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Klokov Training Methods of the Russian Champion - Download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read online. Dmitry alongside fellow athletes in a Russian training hall During the clean and jerk. OlympicWeightliftingForSports eBook. Dmitry Klokov released his ebook and coaching videos today. 48 Min); This post previously mentioned that you can download the videos. Get Klokov: Training Methods of the Russian Champion and be inspired, motivated and educated by World Champion Dmitry Klokov's insight into the training.

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Uploaded by: ETHEL russian-champion-ebook-videos/. In my opinion - book is OK read. Dmitry has now put his story down in the new eBook, “Klokov: Training Methods of the You can download a copy of Dmitry's new book HERE. Dmitry Klokov is the author of Klokov - Training Methods of the Russian Champion ( avg rating, 9 ratings, 1 review).

This Document and Videos are the property of Juggernaut Training Systems and are not to be used without permission. My entire family has always been engaged in sports. My mother. My father. This apartment was given to my father for his victory in weightlifting at the World Championship. In those two years. My sister has been a ballroom dancer.

I walked over to my gym bag. It was a pleasant and warm day. As you may know. Without raising my head. For a while. I was moving toward my second World Championship. We were no longer talking. Mine were about my future and what it would bring. I will bring your dinner to the room. I laid there in the dark and cried with my face buried in my pillow so my friend would not hear me. Together with tears. It was now 7 p. I was so sad and disappointed that I started crying.

I passed out. With confidence. I was trying to distract myself from the pain in the shoulder. I do not want to see anyone.

I could not just lie there since the pain at this point was very strong. I was in such good form during this preparation. In about an hour. While the shoulder pain was increasing. I tried to fall asleep. That same effect was now wearing off in my body.

I slept for two hours and woke up from the sound of the door closing. It was my roommate returning from a nightly stroll. I asked God to give me patience and luck. I got out of bed. I started to feel better mentally. I drove for about two hours. I walked by them and without looking at them. I was going to do all that was in my hands and leave the rest to him.

I went into the weight room. In the hallway. I could not raise my right arm. This was on a Tuesday. The doctor asked. I cannot fall asleep due to the pain. I went into a church. I started feeling much better. At that moment. We talked briefly.

I was in the cafeteria for lunch with everyone. I got into my car and went for a drive around the city. I started thinking of all the good that had happened to me in weightlifting up until that point. Before leaving the church. I was able to squat kg for five reps.

Dmitry Klokov's advice on Hip Impingement in Weightlifters

I remember that during that training session. Because I was the current champion. I tied a rope. The World Championship was held in Santo Domingo. After a warm-up. Our team. Dominican Republic. These exercises allowed me to keep the muscles in my back toned. Together with my first coach. My recovery time lasted practically until the World Championships. I was able to grip the bar.

Hip Problems?

The rope was suspended about a meter from the bar. In addition. In such a position. I grabbed the rope. I was selected to participate in the World Championship. When I arrived in Santo Domingo.

Following that. I asked the guys to place the bar on the rack. This gave me strength. On the right side of the bar. With my left hand. I added more exercises to my trainings. Dmitry Lapikov. I did not need to go through any tryouts or qualifiers. Dmitry arriving in Beijing for the Olympic Games All the competitors and coaches.

I was sitting by the pool. I was not comfortable being around everyone this time since I did not have the same internal strength and confidence. During these competitions. I asked my father to get me a separate room for an additional fee.

To be honest. Toward the end of the second day. We ate in the same cafeteria. They competed in Group B of the kg weight class. I really wanted to hide from everyone.

I was not sure if I could beat his result. Since my injury. I found out that in Group B. Every set during the warm-ups was difficult. I went to the cafeteria for breakfast just to kill some time. During my rest time. Dmitry Lapikov lifted a very impressive kg in the snatch and a very average result in the clean and jerk. I was able to complete three successful attempts in the snatch of kg. Being in my current state.

I woke up in the morning. My performance was set for the following morning. I did feel rested. Right behind them. I woke up a bit earlier than when my alarm went off. After the weigh-ins. I did not open the door.

It all depended on how well my injured shoulder and muscle would allow me to perform which. As a result. During this meet. Every athlete understands that there are certain injuries after which you will never be able to recover from in order to compete at the highest level.

For that.

Dmitry Klokov's advice on hip impingement in weightlifters

I felt that with my right arm. I had already started to think about how I would entertain the audience after a successful lift. After my first clean and jerk attempt of either kg or kg. I started to rotate clockwise with the bar over my head. I pressed kg and straightened out my arms. I was not sure in this attempt. I only needed to lift kg. This was a very new feeling for me. I was holding a bar with muscle only. I was able to grab kg. It seemed to me that he was also not in his best shape.

The thought about that type of injury was in my head. Only two and a half months ago. I was not only battling Dmitry Lapikov. I could not have predicted this. I had only two attempts left to become World Champion and beat all of my opponents.

Only kg! I walked out on the platform. I took third place.

Ebook download klokov dmitry

Every athlete also understands that there are certain injuries after which you will never be able to recover from in order to compete at the highest level. It has now been 8 years since our wedding. In that moment.

I did this more for myself. I understand that this was not romantic. I dropped the bar after a desperate attempt to hold it over my head.

I was aware that most of my time would be spent healing my shoulder and I would have a lot of free time. I did not have a doubt in my mind that this is what both my girl and I wanted. I was very disappointed and confused. Every athlete understands that injuries are normal.

I was a bit lost. I still rotate clockwise with the bar over my head in the jerk. That same evening. Marcin Dolega.

I sent a text message to my then-girlfriend Yelena. I had been World Champion. I perfectly understand what is going on with my shoulder and constantly work on it. It is very difficult accepting such defeat. In my final attempt in the clean and jerk at the same weight of kg.

Dmitry showing his playful side with his bride. This was a wedding of a weightlifter. This was a very important world championship. My new goal was the next Russian Championship. This was on Dec. I began training and continued to heal my shoulder. If I were to fail winning this. This is where the David Rigert Academy of Weightlifting was located. Despite small problems in training. From time to time. After several months of living with the national weightlifting team. It was exactly in this sports complex where the young Klokov family settled to live.

Lena became a part of the family. At the meet. The muscle in the shoulder was getting stronger and stronger. Just a few years ago. I was dreaming of this. We were all. We were all battling to win the trip to Thailand for the World Championship. Not much could be said about this preparation — it was very simple. The Russian Championship took place in Nevinnomyssk. The most interesting part was that we all highly disliked each other.

Since we have been training and preparing together. He successfully snatched kg. Dmitry Lapikov was first. I was second. After the draw and weigh-ins. After dropping the weight to weigh in. Gleb easily snatched the weight. I was positioned between my rivals. We know that he was bothered by an old shoulder injury. Of the three of us. I needed to go for kg since I was a bit heavier than the rest of my competition. It is important to note that he did this with great ease.

Dmitry Lapikov was considered to be the king of the snatch on our team. Gleb understood that he would need a higher snatch than kg.

Dmitry Lapikov attempted and easily snatched kg. For this reason. To win the snatch.

Download dmitry klokov ebook

I was able to snatch kg as well. In the second attempt. In the final stage of movement. His final result in the snatch was kg. I was not ready to give up. He announced that for his second attempt. Gleb no longer threatened us since the kg in the snatch was very low. He went straight for kg. This was important to both me and the leaders of the federation. What did this result bring me? First of all. As I have mentioned. It was a bit surprising to me that Dmitry Lapikov decided to start with kg.

The weight felt light. This also very important. Gleb began with the weight of kg and was able to easily lift it. His best result in the gym was kg.

I would be able to beat him by 1kg if all my clean and jerks were successful. I am stronger than him. We followed this plan. Championship was kg. I have done perfectly as far as my technique. Since I was already in the lead by 1kg after the snatch. Now in the third attempt. But in this day. The clean and jerk begin. I beat Gleb Pisarevskiy by 7kg. If Dmitry was king of the snatch. So the decision was made to simply follow Dmitry and attempt the same numbers as him.

I attempted that same weight. It is very important to have a goal and understand how to reach it based on what your abilities and strengths are. Dmitry Lapikov went forward with his third attempt but took a small step to only kg. I understood why he did this — it would take Gleb kg to beat him at the kg weight class. But what can I do? I have already made the decision about my plan.

I was disappointed to waste being in such good form on such light weight. At that point. For his second attempt. Dmitry Lapikov successfully attempted kg. With an injured shoulder. This had to happen. So now. It was now up to Gleb to determine whether I would be in first or second place at the Russian Championship.

I am at least either in first or second place. Maybe he could have gone for kg in the third attempt. I had beaten Dmitry. I then also lifted kg with ease. I consider that Dmitry made the right decision with a kg attempt. This was my easiest attempt. I was happy. I was the only one left to fight for all the medals.

I took second. When you have rivals in your class from the same team. In the category of kg. Back then. Winning the Russian Championship took a toll on him. Now for me. The judges counted his kg attempt. This is what was expected of me. I consider that he did not hold the weight and the judges counted the lift undeservedly. He needed to clean and jerk kg.

This was a long time ago. In about two to three weeks. Dmitry Lapikov decided that he did not want to waste time preparing for the tournament as a back up and went to Moscow to prepare for the next Russian Championship. With this squad in the category of kg. Gleb stayed with me. I had to battle for medals — of course. It was very evident that his shoulder was bothering him. I was very bothered by it. In Thailand.

He trained with me all the way up to the World Championship. Your tactics develop based on the battles you have with your teammates. This is how I am not only in sports. When you live with other competitors at tournaments. Neither Lena nor myself were even thinking about that. We both knew how hard I had been preparing for this tournament and to start relaxing before the tournament would be very unwise. My mom stayed with my father. By that point. One day later. They felt that this would distract me from concentrating on the tournament.

What did they mean by that? They thought that I would live a full life with my beloved woman. I arrived in the city of Chang Mei in Thailand. The worries of coaches were unnecessary. When I was called on to weigh-in. I came out with all the good signs for all the main lifts.

The day of the tournament arrived. Like always after weigh-ins. I ended up being heavier than the rest of my competitors. I started to forget about my injured shoulder. The list of all applicants for the tournament was very impressive. I did not pay attention to. I was ready to battle and went through good preparations. My tactics for tournaments were always built around that.

I prepared to fight with other established athletes. I simply thought that my injury was healed. All the names and results were very satisfying to me.

I did not feel worry. Now I know why my shoulder did not bother me. From Lena. The person who ended up being the champion of this tournament.

Like always. I found out very soon that this was not the end of my history with the injured shoulder. The weigh-ins took place at the hotel in which we lived. I was one of the main contenders for the gold medal in the kg category in this World Championship. I was ready. I completely missed. I knew nothing of him. I remember I was happy since I was already working on reading all my competition on the bus.

I was more focused on battling Alan Tsagaev from Bulgaria. This was Andrey Aryamnov from Belarus. I love this moment because everything really starts here. I am sure that many athletes mentally break down on the bus. I will repeat again: My main competition. Andrey Aryamnov came up onto the platform and snatched kg with great ease. I was pulled a bit forward. I came out to kg with a good mood and a will to fight. There were other guys.

Since the snatch was his weak lift. The tournament began. Once I dropped the bar. I snatched the bar easily and even hit myself with it on the way up.

This was a very low result. I was not paying him much attention. I once again felt that same pain that I had been battling for the last two years.

Review of Dmitry Klokov’s “Training Methods of the Russian Champion” Ebook & Videos

This can be seen in the video: After the attempt. I realized I had strained my shoulder. After Andrey. I was sure that Andrey was only a snatcher.

His third attempt with kg was not successful. I went into the warm-up room and lifted an empty bar over my head. I immediately started checking my shoulder. I was upset because this happened in the first attempt and the entire battle had only just begun. My father and coach were also worried. I came out to a weight of kg. For the kg. Everyone has heard the stories in which people were able to overcome great pains and do something impossible. And even if I did snatch kg.

I was preparing completely differently. I simply came out and flawlessly snatched it. The snatch itself was very easy. I requested kg for my final attempt. Now that the tactical battle had begun.

I felt that this happened only because I was not prepared to battle with the bar at the top. I came out with a risk. With this kind of attitude. I really did not want to attempt kg again. I dropped the bar behind my head. I finished my snatch attempts. After a short break. I was very happy with the results of my competitors. Then the show of Marcin Dolega began. Like a true king of the snatch.

Andrey Aryamnov was next. I did not feel right. He started with the kg. Exactly after this attempt. Andrey Aryamnov handled kg. I lifted this weight. In his second attempt. He wasted all three of his attempts on this weight.

Since I was prepared well for the clean and jerk and I had this intense shoulder pain. He received a score of zero for the snatch. It was very hard and painful to hold the bar over my head.

His first attempt of kg also was his third. When Andrey Aryamnov came out to a second attempt of kg. Already during the warm-ups. I thought that this is where he would start having problems. I requested kg for my first attempt. I realized that I underestimated this young man. All I had to do now is get determined. He made two attempts with kg and was unsuccessful.

Andrey secured first place in the combined total. Now came the deciding moment. When I came out to kg the first time. One way or another. Alan Tsagaev could not handle kg. We simply waited. The leader after the snatch was still Andrey Aryamnov. I did not think he would be able to lift it. I did take the bar on my chest fairly easily. When Alan Tsagaev came out to kg. He did. During that time. I was getting impatient to come out on the platform.

When speaking of great results. I did not know how I could express great technique when a part of my body was not working like it should. I understood that I would not be able to get it all the way up because the pain in my shoulder was indeed intense.

At the same time. I was sure that I would be able to get the bar onto my chest. After this attempt.

Before the beginning of this competition. The one small thing that gave me a bit of comfort was the bronze medal for combined total. I cherish every medal I have ever won. I questioned my ability to go at all. I had one more shot. After the unsuccessful attempt of kg. This performance did not increase my chances of a trip to the Olympic Games in Peking. This would normally make me happy. Vladimir Smorchkov. I mentioned that Dmitry Lapikov refused preparation for the World Championship as a backup and left to prepare for the next Russian Championship.

At this point. All of them at this point were already preparing for the next set of tournaments. The same can be said about a lot of competitors such as: Dmitry Berestov. This was more than two months ago. World Champion — was preparing for the Russian Championship. At that same time. Because of my shoulder. Gleb Pisarevskiy. I could not understand why in two months of rest and physiotherapy.

Holding the weight. I could not even hold a kg weight in the snatch. Each of them had a precise plan on how to prepare and make the team for the Olympic Games. Such trainings lasted more than two months. All the competitors had already made great progress.

I did not have much choice as to which tournament I should prepare for. I decided that I would prepare for the Russian Championship in Saransk. I was still doing some physiotherapy and massage. Dmitry Lapikov set a new record in the snatch and combined total in the kg weight class at the Russian Championships. When I arrived at the sports complex several days later. I was not able to do any snatches or clean and jerks.

I did not have time for the next Russian Championship. Dmitry Lapikov was preparing for the Russian Championship. After dropping weight. This hit me hard psychologically. A lot of our fates could be determined by his performance in the European Championship. Together with my team of competitors in the kg weight class.

Although he won the European Championship. Dmitry received an injury with kg. With less than a year left to the Olympic Games. In training. The injury he received was one of the most difficult to treat. My father had his knee surgery here during his days of being a professional athlete.

If he showed good results. Dmitry Lapikov was now a main contender to be chosen to go to Peking. After three x-rays and an ultrasound.

Klokov download dmitry ebook

In this sport. I know very many lifters who after getting this injury. At his first attempt. He could easily do just that. He was finally able to conquer kg in his third attempt. Since in the middle of the joint I had this mass.

I was in my best form in these two lifts. It was now time to direct all that strength and training into the classical movements: With time. Why did I need less time to recover after the first time I injured it? The fact is.

I spent the night in the hospital. The decision was made. With the assurance from the doctors. Since I have damaged my shoulder many times. This mass is located in the shoulder joint between the bones. The day for the surgery was set.

They made the decision to not go through with surgery but to start a new physiotherapeutic procedure. Since I had only been doing deadlifts and squats. If they were to do the surgery to cut out the hematoma.

This mass then needed to be removed with surgery. I arrived in the hospital one day in advance to go through pre-operational procedures for the surgery. My muscles felt great. I continued to work hard and not listen to my body.

I snatched kg and could tell that there was improvement. With determination. I was already showing great improvement in these exercises. This finally gave me strength and allowed the fire to return to my eyes. I started to do snatches and clean and jerks every day. After two to three weeks. In such times. In only two weeks. This happened approximately 20 days before the Russian Championship in Saransk.

For about two weeks. During one of my snatch trainings. I understand that this happened due to overtraining. I never told them of these injuries in order to not disappoint them. I was responsible for my training and recovery. There were physiotherapy procedures. The Russian Championship was the last chance I had to make the team for the preparation for the Olympic Games. I began to have anxiety and worry about my sports future and the Olympics.

Download ebook dmitry klokov

When speaking about possibly the most important tournament of your life. I constantly say: Only you know and feel it. I did not feel any improvement in the injury because all I could do was deadlifts and squats. On our team. When you get exhausted or feel a minor discomfort anywhere in your body. I had kg at the top when there was a crunch in my left wrist.

I started to force the healing process of my wrist with all possible methods. All of this training I was just talking about was happening in a city called Taganrog. It was time to fly out for the tournament. I had already called him and told him about my situation and set up an appointment. I was planning on leaving Taganrog after lunch and arriving in Moscow at 9 a. I did not have time to stop on the drive to Moscow to rest or sleep. Time was very limited. I would go from Taganrog to Moscow.

After arriving in Saransk. I needed to travel 1. MRI and an x-ray in addition to anything else I could do in the limited amount of time I had. She asked. I could simply inject myself with a dose of Betamethasone and Novocain right into the wrist and drive to the airport from the hospital. I wanted to get an ultrasound. The day before flying out of Taganrog. I had one day for rest and a light warm-up. I wanted to further understand the extent of the injury.

If the result was not critical. I asked myself. My plane from Moscow to Saransk is not until lunch. I knew I might just injure my wrist further. After returning from training into my room. I already had my ticket bought. I told her of my plan of action.

I was planning on going to see the doctor in that same hospital where they treated my shoulder injury not too long ago. I was completely unsure what was going on with my wrist or if I would even have a chance to compete.

I would drive to Moscow in our car immediately after lunch. I told her that I loved her. This was in This time. I remember the first kilometers were easy.

It was now time to depend on luck. We hugged. This meant that with pain management. Have you bought it? How did you like it? Leave your comments below stay on topic, no hating! The book is an autobiography in which Dmitry recounts key moments of his career leading up to the Beijing Olympics. It also focuses on the rivalry within the team during the selection process with other athletes and coaches that pushed him into peak shape, as well as and the struggles that come with being a professional athlete like injuries.

So in a training session where Dmitry aimed to go for kg, he injured himself on an attempt with kg. These are worth the money alone. See full table of contents below. This is basically a lot of what he covers in his seminars.

Follow me on instagram gregorwinter and ATG atginsta. Thanks for the breakdown Gregor. Looks like a good product. He does go over the starting position. Can you link to the Vimeo page? Positive sides: I believe there is enough programming books out there already and such a book written by an athlete rather than a coach would not be that interesting for me.

This book is very easy to read. Dmitry also admits that the team selection process involves some behind the scenes action and it was not his pure determination that got him to the Olympics. The videos seem to be very helpful and cover many topics from his seminars judging by the 2 videos I watched. Negative sides: Since I speak Russian, it makes sense to me and I can imaging what the Russian part looked like, but it may be a bit confusing to some people. Those who know Russian weightlifting will know who Dmitry is talking about, but other will not.

Later in the book all the names will be mentioned, but in the beginning it is still a mystery who is who besides Dmitry. That was till i found the videos… Now I have a question. Is there any way to download them on my PC? From the post: