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Read "The Year I Met You" by Cecelia Ahern available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first purchase. *Winner of the Irish Popular Fiction Book of the Year* A thoughtful, Kobo BooksKobo eBooksFREE - In Google Play. VIEW .. ISBN: ; Language: English; Download options: EPUB 2. The Year I Met You - Kindle edition by Cecelia Ahern. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks. Romance Collection of Cecelia Ahern | Free eBooks, ePUB, PDF The Year I Met You (eBook, ePUB) von Cecelia Ahern - bvifacts.info

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Buy the eBook The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern online from Australia's Download eBooks from Booktopia today. The Marble Collector (free sampler). The Year I Met You - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A thoughtful Cecelia Ahern asserts the moral right to be identifed. Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin. Her novels have been Cecelia Ahern Author (). cover image (). cover image of The Year I Met You.

The year that changed my life. For Jasmine, losing her job felt like losing everything. The year I found home. With a life built around her career and her beloved sister Heather, suddenly her world becomes the house and garden she has hardly seen and the neighbours she has yet to meet. The year I met you. But being fired is just the beginning for Jasmine. In the year that unfolds she learns more about herself than she could ever imagine — and more about other people than she ever dreamed.

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The Year I Met You

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Boring and depressing first half and I can only hope that as some reviewers here have promised it does get better!!!! Sorry Cecelia you can't win them all I suppose! Karen Wallace There aren't any. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Dec 23, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: My reading pace during this book was slow and steady, partly due to time management but mostly due to wanting the experience to last as long as possible.

I adored this book!

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It's insightful and unpredictable. It's funny, relatable, and emotional. It goes outside the norm in terms of writing style and story development, and I loved it! So many types of relationships are featured in this story and the lead character The Year I Met You is a standalone, women's fiction novel written by Cecelia Ahern. So many types of relationships are featured in this story and the lead character Jasmine serves many different roles: During one particular year in her life, Jasmine's circumstances force her to slow down - way down - and by doing so, she learns how to be whole again.

Jasmine wholeheartedly deserves all the credit for her transformation, but one particular person unknowingly and sometimes knowingly plays a significant part. He's a mirror that reflects truths that are difficult to accept Don't we all need someone like that in our lives?

Someone to keep us on our toes but also gently guide us back to where we need to be? In summary, Ms. Ahern creates continuously evolving characters and one remarkable friendship. One week later, I'm still smiling. Please give this book a try. My favorite quote: View all 3 comments. Sep 20, Steph rated it liked it. I have read all of Cecilia's books and some have be a bit hit or miss,some a bit quirky.

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This was disappointing to be honest,a good read but I kept waiting for something meaningful or exciting to happen and it just didn't. I loved the character of Matt and Jasmines sister Heather but I just couldn't warm to her supposed love interest Monday.

A lot of her books I find insightful and reflective but this just didn't do it for me sadly. View all 8 comments. Feb 25, Aditi rated it it was amazing Shelves: You, you, you.

Jasmine know two things: Insomnia keeps her staring out of her bedroom window, and she finds herself watching the antics of her neighbor, shock jock Matt, with more than a casual eye. But not everything is as it seems, and soon Jasmine and Matt are forced to think again… Welcome to Jasmine and Matt's imperfect worlds.

Jasmine, recently fired, guarding to her wild sister, has never know anything beside her job.

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So things go haywire when she is forced to have a gardening leave- meaning no job for a year. Matt is the neighbor of Jasmine who is a radio DJ and Jasmine and Matt couldn't stand each other due to Matt's insensitive comment on people with Down's syndrome ages ago. Matt too is on a leave from his job and is finding hard to take care of himself. Eventually a friendship evolves between Matt and Jasmine mainly because of their sad situations. And the author keeps them as friends as long as I can remember until Jasmine falls head over heels in love with Monday!

Will Matt be jealous? Will their friendship hit a dead-end on Monday's arrival in Jasmine's life? Read the book to get the rest of the scoop. Yes, I've read P. I Love You ages ago and honestly, I fell in love with the way Ahern writes her stories- gripping from the very first moment.

Ahern keeps us anticipating till the very end, whether Jasmine and Matt will become more-than-just-friends. The feeling of breathlessness is evident from the way the author unfolded her love-story. The author's lyrical and eloquent prose will only melt your heart and you'll find losing yourself in their charm of the story. The atmosphere that she created for an eager job-looker is striking, I mean I can relate to each and every situation of being how-you-work-your-ass-off but still you're an under-payed employee of a company.

Moreover, Jasmine is a motherly character who cares way too much for her younger sister, and their bond, that the author portrayed in the book, is something to cherish for. The charterers are all very mature and improvising through out the book. Especially, Jasmine- in the beginning we see her as someone who knows nothing except her precious job and her precious sister, but then life cuts her a bit of slack, and eventually she takes a leap and learns to live a little for herself.

Matt, whose inner demons make him a character to hate for or feel sorry for, eventually evolves into someone who you want to adore. The supporting characters are equally strong and striking. The story is nothing too glamorous or something to die for- a normal regular story and the situations mentioned in the book can happen to almost anyone, but the way Ahern wrote it that it turns out to be something really enchanting. Well, the story doesn't give us a brand new perspective to look at things, instead, you can be able to sympathize with the characters or with the plot.

The chemistry between certain characters are strongly and compassionately depicted, which leads me to my next point- the emotional content in this book is vivid and rich, so while reading you can feel the pain from the pages of the book.

Well my money did not go to waste on buying this book. I really loved the narration and how the author manages to keep us on our toes with Jasmine and Matt's "just friends" situation. Yes, definitely grab a copy of the book, and I think it's far better than P.

I Love You. A must read for all the contemporary romance lovers! And other genre lovers, please read it, since there is no whirl-wind romance or cheesy romantic dates to make you feel bad about it. View all 36 comments. Oct 29, Julia Doherty rated it it was ok. I'm a real fan of Celia Ahern and I usually get excited about the releases of her new books, This book was a real disappointment. I was waiting for something to happen, but it never did. View all 5 comments.

Aug 21, Margaret Madden rated it it was amazing Shelves: I received an advance reading copy of this title in return for an honest review Jasmine and Matt live opposite each other in a small Dublin cul-de-sac, but have never spoken.

They lead very different lives and neither have any interest in being part of the neighbourhood watch scheme, chats across driveways or even bothering to wave as they pass by each day. They have their own agendas and being pals with neighbours is definitely not part of what this entails. One New Years Eve, their paths I received an advance reading copy of this title in return for an honest review One New Years Eve, their paths cross, despite the odds, and suddenly their agendas have altered.

Both have inner demons, and both have fiery tempers. Family issues are also a common thread but in very different ways.

Jasmine had to take on responsibilities at a young age, where Matt struggles to look after himself, never mind his family. The two rivals become reluctant allies as they struggle to adjust to their new roles in this new year.

There is no need to fill you in on Cecilia Ahern's resume, as she is one of the best known, and best selling, female fiction authors of our time. This is her 11th novel and, dare I say it, maybe her best? The story is simple. Two people, two struggles with identity and lots of family drama. So far, so normal. The only thing is, the author has such a way with words that from page one I was hooked, on that suburban road, with twitching curtains and well kept lawns.

The book is divided over the period of a year, in seasons, starting with Winter. The reader is introduced to Jasmine, recently fired and now wide awake at all hours of the night. Matt rolls home drunk most evenings and is unaware he is watched by his neighbour regularly. He unravels in front of her, as she she herself tries to deal with her own troubles. She knows him, as does most of the country, due to his public role, and she has a grudge which makes her like him even less.

This is where I expected the book to get predictably romantic and gushy. It didn't. Friendship and support is what this book is about, not love. Where other female writers may have taken the reader on the journey of dinner dates, champagne and wonderful love-making scenes, Cecilia Ahern uses her talent to tell us stories of nature, solidarity and change. True, money does not play a part in either Matt or Jasmine's new lives of leisure, and this rarely is the case, but on the other hand, money is not the issue here.

Trust in a person cannot be bought, and honesty can sometimes be cruel but is usually the best policy. There are wonderful descriptions of garden life throughout this novel and these are cleverly balanced with harsh realities like dependency on alcohol, the need for reassurance and the day to day living with disability. Jasmine's sister, Heather, has Down's Syndrome and the author has researched her extremely well , giving us a glimpse of her yearning for independence yet showing the fears her family will always have for her well-being.

I really enjoyed the supporting characters, mainly neighbours and even pictured Mr Malone reading to his wife in their garden, bringing a little lump to my throat.

The retired GP who lives in the cul-de-sac was also great and his voice and posture seemed to come alive. I genuinely loved this book. A great look at how we should not presume we know everything about people we know, or think we know and a great reminder that we should never judge a book by its cover or in this case, genre.

View all 10 comments. La verdad que me ha dejado un sabor agridulce. No hay romance, no hay odio, no hay magia Un punto que destaco del libro son algunas de las reflexiones que hace Jasmine sobre su vida que pueden ser aplicadas a la de cada uno. Dec 04, Suad Shamma rated it it was amazing Shelves: In recent years I've realized that Cecelia Ahern has slowly started to move away from the fantastical into more ordinary contemporary novels.

I fell in love with each and every one of those books. The Year I Met you seemed like the perfect book to end the year with. In fact it was the last book I read in , and I finished it within a few hours of starting it.

It was utterly enjoyable, albeit ordinary in Ahern standards , but I loved the moral of the story. I loved the message that it tried to convey, and I loved that it was written in a way where the protagonist, Jasmine, is speaking directly to Matt, a radio DJ who has his own talk show and is quite famous in Dublin. Jasmine however despises him due to one of his sessions from many years ago where he seemed to undermine people suffering from Down Syndrome, her older sister being one of them.

He happens to be her neighbour, and seems to be suffering from wild drunken nights and family problems. Jasmine herself has hit rock bottom when she loses her job and is on gardening leave meaning she is not allowed to find another job for another year , which drives her absolutely insane and leads her to some actual, literal gardening. When Matt's wife walks out on him, he finds solace in Jasmine's company, even though they spend most of their time bickering and biting each other's heads off.

They form a friendship that surprises them, and it surprises me as well. Because this friendship goes absolutely nowhere as they simply remain very good friends, and nothing else. The reason I'm surprised is because reading fiction, chick-lit, contemporary novels - whatever you want to call them - with two protagonists, you simply expect them to end up together.

Especially when two people start out hating each other as much as Jasmine and Matt did. And especially when Jasmine is writing the whole story TO Matt. I mean, I was reading it and with every page I turned I was waiting for something to happen.

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Then Monday shows up. Yes, Monday's his name. He takes her breath away, and I'm a little confused, but I think, of course, a little jealousy, a little rivalry will push Matt to take that step needed for them to get out of the friend zone.

Surprisingly, that does not happen. Why amnt I invited to your birthday party this year? I know.. The Year I Met You: Cecelia Ahern: Telegraph books. Download - Immediately Available Format: EPUB; Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers; Publication Date: The Year I Mate You.

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