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Cody McFadyen lives in California. He is the author of The Cody McFadyen Author (). cover image of (). cover image of Der Menschenmacher. Der Menschenmacher [Cody Mcfadyen] on books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook by Cody Mcfadyen (Author) Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Der Menschenmacher [Axel Merz Cody Mcfadyen] on *FREE* have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

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Get Free Access To | Der Menschenmacher Cody Mcfadyen PDF Now solution manual you buy in a book store or download off the web. Our. Over manuals and Ebooks is the reason why customers keep coming you need a. Jan. mcfadyen lesen und download online unlimited ebooks, pdf-buch, hörbuch oder epub blutlinie by cody mcfadyen der menschenmacher by cody mcfadyen book mediafile free file sharing,k ml d5 t20 process controls and. Der Menschenmacher eBook by Cody Mcfadyen - See more of Der Smoky once tracked down serial killers for the FBI until her family was terrified, husband and daughter killed and narration. Your first book is Free with trial!.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. He introduced readers to a heroine every bit as dark and edgy as the serial killers she hunts: Special Agent Smoky Barrett.

Now, in his latest novel, McFadyen brings Agent Barrett back to track down a killer who breaks all the rules. Get ready for a shattering confrontation wi In Shadow Man, Cody McFadyen took the suspense thriller where other writers have feared to tread. Get ready for a shattering confrontation with the very essence of human evil. No one has. Until now. For another vicious double homicide reveals a killer embarked on a dark crusade of trauma and death: But Smoky Barrett has another, more personal reason for catching The Stranger—an adopted daughter and a new life that are worth protecting at any cost.

This time Smoky is going to have to put it all on the line. Because The Stranger is all too real, all too close, and all too relentless. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published May 29th by Bantam first published More Details Original Title. Smoky Barrett 2. Smoky Barrett , Kirby Mitchell. Los Angeles, California United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Face of Death , please sign up. Someone please tell me if Callie continues with that annoying "honey-love" shite? Shadow Man was too run-of-the-mill to think of enduring another pages of "honey-love". Aubre Rice Yep, it's still there through out the book - but it's no match for how good this book is!

See 1 question about The Face of Death…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Way too much "yappy yappy" for me. When I read all the reviews for this book, all I read was praise. No one bothered to say how much insight was in the book. No one bothered to mention I would be over reading the insight of the lead character.

I feel this, Honey Love that!

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Then there was the book with in a book I was forced upon. I feel this, my life sucked that, y OMG! I feel this, my life sucked that, yap yap YAP!! How many similes can you actually throw into a book before the metaphor police come and take you away?

Two more books in the series and then I am free! All I can say is I started listening to this book and returned it by the next day along with two other books by this author in this series. The misogynistic torture was so hideous I was unable to sleep. Please be advised about this series and beware.

I do Not recommended this book or this series for anyone. One star is one too many. I listened to the audio version of this book. The woman reading it was terrible. Her inflection was off and she tried too hard when she would use different voices for characters.

The book was dark and sick, like The movie SAW but with a little girl.

Free ebook mcfadyen download menschenmacher der cody

It'll look cooler anyways. Next, take a handful of things sure to sell well and combine them into a bowl. Here we tried a handful of Disney "kill-off-mom" sauce, a dash of "sterio-typical strong female lead" remember, she must ALWAYS be under 5 feet and horribly traumatized!

Stir until they have completely lost anything that made them tasty or original. Now the important touches. If you'd like, you can throw in some scars, but make sure they don't actually interfere with anything that makes your lead physically function-able or less attractive. Throw in a pat of half-melted two-dimensional support characters. These are only there for plot pieces, no no worries if the only ones you have around the house are stale.

You'll need a character motivator: In this case may I suggest "traumatized but tough urchin. Its not like it had any real personality to start with, so you shouldn't feel bad for it.

Finally, you should make sure to add some sex, because that sells. If you don't have any, its okay. Just pull out whatever open box of "crappy romance novel" you have in the cupboard and toss it in. Now, strain this glop through a colander. The size of the strainer is especially important.

You need one with slots small enough to leave in the "excruciating gun details" but large enough to strain out any feelings of realism in your plot. When in doubt, err on the size of too large. Losing a few gun facts is worth getting rid of as much realism as possible.

Once you have your straining done, slap it between two covers and bake. Makes pages. View all 13 comments. First, a warning. Future readers should be aware that there is an abundance of gore, depravity, and evil in this book, and it is not left to the imagination! It is also countered with love and hope and loyalty. By the end of the first chapter, I was completely hooked by this book. For me, it was very emotional. I melded myself with everything Smoky was feeling: And a few chapters later, I loved her team as she did.

The cast of characters in this book are just f First, a warning. The cast of characters in this book are just fantastic! But there are some head butts in this book, and oh, God, did they hurt! The villain in this book causes much psychological damage as well as physical damage. Every member of the team is personally affected. It is sickening. It ramps up the tension and makes them angry. Accomplishes what the villain wanted.

I was so immersed in the story, in the investigation, in Smoky's thoughts and feelings, that I never even thought about who Jack Jr. And when a name was finally mentioned, it was unfamiliar to me and I had to think back through the book to see if he'd been mentioned yet! The author has written a rather unique description of how Smoky gets inside the head of an evil psychopath. Smoky calls it "the dark train. I am happy to ride the dark train with these characters in the remaining three books!

View all 39 comments. Feb 28, David Staniforth rated it it was amazing. Not one for the squeamish! This is the kind of book that makes me glad I joined Goodreads and that I have friends whose recommendations I trust, for without that I would never have read "Shadow Man". The cover wouldn't have drawn me in and I'd never heard of the author, so not something I would have selected while casually browsing in the library.

Brilliant writing style that gripped me from the opening paragraph and never let go. Fantastic character development. Intense action. Perfect pacing and Not one for the squeamish!

Der Menschenmacher: Cody Mcfadyen: Books

Perfect pacing and plot. And an exhilarating conclusion. Thank you all my Goodreads' friends for recommending this read, which is now among the books I've read that are easily five stars. This is a book that I quite liked but cannot rave over. It gets lots of five star reviews but it didn't really hit the spot for me. I enjoyed the story and it had some tense moments. The characters were okay but I felt as though I had met them in many other crime books before.

What bothered me the most though was the melodrama. Everyone seemed to be overcome by their feelings about something and the main characters alternated between vomiting in waste baskets and fainting due to extreme stress.

R This is a book that I quite liked but cannot rave over. I thought the mystery itself was good and I did not guess who the murderer was.

I guess my final conclusion will be three stars for a satisfying but not overwhelmingly good crime thriller. View 1 comment. Gory, brutal, horrifying and frightful to the extent of wanting to go to bed with the lights on.

I thought I spotted the killer pretty soon which surprised me as I am usually clueless. However, I've got distracted. Distracted by madness. The killer had his own truth, nothing else mattered, he was detached, cold, clever, meticulous, calculating and had his own truth to justify all murders as if he was God.

My only complaint: My personal taste needed something to give it a certain balance. View all 21 comments. This is the kind of story I love , unashamedly. A super tough female heroine, with a traumatized past, who has became the main target of a twisted serial killer's bloody game that gives you lots of gore.

I mean sure, it's a tale as old as time in this genre. It's been done to death, but when it's done well? Who gives a fuck? It's a wild, tense, dark and twisty ride. I have a hard time believing this is the first novel ever written by Cody McFadyen but that's the line I'm being fed, so sure, ok, M This is the kind of story I love , unashamedly. I have a hard time believing this is the first novel ever written by Cody McFadyen but that's the line I'm being fed, so sure, ok, Mr McFadyen this is your first novel ever, riiiiggghhhttt.

McFadyen infused the pages with psychological insight into the main character, Agent Smoky Barrett, and police procedural factoids that cut the horror and evil with human qualities and a sense of reality. It created a story that was really well rounded in so many ways.

The crimes were pretty dark, bloody and gory. The chase for the killers was fast paced and fun, with lots of procedural insight into serial killers and the people who catch them. My only real gripes with the books would be the Jack the Ripper line, which felt a little too easy as a plot device and the sense of timing The first part of book sets up Smoky and her past, her journey in recovery, and quite frankly, she's fucked up.

Nightmares, panic attacks, only 6 months has gone by since her family was murdered and she was tortured almost to death. She's right where you'd expect her to be emotionally, which is barely hanging on. And then, it seems, overnight, the death of her best friend spurs her into an unprecedented recovery and she's back leading an FBI team and solving crimes and adopting children who are coming out of their own personal horror way to quickly.

Relationships are forged, things are wrapped up and life is moving on all within the span of a week or so. It was too fast, and I kept thinking, yeah, that wouldn't happen. Took me out of it just a little bit. Extra points for making me cry into my wine because of Leo's dog, though. I hardly ever cry.

I'm pretty much dead inside. By the time he was revealed I felt I didn't care all that much, I just wanted to see him die and see Smoky win. I'm super excited that this is a series, though. It was a really promising start that creeped me out, surrounded me with darkness and poked at my emotions. View all 10 comments. I haven't watched the show in years for reasons having nothing to do with the quality of the show , so I don't know if it has changed since then, but, for me, the tone of Cody McFadyen's first Smoky Barrett novel is very reminiscent of that show that I remember.

So, what did I love about Shadow Man? I loved the depiction of camaraderie a Spoiler-Free Review Are you a fan of the often very dark and edgy show "Criminal Minds"? I loved the depiction of camaraderie and loyalty that Smoky's immediate, and extended, FBI team has toward one another. That "I have your back, no matter what" bond that so many in law enforcement share. The acceptance of one another's quirks because they are all highly skilled at what they do and passionate about it, and because their very lives often depend upon that level of acceptance and trust.

I loved Smoky's feeling of responsibility toward her team. In fact, her devotion to her team and their families - these men and women that the reader experiences as fully "fleshed-out" characters - is what ultimately brings Smoky back to the FBI, after an incident with a perpetrator left her unsure as to whether or not she would be able to return to work.

Throughout the novel, the reader watches Smoky gradually becoming stronger, and healing in various ways from that devastating event. And for those of you who have already read the novel not a spoiler , I even came to find the expression "honey-love" endearing. Prior to starting the book, I was a bit apprehensive about the level of violence that I had been advised of, but I did not find it to be drawn out, or gratuitous. Cody McFadyen's debut novel is so much more than "just genre fiction".

Combining character-rich psychological exploration and suspense, top-notch investigative procedure, red herrings of subtlety and finesse, as well as passages of literary prose evoking great emotion, Shadow Man is an example of what truly great crime fiction can be. Will I take another ride on the "dark train" with the next book in the series? View all 20 comments. Dec 04, Diana rated it it was amazing.

I can't really add anything else for a review that others haven't covered already. It is dark, complex and suspenseful I raced through it and was surprised at the end which I always enjoy that. If you like Angela Marsons books then this will be right up your alley.

Download free mcfadyen cody der menschenmacher ebook

Not for the faint of heart Don't pass this one up! View all 4 comments. Mar 29, Jean rated it it was amazing. George Eliot, Isak Dinesen, J. Robb…Cody McFadyen? I truly mean this as the highest compliment, Mr. As I read the opening pages of your spectacular thriller, Shadow Man , I had to look back to see your name again.

Yes, I had read it correctly; I simply could not believe that the emotions and sensations that were emanating from my Kindle had come from the psyche of a man. I know that I am not the first reviewer to say this, but this was my overwhelming first impression, and I was awes George Eliot, Isak Dinesen, J.

I know that I am not the first reviewer to say this, but this was my overwhelming first impression, and I was awestruck. Smoky Barrett is no ordinary FBI agent. What makes her special is not that she leads a violent crimes unit in LA or that she fires her Glock more accurately than almost any other agent in the Bureau or even that she has lost her husband, child, and good looks to a vicious killer.

What makes Smoky Barrett one of the best agents, male or female, is that she has the ability to read her prey — almost get inside the head of the perpetrator. Then look out! She feels the dragon inside…the dragon that is her anger, her strength, and her hunger for justice. They are joined on this case by a rookie, Leo, who is a computer nerd. Poor Leo has a rude awakening at his first crime scene, but he toughens up in a hurry. This is a good place to warn the reader: It is brutal.

There is violent sex and torture of women and a dog. He is smart, careful, confident, and extremely cruel. Fortunately, there is some balance. It comes in the form of kind, caring people. The supporting cast consists of fabulous characters. Then there are the gruesome descriptions of the videos.

These are definitely not for everyone. I had a strong hunch early on as to the identity of the psychopathic monster. It is the depiction of the terror — the sights, the sounds, the heart-stopping fears that makes this story a top-notch thriller.

When Smoky wakes up from a nightmare, I felt her jolt. I saw her drenched with sweat. I heard her sob. When McFadyen describes the dark train, I was there. My heart was pounding, my fists were clenched, and my senses were heightened. This total immersion was not an occasional occurrence; it was a constant state from start to finish.

I had a very few minor peeves about this book. I loved Callie, but that phrase started grating after a while. Secondly, while the killer made a mistake or two, the biggest one seemed too manufactured to be accidental. Still, that in no way ruined the story for me, as the final chapters were amazingly pressure-packed.

Really good stuff. Great, actually. This is a very easy five star rating. There is good news and bad news about Cody McFadyen. Good news: There are three more Smoky Barrett books, plus one in German which I hope, hope, hope will be translated some day. Bad news: McFadyen seems to have vanished from the world of books. Wherever you are, sir, I hope you are well.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift. This book was recommended to me by a reading buddy because she loved it and because she knows I like Karen Slaughter books. It is the beginning of a series that is not at all light reading. A brutal tale with all the suspense and twists that make up a good crime thriller. On to the next book, I hope the series gets better as it goes. Apr 25, Kevin rated it it was amazing Recommended to Kevin by: Smoky Barrett wakes up most nights screaming, reliving the torture and murder of her husband and daughter by a serial killer.

She can barely make it through a day. But when her best friend is killed by a serial killer who believes he is the ancestor of Jack the Ripper, she is pulled back in to the FBI by the killer himself.

She soon finds her team helps make her feel needed as she chases Smoky Barrett wakes up most nights screaming, reliving the torture and murder of her husband and daughter by a serial killer. She soon finds her team helps make her feel needed as she chases the murderer. I read a lot of mysteries and thrillers but I must say this one took me to uncomfortable places.

The FBI team is an interesting mix and the writing truly makes you care about these characters. An outstanding debut! View all 8 comments. Brilliant book!!

I was engrossed the entire time. Can't wait to read the next book of the series. Mar 12, Janet rated it really liked it. I came to this not having had heard of the author before but on very high recommendations from trusted reading friends. I did some research; discovered that the author seems to have disappeared from the public writing arena which is mysterious in itself and that there are four books written in this particular series.

So in I went and came away mostly happy - mostly! It was wasn't perfect, but here's what I thought. It's clear from early on that McFadyen can write. His writing reads well with el I came to this not having had heard of the author before but on very high recommendations from trusted reading friends. His writing reads well with elegant prose that flows along at a compelling pace that hooks when necessary.

Character depth is pretty deep here as we're given backstory to most of the people present. Quite unusual I found and I'm not sure where I sit with it. In some instances I can see why it was necessary; others, not so much. It did feel a bit like plodding occasionally to get to the good bits. From the blurb we know that the main protagonist is Smoky Barrett, an all singing and dancing FBI agent at the top of her game, well usually, until she's beset by a huge tragedy that knocks her sideways and is compelled to undertake counselling.

On the whole I liked the character. My sticking point was the name, Smoky??!! I mean, seriously??!! Couldn't get my head around that one and for one that was lacking somewhat in stature same as my eldest daughter who I seriously couldn't picture taking on the bad guys in spite of her tenacious spirit! Putting that aside, I liked all the cohorts and the fiendishly bad guy that was without any remorse in his quest to prove his intelligence. The plotline is good and it's clearly well researched.

I have to say it reminded me of Patricia Cornwell's earlier books in the descriptiveness at times which is no bad thing. And I can see other authors creeping in too, namely Robert Harris with Hannibal. It certainly had a feel of those types of books and I know much has been said that it's not for the faint hearted. Well, no, it's not - but if you can handle those authors I've mentioned and the likes of Slaughter, Hayder, Bauer then this is fine.

Der ebook free download cody menschenmacher mcfadyen

Though it is shocking so be prepared. With all that said, I shall leave it there and finish by saying that overall I really did enjoy this book for the most part.

Some great characters, a good story in which I didn't guess the end and a curiosity to see what is going to be in store for particular characters further down the line. Especially Bonnie, the little girl tragically caught up in all the horror and hopefully rescued - rescued enough to find some peace and happiness that she thoroughly deserves. Bless her heart. I shall be reading more. Highly recommend.

This is a very good serial killer fiction book. I loved Smoky Barrett! This is a very talented author. Just excellent writing. Author is well versed in forensics and profiling. I'm starting the second in the series straight away,The Face of Death! Sep 26, Linda Strong rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is possibly one of the best series I have ever read. It is that good!

Shadow Man introduces Smokey Barrett 6 months after a brutally traumatic experience.

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A killer she had been chasing breaks into her home, rapes and tortures her, leaving her with horrific facial scars. He also kills her husband young daughter. Six months later and she still hasn't decided whether she wants to live or die.

And then something happens that changes the game. Her very best childhood friend is found brutally murdered and her young daughter, Bonnie, was tied to her mother's dead body for 3 days until they were found. Bonnie has been catatonic since then Even though she hasn't been cleared by her psychiatrist to return to work, she manages to talk her supervisor into letting her investigate the crime along with her team, but only on the fringe of things.

Thus begins the hunt for one of the nastiest, cruelest killers known. He taunts Smokey and her team by promising to take away something from everyone on her team.. The things he does to this team is heinous. All the books in this series is extremely well written. You cannot tell from the writing that this is the author's very first book.

The Face of Death

The characters And you will want to read the others in this series after reading this one. I feel sad that there are only the 4 books. The author disappeared a time after his 4th book Just took a walkabout? Writing under a different name? I look off and on for more information.. If you like atrocious, evil bad guys, you will certainly like this book. View all 24 comments. View all 22 comments. Apr 27, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Dear reader, If you're looking for a fast paced,highly intriguing yet dark thriller,that I freely admit,at times was quite difficult to read, then this is the one for you. This psychological tale centres around Smoky,an FBI agent,who is currently recovering from a brutally vicious attack,which resulted in the murder of her husband and daughter,all thanks to a psychopath named J.

She is at a crossroads in her life and must decide if she's physically,emotionally and psychologically ready to r Dear reader, If you're looking for a fast paced,highly intriguing yet dark thriller,that I freely admit,at times was quite difficult to read, then this is the one for you. She is at a crossroads in her life and must decide if she's physically,emotionally and psychologically ready to return to a job she loved,or take a different route,one of no return.

Confronted with the violent death of her friend Annie,she now finds herself with the added responsibility of her ten year old goddaughter Bonnie,who,having witnessed the murder of her mother,is deep in shock and can no longer speak. Annie is but the first victim of this new serial killer who seems to have a special message for Smoky and her team This was an amazing story,one that I found equally compelling and grotesque!

Some elements in this book are very disturbing and therefore,dear reader,are not for the faint hearted. Having said that there were so many facets of this book that I really enjoyed-the beautifully scripted tale,the back story that was provided for Smoky and her team,which allowed us a window into their lives,their personal worries,which,in turn,transformed them from being paper characters to real life people.

I also loved the style that this tale was written in,the short,sharp chapters,the sheer tumult of emotions that I felt while reading, not to mention the unique and clever way the killer's identity was established.

So,yes,dear reader,I can highly recommend this tale and trust that you will find it as compelling and intriguing as I. View all 7 comments. How could I resist immediately getting this book and reading it! Smoky Barrett was a top FBI agent hunting serial killers until one night her and her family were terrorised by one.

Download ebook menschenmacher free der cody mcfadyen

Her husband and daughter were killed, leaving Smokey alone and dea Shadow Man was recommended to me by a trusted Goodreads thriller fan friend Thanks Christine , who gave it an easy 10 YES 10 stars! Her husband and daughter were killed, leaving Smokey alone and dealing with a whole lot of grief. When her best friend is killed by someone claiming to be a direct descendent of Jack the Ripper, Smokey is thrust back in to help with the case.

This killer is after her too, and will stop at nothing to get her. The whole book was extremely well written.