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United Nations FAO Small-scale aquaponic food production. You can download the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Download tons of free information for your DIY Aquaponics System: pest control, vegetable varieties, lighting, and organic certification!. Top: Illustration of a media bed aquaponic system, clearly showing the addition with the rising in demand for chemical- and pesticide-free produce and more.

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The first edition of the Backyard Aquaponics magazine is available as a free download. The issue was put together by the administrators and moderators of the. This document is free and no part of this publication can be reproduced or . what Google Sketchup is, it's a free 3D modeling design tool, you can download it . Ebook Download. Want to learn more about aquaponic gardening? We'll also send you our ebook – “12 Things You Need to Know to Garden Successfully.

Your browser Internet Explorer 7 or lower is out of date. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Learn how to update your browser. Here we have provided you with different information sources, so that you can go and search for more information yourself. Firstly you will find links to free information, these are either PDF or Microsoft Word Document files that you can download, as well as large depositories of good information.

For us Americans, it is useful to have metric conversion tables handy — the measurements and temperatures are metric and some of us are too stubborn to learn the metric system.


This technical paper begins by introducing the concept of aquaponics, including a brief history of its development and its place within the larger category of soil-less culture and modern agriculture. It discusses the main theoretical concepts of aquaponics, including the nitrogen cycle and the nitrification process, the role of bacteria, and the concept of balancing an aquaponic unit. It then moves on to cover important considerations of water quality parameters, water testing, and water sourcing for aquaponics, as well as methods and theories of unit design, including the three main methods of aquaponic systems: The publication discusses in detail the three groups of living organisms bacteria, plants and fish that make up the aquaponic ecosystem.

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It also presents management strategies and troubleshooting practices, as well as related topics, specifically highlighting local and sustainable sources of aquaponic inputs. The publication also includes nine appendixes that present other key topics: Small-scale aquaponic food production. Integrated fish and plant farming. Year of publication: FAO Pages: I; Author: Somerville, C.

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Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Division Office: Fisheries and Aquaculture Department Serial Title: Click here to download entire publication. File is over 50 MB so be patient. Or you can download it in parts below:. Click here to download part 1.

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Click here to download part 2. A slideshow we use in our 5-day live trainings to emphasize the importance of starting small. Learn what NOT to do! You need to change it to match your project and funding source. Same with Business Plan 1 above.

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This is a document that explains how to locate and purchase greenhouses in your neighborhood for next to nothing. Sometimes, even for nothing! Yes, you did the math right: This is a profit prediction spreadsheet that you can use to find out if your proposed commercial aquaponics venture will make money or not. Modeling it in a spreadsheet now is easier than building it and going bankrupt! Susanne researched and wrote this page paper after fighting bugs on our certified organic Commercial Aquaponics farm.

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This explains the relationships and interaction between fish poo and ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Scientifically accurate and backed by extensive objective experience over eight years of operating these systems. A great explanation of how seeding, germination and planting is different for aquaponics from growing in the soil.

Susanne researched and wrote this eight-page paper. It covers city water, well water, agricultural water, and catchment water sources. It includes odd stuff like taro, bananas, amaranth, wheat, tomatillos, and pineapples.

Susanne researched and wrote this page paper.