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Jan 29, Palmistry for All by Cheiro. No cover available. Download; Bibrec Similar Books. Readers also downloaded Download This eBook. Sep 6, Click on the link below to view / download the ebook(s): Indian Palmistry by Mrs. J. B. Dale (All formats) [View / Download]; Palmistry (7 free. Ebooks download includes step-by-step instructions on how to read your hands or other people's hands.

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Author: J. B. Dale Title: Indian palmistry. Publisher: London: Theosophical Pub. Society Contributor: University of California Libraries Format: txt. Size: 24 kb. As of today we have 76,, eBooks for you to download for free. Palmistry is a fascinating and challenging study which can enable you to understand the. Palmistry. Guide. An. Easy. Way. To. Learn. Palmistry. Nisha Ghai. Based on New Theory by Palmistry Guru Dayanand Verma.

Check out my Palm reading videos below! First Name: Email address: Your mini-ebook download link will be delivered to your email. Your information will never be revealed to anyone. We respect your privacy and hate SPAM with a passion. When we open up our palms, we can see that there are many lines and creases in our palms.

Your mini-ebook download link will be delivered to your email. Your information will never be revealed to anyone.

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We respect your privacy and hate SPAM with a passion. When we open up our palms, we can see that there are many lines and creases in our palms.

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Many will always ask what are the meanings behind these lines and creases. Do you know that these lines can reveal a lot more about you than you can imagine.

In the olden days palmistry was used as a form of divination to tell about the past and future of a person. However, in our modern society, that is driven by science and practicality, telling about the past and future can be something that is viewed as too superstitious.

Thus many palmist or palm reader has turned this form of art into something that is more scientific and also towards reading the human psychology.

Palmistry: 9 Sites & Various Free Ebooks

When you look at your own palms, you can undeniably see a lot of differences between your palms and your friends' palms. If you can do some measurement, you will see the differences in terms of the shapes and sizes.

Your fingers may be longer or shorter, your palm may be longer or shorter, your lines can start from different points or end in different points. It is with all these differences that we tell the differences in the personality from a person to another.

What is palmistry? In simple terms, palmistry refers to the study of the hands' shapes and sizes and the study of the lines and creases.

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By studying the hand, we can use it to determine the personality of a person. By interpreting the markings and signs, we can also "foretell" more on this topic, see my article on "Why Palmistry" the future of a person. Logically, when we can foretell the future, we would also be able to tell about the past of a person.

Palmistry ebooks for Beginners

Some common names for this divination method are: We will next need to compare the length and shapes of the palm and the fingers with one another. Different features of the hands would have different meanings associated to it.

Palmistry ebooks for beginners of hand analysis covers various areas of the hand to teach the basics of hand reading. If you just want information that is specific to a single subject, you can get these ebooks now.

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Destiny Palmistry is dedicated to providing a variety of books and we are continually adding to this page. For instant download of these and more books and videos, click here to see all at the Palmistry Shop. Discover how easy it is to recognize the character from the fingers. A mere glimpse of the hand is all that is needed to get a basic understanding of the personality.

I bought your book, and it is the only book where you can see the lines of the palm!

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It's great, short and simple. Easy to understand. Ana Beatrice, University Student This e-book series provides step-by-step instructions on how to read your own hands or other people's hands, as well as very detailed illustrations, such as prints and drawings.

Read Your Own Hands - with the help of 4 e-books! Click on each book picture below for more information. Is she impulsive? Will he be able to express his love? Am I dealing with a procrastinator?

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This illustrated handbook will help you determine your similarities and differences with your partner, just by looking at both of your hands. Using a very simple technique, explained clearly with many illustrations and step-by-step instructions, you will discover a lot more about your partner.

A great way to understand relationships and how opposites attract! To order "Evaluate your Relationship" , click on this button: After eyeing a cute, smiling brunette for a while, you finally mustered the courage to invite her to dance.