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'Wonderful A one-more-chapter, don't-eat-dinner, stay-up-late sensation.'Lee Child, Sunday Times bestselling author'You are going to despise me.I am. Read "Lie to Me A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist" by Jess Ryder available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first. LIE TO ME (a psychological thriller) by J.T. Ellison Publisher: MIRA Books. Original Release Date: September 5, Formats: Paperback, eBook, Hardcover.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Exceptional Ellison's best work to date." -Publishers Weekly Send a free sample $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook . Print Length: pages; Publisher: MIRA; Original edition (September 5, ). Lie to Me is New York Time best selling author J.T. Ellison's newest novel. This was a first read of this author for me. The publisher's blurbs describe Lie to Me as . Janine Driver was trained as a lie detection expert for the ATF, FBI, and the HarperCollins Publishers: World-Leading Book Publisher You Can't Lie to Me.

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View all 12 comments. Very well said. It's like women are brainless in romance. And what this book teach Cyndi Terrific rant!!! This sounds typical and awful! May 01, Apr 30, Amazeballs Book Addicts rated it really liked it. Lie to Me is a good read. Savannah has ran from her family and ex and has started over. She keeps her past a secrets. Kent has had a bad past with his ex and he doesn't like lies and secrets.

Savannah works for Kent's sister. At first I thought Kent came off as a jerk but he's just really jaded and guarded.

In the beginning Savannah and Kent seem to hate each other but deep down there is more there. They both begin to crack and we get to see the real them and they hit it off. Of course the past Lie to Me is a good read. Of course the past come back to Savannah to cause problems. I might not have totally understood Kent because I really couldn't relate to how he reacted to Savannah's past.

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There were points towards the end that had me at the edge of my seat. I hadn't read any books by Natasha Preston before so I didn't know what to expect but I definitely enjoyed this one. Era il 19 aprile quando ospitai l' excerpt reveal di questo romanzo sul mio blog.

Ormai sapete bene cosa mi porta a iscrivermi agli eventi legati all'uscita di un determinato romanzo: E quando ho visto la cover di Lie To Me, mi sono innamorata. E cosa ho adocchiato mentre tornavo al mio tavolo dopo essere stata da Kandi Steiner? Yep, proprio questo romanzo, al tavolo di Natasha! La totale mancanza dell'insta-love. P Kent e Savannah si stuzzicano, si annusano, si guardano L'ho chiesto davvero?

Il sopracciglio di Kent si inarca. Avevo quindici anni. Tu quanti ne avevi? Volevamo aspettare, ma All'epoca non me ne sono pentita, ma ragazzi, adesso me ne pento eccome. Chi chiede una cosa del genere? Ridacchiando, si appoggia al bancone e incrocia le braccia.

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E non sono venuta neanche le altre milioni di volte in cui abbiamo fatto sesso. Simon non era male a letto.

E sapete cos'altro ho amato, che di solito mi infastidisce? I momenti con i personaggi secondari, la famiglia di Kent e gli amici di Kent: Sono stata in tensione per tutto il tempo.

Un amore imperfetto, che supera gli ostacoli. Quello che ti fa venire le farfalle allo stomaco e ti fa balzare il cuore in gola. Thank you so much for this story, Natasha. Mar 29, Mirela rated it it was amazing. Really, really enjoyed this novel. The last two chapters were the best and the epilogue Excellent, it is! View 1 comment. Nov 29, Ali rated it liked it. I picked up this book practically as a mistake. I've got four or five books with exact same title OMG, why oh why do the people give their books same titles??

Never heard. Anyway, I expected some kind of thriller one way or another. No thriller here! But a light, sort of romantic read. A bit too many hook ups per page count, felt like I was reading diaries of hormonal 16yo teenage boy: But I like Savannah. She is good natured and strong. She is cute and funny.

Three stars w I picked up this book practically as a mistake. Three stars well deserved. Lie to Me has one of the most beautiful covers I've seen and it's what initially caught my attention. And even though I haven't read any books by Natasha Preston before I didn't read the synopsis before starting the book. So I went completely blind. I was very excited for this book because it looked so good, but unfortunately it disappointed me. I couldn't see the connection between the characters and that made it hard for me to relate to them.

I think it's because the story was a but rushed, eve Lie to Me has one of the most beautiful covers I've seen and it's what initially caught my attention. I think it's because the story was a but rushed, everything happened really fast. And maybe that was because the author was eager to put her story and ideas to paper, but it didn't come off as natural. The dialogues between the main characters felt very forced, specially in the beginning.

Later on I was more used to it, but the romance was very insta-love for me. So it was hard to see any real connections. And after all the suspense around the heroine Savannah 's past and the reason to why she ended up where and how she did, I was expecting it to be something much more surprising.

It felt very anticlimatic and towards the end there was just so much drama. Too much, actually. It was a bit over the top. That added to the super fast pace things happened, the rushed scenes, the insta-love and the forced dialogues and scenes, was overkill for me. I didn't really feel any connection to the characters, Savannah was too dramatic for my tastes and Kent, the hero, sounded too forced.

Lie With Me

I liked Heidi and Judy, they were the ones that came off as the most real characters. This story has a lot of potential, but, for me, it needed some more work to it. It wasn't as bad as some of the books I've read and I enjoyed it - to some extent - so I'm giving it a 3 stars rating the "I liked it" rating. It has a lot of room for improvement though. View 2 comments. Oct 18, Coco. Having read Silence by the author which I really enjoyed, I was very much looking forward to reading another of the authors books.

Well not hate as that's a bit of a strong word but some parts sadly I definitely didn't enjoy as much as others. To start with, I really liked Savannah's character. She's had a bad experience in her past which is gradually revealed throughout the story to the reader.

I liked how she's quite a st Having read Silence by the author which I really enjoyed, I was very much looking forward to reading another of the authors books. I liked how she's quite a strong character and just trying to get on with her life. I also loved Kent's family. Not only does Savannah feel very welcome, so did I.

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They are a very warm and giving family and I enjoyed reading the parts of the story where they were involved in it. Kent, I just couldn't take to. Now we all like a brooding male lead but for me he was far to arrogant. His constant mention of the word 'babe' for Savannah even when he hasn't known her long really grated on me. Even by the end where I was certain he would have won me round by then, I still didn't feel it where his character was concerned.

I would say that the authors books certainly are more for young adults. It is a romance story but what I wasn't expecting was the amount of sex in it. I'm in no way a prude and really feel my age after reading this one but I just found all the sex talk and scenes cringe worthy. Don't get me wrong as I've read and enjoyed all of the Fifty Shades of Grey books but the sex in this book did nothing for me. Overall Lie To Me was a good read.

The actual story line itself was good and intrigued me enough to keep turning the ages. I did find it quite emotional in parts and there's definitely a lot going for it. Sadly I didn't love this book as much as the other book I have read by the author but having really enjoyed that one, I would certainly read more by her. Nov 28, Deborah G. This story grabbed me from the very beginning. Savannah with her own devil of an ex, prefers to be single, keep to herself, staying inside her apartment whenever possible.

She left home three years ago at the age of 19, leaving only a note with no possible way for her family or This story grabbed me from the very beginning. She left home three years ago at the age of 19, leaving only a note with no possible way for her family or the ex to find her.

I loved their part in this book. I did have one issue though. She should have mustered up the courage to tell Kent everything. This part irked me but overall I really enjoyed this one. Mar 09, Love, Holly Xx rated it really liked it. Seeing relationships change and morph into so much more is always one of my favourite things to read, so I was straight into this book, eating up every word. As with all books, nothing stays happy for long and admittedly, Kent pissed me off for a while. I understand, I do, but still, what an arse.

And then that twist I have to admit, I was not expecting that! I loved the ending, and I really hope we see more from their future in other books. I have a great many of favorite tropes within the romance genre that I cannot help by gush over. For me, one of the favorites is that hate to love trope. I like the tension, the banter, the romancing tidbits between, the drama and overall connections within the characters circles.

Something however that I find when authors attempt this trope is it can either flow perfectly, or it can tragically be choppy for a better lack of a term. There needs to be a balance, the hatred build needs to be estab I have a great many of favorite tropes within the romance genre that I cannot help by gush over.

There needs to be a balance, the hatred build needs to be established with a decent blend going from that tension to more romantic. So did Lie To Me live up to my standards? Yes and no Firstly, I really enjoyed the momentum of the characters at the beginning. Savannah starts off as this shy, closed off woman who is very hesitant yet curious.

She has a confidence in her - rather flirtatious when provoked, one that shines most when she is around Kent, probably because she doesn't sit idly by when he wants to be all 'puff puff alpha roar' man meat toolbag. Not saying she doesn't have her moments of shyness still, but she seems more herself the more she is in the company of Kent. Kent on the other drive is that toolbag presence and I loved it.

He was fun, self-absorbed, confident, and drop dead sexy. He really pushes this attitude between himself, Savannah as well as the rest of the supporting cast. All around fun character - probably my more favorite. Obviously I loved their characters, I cannot say how much I enjoyed their personalities, the chemistry between them was set up smashingly.

As soon as I first read their interactions I could feel it. The hatred seeped off the pages, their stubborn attitudes really made me gush at it. Both are hilarious, witty, entertaining between their banter. The insults literally roll off the tongues during the dialogue - the sexual tension was damn good. This is however where my opinion gets a wee-bit iffy. If I am being honest I had hoped for a little more sexual tension building. It literally started off so fucking hot, that it hit a climatic moment then boom they were a romantic couple.

Just once I wanted a hate fuck. I just had hoped for more. With such a great build to their tension, it was like one moment they hated each other than the next they were in a romantic entanglement.

Lie to Me by Natasha Preston

But, even though this did occur, their chemistry never faulted. Everything from their sweet moments to the sex was perfection. They had this entertaining verbal foreplay that really aided on their connection, they were a fun couple overall.

Though the chemistry itself was believable, and delicious to aid my pervy mind, it was also the drama that left me a little less than questionable thoughts.

I liked the outcome, but there was a point when the break up drama was a little over the top, I didn't understand why and what was entirely going on. I think it could have been an argument, or some disagreement on some level, but the reaction of the characters just left me conflicted on the basis of the characters morals. Again though, even as things wound down, I still loved the overall outcome when things settled, I think I just personally envisioned something different to have gotten to the swoon worthy ending.

Bottom line - I loved it. I definitely found some things I disliked, but in all honesty it did not take away from what I loved about Lie To Me. The writing style was great, the characters flowed well with the plot and the characters themselves were absolutely stunning.

May 15, Alyssa rated it it was ok Shelves: And every once in a while I'm in the market for some good ole fashioned New Adult angst. When it's good it's good and when it's not, it 2ish When it's good it's good and when it's not, it makes for quite a few eye-rolls and frustration.

For me this fell into the latter category. What I'll just say is that each person carries a skeleton in their closet or major grudge. Kent doesn't date because he got screwed in an epic fashion by his ex and he will not tolerate liars. Savannah left her family three years after a series of [tragically] unfortunate events and has not had contact since. Everything leading up to and after is riddled with mistrust, miscommunication, and things that would never be a problem if they just talked shiz out.

They're still young H is 25 and h is 22 and they're not emotionally mature. AND you get hit was some unexpected drama on top of that towards the end that seemed a little forced. I do really like this cover, though. May 09, Eva rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. But then as the book was getting to an end, it took me longer to even convince myself to read it as the plot got a bit boring I found myself reading pages over and over as it felt like the author tried to cram in the most information possible in the least amount of pages..?

I also found some tiny inconsistencies in some chapters, like one second Savannah turns up in a dress and the next Kent is taking her jeans off..? Overall, the book is a nice light and quick read, but the ending could use a bit more work. Do read it if you have nothing else to do or just want a quick YA read. Apr 21, Suzanne rated it it was amazing.

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Oh my stars. My heart. Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. His novels have been translated into twenty different languages. Elle dubbed it "the French Brokeback Mountain"; there's something of Call Me by Your Name's Elio in Philippe, who lives in the books he reads and writes; and actress and writer Ringwald ably translates.

This one sentence had me in its grip until the end. Two young men find each other, always fearing that life itself might be the villain standing in their way. A stunning and heart-gripping tale. Lie With Me positively glows in the dark. And his voice haunts me still. Molly Ringwald's translation is as clear and beautiful as the story it depicts.

You'll read it in a night, but its exquisite heartbreak will linger. I dare you to read it without crying. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Sign up and get a free eBook! Translated by Molly Ringwald. Price may vary by retailer. Pre Order Pre Order. About The Book. Lie With Me Chapter One