Comtempo. Find Threads Started by Comtempo. Jan Posts: I'm going to give you a secret roulette system that really works.

Download kanzen roulette ebook free

It will cut the house advantage to literally nothing, if you believe in it enough to never get frustrated and switch tactics. What I'm going to say may seem strange, but here goes. First, never bet simply red or black.

Online Casinos - Kanzen's roulette theory

Also don't bet odd or even. These are equally poor, consistently losing wagers. Second, don't be suckered into betting zero or double zero, despite what some experts may suggest.

This may seem like you're betting with the house, but for technical reasons you are actually betting against the house -- and you are taking the worst of it. So, in order to negate the house advantage, you MUST stick to straight non-green number bets. All odd red numbers turn out to be bad choices, based on over two trillion computer trials. Don't bet them. All even black numbers fair poorly, and cannot be bet, for much the same reason, which I won't explain here.

The Basic Premise of Kanzen's Theory

Let's get straight to the money-saving advice. Any bet you decide to make MUST cover only even-red or odd-black numbers. There are no exceptions. Finally, you need to be very disciplined in excluding the number 30 and the group of consecutive numbers that begins with 11 and continues clockwise through and including This system may seem mystical, but I take gambling quite seriously, and this works for me.

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Kanzen's theory uses the fact that the spins are random on the roulette wheel and that the ball can land on any number. In this way, over a period of time, you should break even, at least. There is no specific amount of money that you should bet each time you play; however you should play using 20 units of bankroll.

Try to win as much as you can, as quickly as you can on your winning streaks and then slow down your betting or quit playing on your losing streak.

Kanzen's theory acknowledges that all spins of the roulette wheel are random and that there is no way to predict what the ball will land on.

It uses this lack of odds in its strategy. Kanzen's theory rejects any notions of sequences of numbers.

It states that the chances of a sequence recurring are so remote that it is pointless to rely on them. That is, the chance of a sequence of four numbers recurring is one in over 2 million. Those are not very good odds at all. Other roulette systems try to use probability to suggest ways that player's should bet and to predict the outcomes of future spins.

This is dangerous as it has been said above that roulette is entirely random. If you are playing on an American roulette wheel, every spin will have the same one out of 38 probability of coming up as any other — regardless of what numbers were spun before.

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