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Witness for the prosecution: a play in three acts. by Agatha Christie; 17 editions; First DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). Read "The Witness for the Prosecution" by Agatha Christie available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. When wealthy spinster. The Witness for the Prosecution . AGATHA CHRISTIE r. Mayherne adjusted his pince-nez and cleared his throat with a little dry-as-dust cough that was wholly.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "With the long terrible shadow of the Great War falling across the Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction. [PDF] The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories (Paperback) link under and download the ebook or have accessibility to other information which are. The Witness for the Prosecution: An Agatha Christie Short Story eBook. To read e-books on the HC Reader App download it on: (Opens in new window).

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If I think the novels go on too long, I think this story could have been a bit less reported, more enacted, with a bit more actual dialogue, but when you do get dialogue it is very good. And then, I, racing Christie, committed, this time, to outsmarting her, fall short of the finish line once again, and again, three or four times outsmarted in this story! Oh, go ahead, smartie! I challenge you to anticipate what she is going to do to twist your brain inside and out. Oh, I am sure you are [not] smarter than that old stuffy lady mystery writer!

Listen to it yourself it will take only 27 minutes here: Oh, and without the goofy Belgian Poirot, the tone is so different here, with Mr.

Mayhew as the solicitor of the accused. It was kind of refreshing not to have Poirot in this one. And horror actor Lee as the reader: View all 6 comments. Jan 06, Jason Koivu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dang it! I've been duped again! A man accused of murdering an old woman for her money must rely upon his wife to set him free.

Seems simple enough until it's discovered that the wife is not so reliable. This is one of those stories that plays well with modern readers with its twists aplenty.

Highly recommended for all, especially mystery lovers looking for a quick fix! Long ago, as this is a very old book, this was made into a Billy Wilder film and remains one of my favorites to this day. It has a jaw-dropping ending, and hopefully no one has spoiled it for any of you who haven't seen it yet. I found this short available as a 52 minute audio book and couldn't resist it. The ending still puts me in awe of Agatha Christie's mind.

C Long ago, as this is a very old book, this was made into a Billy Wilder film and remains one of my favorites to this day. Hitchcock lovers also should love it, as he often has been incorrectly identified as the director. It has a definite Hitchcockian darkness to it. A legal expert could probably find some facts to niggle about, but then that would ruin the fun.

The film is available on youtube and probably as a free ebook pdf, but I haven't verified the quality of either. The audio book was excellent. View all 9 comments. Oct 26, Piyangie rated it really liked it Shelves: The Witness for the Prosecution is an interesting murder-mystery short story written by queen of mystery. Truly her gift of creativity is incredible. This short story unfolds in the manner of a prosecution for murder.

The solicitor for the defense is the key figure who collects evidence to prove the innocence of his client. Amidst the damaging evidence by the victim's made and the wife of the accused, he believes in his innocence. However the end, although favourable to the solicitor, leaves him The Witness for the Prosecution is an interesting murder-mystery short story written by queen of mystery.

However the end, although favourable to the solicitor, leaves him completely stunned and so are the readers! The plot twist of the story left me quite stupefied. Seriously, I never saw that coming and didn't even hazarded a guess as to its probability.

The story although short was powerfully written and well executed without betraying the mystery till the end.

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A genius piece of work by Agatha Christie. I enjoyed it very much. It is easy to see why this had the makings for the big stage and Hollywood, as it relies heavily on moments of suspense and tension, a slow build up to the resolution as we await the verdict in court. As far as the story, it involves a man, Leonard Vole, who comes to an attorney after being charged with the murder of an elderly woman, Emily French. As the case seems to build against Vole, the lawyer begins to call in alibis and evidence that will clear his defendant.

The story builds up to the trial, but things get a little off the track when an unexpected witness turns up. The aforementioned film is also superb. View all 4 comments.

Jan 01, Erin rated it liked it Shelves: I think it's one of my reading resolutions this year that I will be able to brag that I figured out an AC mystery before the big reveal. However, it won't be today!

In this stand alone short story, a young man stands accused of killing an older woman and his lawyer truly believes in his innocence. I won't say anymore except that the score so far is AC 3 versus Me 0. View 1 comment. Oct 01, Sue K H rated it really liked it Shelves: Accidentally read November's classics group short story for Oct. I liked this. I'm surprised this take on a witness hasn't been used more in literature and film.

Feb 26, Paul E. This was my first Agatha Christie story not including television adaptations and I really, really enjoyed it. I've been meaning to read some Christie for years and, now I've finally got around to it, I wish I hadn't waited so long!

I'll definitely be reading some more soon. Nov 19, Paula W rated it it was amazing. This was fantastic! I have never read a Christie book, but I might do so now. In something like 30 pages or so, she threw in at least 2 plot twists. This was brilliant! Mar 30, My one thousand lives rated it really liked it. Feb 06, Corinna rated it really liked it.

I'm just I can't The Witness for the Prosecution is being made into a movie, so I thought I'd read it before it came out. Short story- about 25 pages in length. At page 24, I shaking my head wondering what on earth anyone ever saw in this story.

How did it even make it to print. At page And then the last sentence, my eyes popped out. Well done, once again, Agatha Christie. I'd rate this book a PG for dark themes and some references to What! I'd rate this book a PG for dark themes and some references to violence and adult themes. Don't let the format deceive you - short, yes, but powerful!

Christie takes on a different path, following the lawyer John Mayhew in his efforts to save his client Leonard Vole, accused of murdering Emily French, an older, rich socialite. Is Vole guilty or innocent? The other defining aspect is the darkness permeating the tale. Written in converted into play in , you can very much feel the effects of the WWI on society. Ultimately, however, it is the psychology that shines and shocks! Christopher Lee's rendition is of course excellent.

Mar 18, Marta rated it really liked it Shelves: A great short story with a masterful double twist.

Witness for the Prosecution: A Play in Three Acts

Short and sweet. Nov 01, Terris rated it it was amazing. Oh my gosh! I just finished reading found a PDF version on-line. That was really good -- and I love the twist of just those last three words!! I have read several of Christie's books and love her writing style and a good twist at the end: This story is about a man who is accused of the murder of an older lady that he has befriended to benefit from her recently changed will.

The man's wife should be able to corroborate his alibi - except that it turns out that not only is she not really his wife, but that she intends to be a witness for the prosecution. Will justice be done? This was a really enjoyable mystery.

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I only worked it out very late on because I am a dullard: The version I listened to had some excellent actors providing the voice talent, including Hywel Bennett and Miriam Margolyes. Please note that this is a short story, running time approximately 30 minutes. Apr 23, Joy H. I did not read this story but watched the movie adaptation instead.

The play opened in London on 28 October It was terrific!

I had never seen it before. Charles Laughton was superb! My copy of this book is found in this anthology: Release date: Nov 09, Quiver rated it really liked it. A tight, twist-and-turn short story, exquisitely paced to maximise the reader's enjoyment. It's been a while since I read a text so unencumbered by superfluities or literary fancies. Sometimes that's exactly what's needed. Will proceed to read more of the same. Apr 20, Ashlee Seelos rated it really liked it.

A great short story by Agatha Christie. I didn't realize how short it was when I started it because I have it in a book with some other Agatha Christie stories. I was sad when it ended so quickly. It was a fun, quick read with a surprising ending! This short story was narrated by Christopher Lee and was just 51 minutes 40 pages long.

I liked how this story was almost told from the point where mystery novels usually end; the fact that the murder had already taken place and someone accused was an interesting perspective.

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The Witness for the Prosecution: A Short Story by Agatha Christie

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