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This 's the respectful of two methods getting on download das kupferne zeichen and cold readers solving nations, easy members of usar and large terms and disruptive Bacteria. As a result, we get many passages detailing and I do mean detailing the work put into creating a medieval sword and other ironworking skills. After a while, the book begins to read as a treatise on medieval metallurgy, which, in context, would be fascinating, I'm sure.

But not in the middle of a fiction novel. A few brief passages here and there, highlighting specific points of the process would've given the reader plenty of insight into how medieval craftspeople worked without bogging the narrative down.

Zeichen download ebook kupferne das

Speaking of the narrative, to be honest, there really wasn't one. There was no over-arching plot, just a series of vignettes in which the main character, Ellen, moves from one location to another. Ellen would change location, there would be a small conflict, she'd move and the cycle would begin again. There was no great growth of character and no building of the story towards a great conflict to be resolved in the final act.

Speaking of those multiple small conflicts, after a while they became tiresome and quite ridiculous. Ellen, who during the tale is accused of murder and a few other crimes, simply moves to the next town when, pardon my language, the shit hit the fan, and manages to set up shop as a blacksmith, a female blacksmith, mind you, which was no ordinary thing.

Every time she moves, she manages to avoid ever being recognized or charged for the crimes--for which she's innocent, but that's beside the point--with nary a bailiff or magistrate sniffing around her shop to harass or arrest her.

I'm sorry, but that stretches the limits of reality. No one is that lucky, especially when Ellen is equally unlucky in having all these tragedies occur in her life, tragedies which spur her nomadic movements and fuel each vignette. The whole novel just didn't flow properly, never mind the fact that it was just so one-dimensional. However, what really struck me about the plot was just how little the characters interacted with the times in which they lived.

As the reader, you never got a sense of the history, of what was going on with the politics of the time. Sure, kings were mentioned and war campaigns were talked about, but it was in a secondary, off-hand way. Even though Ellen met with Henry, the Young King son and crowned heir of Henry II , the whole scene felt as though she was simply meeting with another character and not an actual historical personage.

There was no sense of place to the entire novel. It could've been set in any time, in any country.

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Then we come to the characters, none of which I ever identified with or sympathized with or even particularly liked. Ellen herself was bipolar: One moment she would be stubborn and proud and so very, very prickly; the next she would be meek and pious. Most of the time, though, she's either mean or disparaging to those around her, which means she spends the rest of the time wondering why they're angry with her or sad because of something she said.

And, of course, every man who met her fell in love with her in some way, even when she was disguised as a boy. That particular angle drove one of the characters, Thibault, the villain of the piece.

Thibault first meets Ellen when she's disguised as Alan and apprenticed to the local blacksmith. Thibault finds himself attracted to this "boy" and flagellates himself for his dirty desires. When he eventually finds out Alan is Ellen, he loathes her with a dark rage even as he still desires her, which drives his actions throughout the book. He's a standard, black hat wearing villain with no depth. You hate him because he's hate-able and that's it. The remaining characters were either your standard archetypes or ciphers, placed in the story for Ellen to find or interact with, but that's about it.

About the only one with potential was Isaac, another blacksmith we meet towards the end of the novel and, naturally, another love interest for Ellen. His personality actually progresses and develops some depth, making him quite unique. Fox's writing is passable, though obviously in need of editing, as with the rest of the book. There was a sense of awkwardness to the whole thing, especially as concerns the dialogue, and this occasional inelegance would be enough to jar me out of a scene and make me wish the passage had been written in a more pleasing fashion.

To be honest, until I read the author bio at the back of the book, I would've sworn Katia Fox was a young adult. Her use, or should I say, over-use of exclamation points reminded me of a teenager's journal. Characters, in their speech, would enthuse!

About the smallest things! Things which weren't exciting at all! After a while, 'Find the Exclamation Point' became a game, though not a drinking one; I would've been hammered after a page or two. I doubt I will read the other two books in the series. Firstly, because I didn't find The Copper Sign all that enthralling or leaving me breathless for book two, as the back of book claims one will be upon finishing the novel. And secondly, I honestly can't see any of the characters having much left to say or do; they didn't do that much in this book.

The concept behind this novel is intriguing and with a competent editor, The Copper Sign and subsequent novels could've probably been something spectacular. As it stands now, though, I would be hard pressed to recommend it to anyone. View all 6 comments. Dec 16, Katy rated it liked it. But the book dragged, and the writing was dull - though I'm not sure much of that is due to the language lost in translation.

I have mixed feelings about this book because I was really intrigued by the storyline from Ellen's ambition to the hardships she has suffered to the romances she had experienced to the outcome at the end. But I also felt like I was reading a whole 3.

But I also felt like I was reading a whole saga and not just one book. SO much happened, and it was a lot to take in - with some parts that I really liked and some parts that I didn't like and even some parts that disgusted me. Overall, it wasn't a bad read - and one I actually liked. It was just a bit of a beating to get through the whole book. Klappentext England Als sie nach einer ungeheuerlichen Entdeckung von zu Hause fliehen muss, verkleidet Ellen sich als Junge und nutzt die Chance: Wie ich gesehen habe gibt es noch drei weitere Teile, die aber alle in sich abgeschlossen sind und jeweils von den Nachfahren der Protagonisten handeln.

Leider hat mir der Schreibstil nicht wirklich gut gefallen. Die Charaktere wurden alle nur kurz angeschnitten, was aber im Prinzip auch gereicht hat, denn man wusste sofort, welche Rolle welche Figur spielt und ich konnte mir recht schnell zusammenreimen, wie es weitergehen wird. Nachdem ich mich nach Seiten immer noch nicht begeistern konnte, hab ich leider abgebrochen. Das kupferne Zeichen Band 2: Der silberne Falke Band 3: Der goldene Thron Band 4: Das Tor zur Ewigkeit Nov 09, Melissa rated it did not like it Shelves: I was really interested in this book and wanted to finish, but the content of the book is not what I would read.

I skipped around a lot especially when the book focused on the "Bad guy" who was sexually obsessed with our main character. I felt so bad for this girl her life was just one tragedy after another. There was a point in the book she was living in a safe place with people who loved her but her need to be a blacksmith drove her into more bad situations.

I just couldn't read about anything I was really interested in this book and wanted to finish, but the content of the book is not what I would read. I just couldn't read about anything else happening to the girl and put it down. This was a long book with descriptions about forging and goldsmiths that lasted for pages and I ended up skimming over a lot of the detail of her making her swords. The writing was well done and it did take you back in time, I'm just thankful I didn't have to live in.

Jan 29, Sara Diane rated it did not like it Shelves: I got this one because it sounded remotely interesting and it was on a great deal for the Kindle. I ended up returning it because the content was so slimy that I didn't want to touch it. There is nothing elegant or even pretty about Fox's writing skill, and her storytelling leaves much to be desired.

It's hard to pin down the main character's age, yet we have sex scenes right and left, including an incest-rape. Fox has no sense of pacing, skipping whole years and then rushing through the interest I got this one because it sounded remotely interesting and it was on a great deal for the Kindle.

Fox has no sense of pacing, skipping whole years and then rushing through the interesting parts where her character might actually develop.

With so much better writing available out there, there's no need to waste time on this on. Apr 26, Sarah added it. Didn't finish, so I won't officially rate it, but based on what I did read, it's a 2 out of 5. Some good descriptions of the setting and of sword-crafting, but the writing reads like a rough first draft.

Jul 10, upupuns rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this book when I was in elementary school, and I really loved it! If your thoughts right now equate to something like "How did a 9 year old get her hands on this and what were her parent doing"; I read my mom's copy in secret because she wouldn't let me read it. Which, in hindsight, is understandable One thing I especially liked was how detailed the process of making a sword was written in.

It was super interesting, and Ellen learning about it was my favorite part of the book. Jul 02, Rebecca H. Well worth reading for all! Aug 23, Storm rated it did not like it Shelves: Too much violence for my taste. May 24, Shanna rated it it was amazing. I loved this story it was love, war, failure success etc. Feb 21, Mae McDonnell rated it really liked it. There was something about Fox's writing that I just didn't like, a certain lack of emotional depth and an overuse of exclamation points in the dialogue.

When I read the author bio at the end, I realized that it had been translated from German, which made the strangeness of the text make a little more sense. But despite the writing style, this was a book that I had trouble putting down.

The Copper Sign tells the story of Eleanweore, the daughter of a common blacksmith, who is drawn to the art fro There was something about Fox's writing that I just didn't like, a certain lack of emotional depth and an overuse of exclamation points in the dialogue. The Copper Sign tells the story of Eleanweore, the daughter of a common blacksmith, who is drawn to the art from a young age. Being a girl, there is little hope that she'll be able to follow her dream until she discovers the local lord having a liaison with her mother.

With little explanation as to why this is such a tremendous problem, Ellen is forced to flee for her life.

She is disguised as a boy for her safety and then takes to the road, where she quickly finds work as a blacksmith's apprentice. It becomes quickly evident that she's a natural, with the potential to become a swordsmith, the highest art of smithing. Being uniquely gifted, she quickly masters what he can teach her and moves on to a bigger town and a her master's master, a legendary swordsmith.

When her new master is forced by the king to move to Normandy, she goes with him and quickly becomes involved with the life of the squires who are training to be knights in Toqueville. From the beginning, William is making enemies with his success and as he befriends the little blacksmith and teaches her how to fight, his enemies become hers. The plot is often driven by a rather shallow enemy who is obsessed with Ellen and driven by jealousy of William to be a bad guy.

He is, of course, her secret half-brother, but she cannot prove it. He has no qualities other than being the weak-willed menace to Ellen and nearly destroys the novel.

His characterization is the weakest part of the novel, but it's a very weak part. The Copper Sign is a typical journey novel, with one adventure following another with somewhat loose couplings, but atypically has a female lead. While she is, of course, beautiful and her sexual appeal is the primary source of her problems, but she also struggles with being taken seriously as a swordsmith.

This struggle with balancing her work with her family and dealing with the responsibility of being the primary breadwinner in a man's world is a modern problem, which is a big strength of the novel. And for all of the flaws of the shallow plot line and lack of any deep introspection from any of the characters, the characters are unusual and you do want to know where Ellen is going to go next.

One of the big strengths of the novel is that the secondary characters are really interesting; the world is deep and detailed and in her travels, the reader experiences peasant life, an apprenticeship, the noble tournament circuit and a brief brush with the rising middle class. You walk into their homes and experience the problems of a whole cast of characters that would make for a great movie, but are somewhat disappointing in a book, because you want to know them better than you get to.

All the same, this is the first book of a trilogy that I suspect I will have to finish reading. The history may be better than the characters or the plot, but the history is very good.

Feb 21, Charlotte rated it really liked it. Jan 07, Rea rated it really liked it Shelves: Von ihrer Mutter bekommt sie deshalb einen Tadel nach dem anderen, weil sie mal wieder nicht ihren Pflichten im Haus nach kommt.

Als Ellen eines Tages mit dem Gerberssohn Simon unterwegs ist, und sie sich auf die Suche nach Himbeeren machen kommen die beiden an einer Kate vorbei. Der kein geringerer als Sir Miles ist. So kommt es, dass Allan absofort auf sich allein gestellt ist. Einen Lehrplatz bei einem halbherzigen Schmied bekommt. Doch, als sie bald darauf besser ist als er, und er ihr nichts mehr beibringen kann schickt dieser Ellen weiter zu seinem Ziehvater, da nur noch er ihr neue Handgriffe beibringen kann.

Donovan erwies sich als harter Brocken, doch Ellen schaffte es einen Platz bei ihm zu bekommen. Ihre vorerst letzte Flucht treibt Ellen zu den Gauglern, mit denen sie von Tunier zu Tunier zieht und sich ihren Lebensunterhalt als Frau in einer Schmiede erarbeitet. Schreibstil und Charaktere: Katia kann mit ihrem Schreibstil Menschen bannen, wenn diese sich die Zeit zum Lesen nehmen.

Der Roman klingt so gut recherchiert. Die Charaktere so wirklich. Nicht um sonst habe ich mir das Buch mit nach Lissabon genommen, um es hier ein zweites Mal zu lesen und mit meinen Neuanschaffungen von "Der Silberne Falke" und "Der Goldene Thron" die Reihe komplett zu machen. Fazit und Empfehlungen: Ein gelungener erster Roman, der Lust auf mehr macht.

Dann lest Katias Buch. Zu haben in Deutsch und Englisch, und viele andere Sprachen. Jul 20, Scott rated it did not like it Shelves: Katie Fox's "The Copper Sign" reads like a graduate thesis in medieval blacksmithing - well-researched, extremely detailed, and undeniably boring. I also agree that both books are door-stop heavy.

But the parallels end there. Due to the period's institutional sexism, Ellen faces what can charitably be described as an uphill battle. Things take an even more ominous turn when Ellen accidentally witnesses her mother's infidelity and Ellen must flee for her life. At a time when many people never wandered more than a few miles from the village where they were born, the prospects of a young girl leaving her home were bleak.

Through a series of contrived plot twists and too-convenient deaths and changes of heart, Ellen's life becomes a series of incidents as she wanders from place to place, gradually building the skills needed to become a leading sword-smith.

Indeed, her goal is to be so famous at her craft that she will make a sword for the King of England. The best scenes in "The Copper Sign" the title refers to the copper "E" Ellen uses to adorn her first, greatest sword focus on the craft of blacksmithing and swordmaking. Unfortunately, the book is over pages and there's a lot going on besides swordmaking.

While I respect anyone who takes the time to write a book, Fox quite simply cannot write dialogue. Her characters speak in simple declarative sentences!

Zeichen download kupferne das ebook

And she uses too many adverbs - 'crossly,' 'gruffly,' 'eagerly' - to describe how somebody is talking! And her characters end almost all their sentences in exclamation points! There are a lot of exclamation points in this book!

If you like exclamation points, you will love "The Copper Sign"! Action scenes fall depressingly flat.

Download Das Kupferne Zeichen Historischer Roman 2006

Without giving too much away, a climactic scene sees a villain holding a dagger to Ellen's throat, daring another character to save her.

In the very next paragraph, the good guy draws his sword, walks over, and stabs the villain in the chest - villain falls dead, scene over.

What the heck??? Granted, Ms. Fox did not write "The Copper Sign" in English her book was translated into English by Lee Chadeayne, who also translated the recent hit, "The Hangman's Daughter" , so something may have been lost in translation. But the book's threadbare characters, tedious dialogue, and wandering narrative cannot be blamed on the translation.

There's a good page book in these plus pages, but it would have required a strong editor to find it. Mar 09, John rated it liked it. I'm not sure how to place this book. Though the storyline of a young girl going against society and becoming a master swordsmith sounds like young-adult, the intrigues along the way are downright adult romance-novel material.

Storyline moves along nicely throughout, dates and place-names given on the chapter help the reader along. Dialogs are natural and unforced, with emotional color. Societal and culinary history add the flavors required to give the reader a feeling for the period.

Descriptions I'm not sure how to place this book. Descriptions of clothing and daily life are light, just enough to get by but may leave the reader wishing for more detail. The blacksmithing details are quite interesting and don't bog-down the pace or become a how-to guide for a medieval smithy. Enjoyable on the whole, if you're not looking for a wholehearted history-novel. The storyline did drive me nuts at times, the fact Thibault kept popping up and ruining Ellen's life no matter where she happens to be with his single-minded obsession over her.

The translation too seemed off, using more modern phrases and not drawing from any historical study of the language. All in all an enjoyable book, not too deep but a fine first-step for a historical-fiction reader. I look forward to reading the rest of the series once translated.

Jan 26, Justin rated it liked it Shelves: