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I 36 stratagemmi. Alternative Download Link - I 36 stratagemmi della crescita personale: Il Il genio e la bellezza dell'antica arte bellica cinese, applicati alle. Un distillato di cinque millenni di strategia bellica che travalica l'angusto ambito militare. Unconventional and creative solutions After this historical digression it should be quite clear how stratagems are, truly, extremely precious tools, able to guide, inspire and lead change to success. In therapeutic practice as much as in problem solvingi 36 stratagemmi cinesi style of thinking based on unconventional — strategic — logics, enlightened by i 36 stratagemmi cinesi use of stratagems, has a strong accent on creativity and the clear potential of finding new solutions to innovate reality. All required fields must be filled out for us to be able to process your form.


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