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Readers of this ebook, Microsoft® Office Connect and Collaborate. Virtually Anywhere, Anytime, can sign up for Katherine's free monthly Office This Microsoft Office Productivity eBooks collection comes with ten official Microsoft eBooks with Office Downloaded 1, times. Download. With the introduction of container support in Windows Server , we open a world of opportunities that takes traditional monolithic applications on .

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To download your free PDF eBook, click here. Updates to Office is Microsoft's smart and simple answer to cloud computing. Using the. Back in June, Microsoft unveiled its Office , a cloud based service to connect and collaborate virtually anywhere. But unlike the popular. This eBook breaks down myths about cloud computing and details what you need to know as you consider Office DOWNLOAD THE FREE EBOOK.

Want to improve your tech skills or advance your career this year? Although you might not need or want all of the eBooks or reference guides, chances are there's something in here you can benefit from—particularly if you use Microsoft software. Some of the resources are quick getting started guides, while others are more in-depth how-tos. Microsoft's Eric Ligman has gathered these free resources from Microsoft and elsewhere and adds to the collection every year. The last update was in July, so the next update is something we can look forward to later this year.

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