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The setup is composed DC circuit with an anode and a cathode sitting in a bath of solution that has the metal ions necessary for coating or plating. Electroplating . eBook. Available from your library or. ▷ bvifacts.info MyCopy Order online at bvifacts.info ▷ or for the Americas call (toll free) SPRINGER ▷ or. Electroplating - 1st Edition - ISBN: , eBook ISBN: Bundle Print & eBook. 40% off Free global shipping.

Basic Principles, Processes and Practice offers an understanding of the theoretical background to electroplating, which is essential if the practical results are to be as required. This book is different in that it explains HOW the electrodeposition processes work, covering such topics as the elctrodeposition of composites, multilayers, whisker formation and giant magnetoresistive effects. This is the first English language version of a well-known German language book from a prestigious author of international repute. Chapter 1 - Electrodeposition - a key technology; Chapter 2 - Substrates for Electroplating; Chapter 3 - Electrolytes for the electrodeposition of metallic layers; Chapter 4 - Processes for the deposition of metallic coatings; Chapter 5 - Film formation at an atomistic level; Chapter 6 - In-situ observation of film formation; Chapter 7 - Adhesion and its measurement; Chapter 8 - Film thickness and its determination; Chapter 9 - Analytical studies of metallic films. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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